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Unity Rock vs. Egg vs. S1X vs. Twins vs. ME Geithain RL 906 vs. KH 120 a different dimension.. but what about that price/mix result? I trust JBL in terms of mix translation. I had JBL 4425 and its the best speaker I mixed on! Way better then any mackie, genelecs etc. However SE need to "move between" instruments. Complete stereo image with representation of small nuances in eq change...

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Good "Main" monitors for tracking in small control room

I think your Genelec 1031's are excellent nearfields. The JBL 4425's will give you a different kind of sound. Not the most neutral but definitely "vibey". There's a few of them on ebay, with pairs going for around $1100. A good amp will set you back another few hundred bucks, but you'll have an impressive...

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Mark Levinson 29 at Studer 962

The 962 has +6dBu on CR-outputs. The ML hast +26dB gain and 141mV for 1W output into 8 ohms Does anyone know if the ML comes around with studiolevel? I am a little uncertain if i can drive the output-pot at the 962 in a normal region. Speakers are JBL 4425

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