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The LSR2328P Bi-Amplified Two-Way Model is based on an 8" (203 mm) long excursion woofer and a 1" (25 mm) soft dome tweeter. It includes balanced XLR, balanced 1/4" TRS, and RCA unbalanced input connectors to allow connection of professional mixing consoles, computer audio interfaces, audio visual equipment, and consumer audio systems. A detented level control allows fine adjustment of individual speaker levels to balance each speaker in the system. Low Frequency and High Frequency Trim controls let you tailor the speaker’s response to preference or room acoustics. A neoprene rubber pad on the bottom of the speaker provides acoustic isolation and increases stability when the speaker is placed on a speaker stand or a console top. Mounting points are included and the enclosure has been reinforced for safe mounting using industry-standard mounting hardware


Need New studio monitors.. help..

then i wouldnt mind goin for the KRKs.. i needed a flat sound but heard that most monitors in this price range have Some exaggerated frequencies.. so i thought why not go with some monitors that would exaggerate to my benifit..:-)... was also thinking of yamaha hs80 or jbl lsr 2328p..

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Genelec M040 vs JBL LSR308

Also suggest "know your JBLs". For several years I've had the powered version that preceded the LSR308s, (LSR2328p) and in my 9x11 room with 16 glass panels I have plenty of bass. Monitors setup as a 5 foot equilateral triangle with speakers only separated from the short wall by a couple of the panels....

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First Monitor: HS8 vs Rokit 8 vs JBL 308p MkII

...hs7 or hs5 monitors mentioned. Used to own krk rockit 5 (gen 3 I think), and currently own the JBL LSR 2328p, the 8" version that preceded the JBL 308p. So while maybe not expert on the subject, I have an opinion or two :-) 1) Seriously doubt I'll ever buy another...

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