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Monitor Hell! please lend some advice.

We've got several pairs of monitors: JBL 4412 JBL 4408 Urei Model 809a Tannoy PBM-6.5 Mackie HR824 I've worked here for about two years and have moved from monitor to monitor trying to find something I like. I HATE THEM ALL! Actually the Mackies are what i'm useing now and getting decent resuts. I've convinced the owner...

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Yamaha HS8 vs KRK Rokit 8 G3

...Some people like their monitors flat. Others want them flattering. I used to have a set of the venerable JBL 4412's as midfields and, while I wouldn't trust them to tell the honest truth about much, they were inspiring to listen to - more of a hyped T&A curve with choked mids that let...

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How would you diffuse this ceiling?

Here are some measurments of this room using a JBL 4412 speaker and an Avenson mic. If one were to ignore info down below 40 Hz due to speakers, it looks like a have a good comb filter here. Does my main issue appear to be the ceiling and floor?

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