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The JBL 708P is the self-powered reference monitor for critical music recording, film post and broadcast production applications. The 708P leverages new patent-pending driver technologies and JBL’s renowned Image Control Waveguide to deliver extraordinary output, stunning detail, an expansive soundstage, and greater accuracy in a broad range of rooms. 708P delivers several times the output of other comparably-sized studio monitors, providing significantly greater dynamic range and greater working distances. NEXT GENERATION DRIVER TECHNOLOGY JBL 705P leverages next-generation JBL driver technologies to deliver greater dynamic range and superior frequency response. The 2409H high-frequency compression driver incorporates an innovative low-mass annular diaphragm to deliver smooth response beyond 36 kHz, with very low distortion. The 725G low-frequency transducer provides 14 mm peak-to-peak excursion with greater linearity, delivering exceptional low-frequency output below 39 Hz. These proprietary drivers allow the 705P to deliver two to three times the output of existing studio monitors. PATENT PENDING IMAGE CONTROL WAVEGUIDE First introduced in the JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor, the JBL patent-pending, Image Control Waveguide ensures accuracy and neutrality while providing a wide sweet spot with increased sonic detail. By enabling an acoustically seamless transition between the low- frequency and high-frequency transducers, the waveguide provides a detailed soundstage and accurate imaging across the entire frequency spectrum. The smooth, on- and off-axis frequency response allows the JBL 705P to deliver neutral response across a wide listening area in a broad range of rooms. INTEGRATED DUAL AMPLIFICATION SYSTEM JBL 705P features a built-in dual amplification system that’s optimized for its high-output drivers. A 250 W amp powers the 2409H high-frequency transducer and a 250 W amp is dedicated to the 725G low-frequency transducer. This combination provides exceptional output and allows for greater listening distances, making them ideal for post production or mastering environments. COMPREHENSIVE EQ AND DELAY Although the 705P design yields exceptional neutrality in any room, the speaker also features onboard room equalization, so you can compensate for the adverse effects of room acoustics and enjoy the most accurate sound reproduction in any listening environment. In addition to twelve bands of Room EQ, eight bands of User EQ allow for customized response curves such as the X-Curve, and compensation for “screen-loss” when placed behind a perforated cinema screen. User-enabled digital delay allows virtual alignment of speakers relative to the listening position, while additional AV Synchronization delay is available to compensate for latency in video displays. COMPACT FORM FACTOR 7 Series Powered monitors were developed with the modern control room in mind. A compact two-way design minimizes interference with video displays and sight lines, while still providing output that is comparable to larger speakers. The reinforced enclosure includes bottom and rear mounting points, allowing wall and ceiling mounting in either vertical or horizontal orientations. DIGITAL INTEGRATION JBL 705P features analog and digital inputs and sample rate converters. AES/EBU digital inputs allow connectivity with a broad range of production hardware, including digital audio workstations (DAW), mixing consoles and digital playback hardware with sample rates of up to 192 kHz. Internal sample rate converters can be enabled to allow connection to digital signals with uncommon sample rates. FEATURES: Next-generation JBL driver technology Patent-pending Image Control Waveguide Integrated dual amplification system with internal floating-point DSP Comprehensive room EQ and delay controls Compact enclosures for easy placement and installation JBL 728G low-frequency transducer with patented Differential Drive® allows extended low frequency with low distortion and high SPL JBL 2409H high-frequency transducer with low-mass annular diaphragm JBL-designed patent-pending Image Control Waveguide 2-channel Class-D amplifier HF 250 W / LF 250 W 192 kHz 32-bit floating point processing 12 bands of Room EQ, 8 Bands of User EQ 6 factory presets, 6 user-defined presets 18 milliseconds of Room Delay, 150 milliseconds of AV Sync Delay 1 x XLR-1/4" balanced combination analog audio input 1 x XLR AES3 format digital input with 1 x XLR pass-through output Digital input will accept sample rates of up to 192 kHz User enabled sample rate converters RJ-45 network connection for Harman HiQnet connectivity Rear-panel multi-function controls and LCD display allow selection of ofinput sensitivity, input trim, Room EQ, User EQ, Room Delay, AV Sync Delay Integrated handles Top and bottom mounting points; birch plywood cabinets reinforced for safe mounting Protective steel grilles


JBL LSR 708i vs Amphion One 18´s vs --what other should be mentioned?---

I am testing the Jbl 708p right now. Will report back but off hand I can say the sound stage is wide and amazing. The bass is super tight and low and clean. No sub needed for sure.

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Test of new speakers for HT Atmos stage

We're right now testing the LCR candidates for our new Dolby certified HT Atmos room: Neumann KH420, Genelec S360, JBL 708p will keep you updated how we decide..rockout

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JBL 708i/708P vs. Genelec S360

...feature films (the film, not the music only) to IMAX film soundtracks. Everything translated wonderfully. Now I'm on 708P's. Loving them, but adjusting still. During that same time period I also had to mix a lot on a clients small Gene's. Can't remember the model, but I do remember hating them....

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