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Hi, I'm currently in the final year of a BSc (degree course) in Music Production. For my final project I'm developing a MIDI...

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josephdixon 4th April 2015
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(i searched the forum, but all i found was more regarding instruments and recording. if there already is a thread with this...

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djrnno 2nd April 2015
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Computer tablets are getting bigger- some are already 13 inches. Apple is planning on a big tablet within the next 12 months...

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carlosacosta 1st April 2015
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We love our gadgets and our tech, right? I imagine most of us have pretty up-to-date mobile phones. I'm wondering how many of you...

Mace Clef
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robotunes 1st April 2015
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Any new iPad Apps capable on editing synths like Roland D50 and MKS80? I know about the iControlMidi one (expensive!!!). Any...

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djugel 30th March 2015
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Interested to see what people's opinions of it are. Been looking for a solid production tool for iPad, and though Auria is sweet,...

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coven 27th March 2015
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Just got an iPad. What I plan to use it for is for sketching out ideas/tracks on the go and as an instrument that I bring into a...

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Ninjazz 19th March 2015
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What is this? FM? or CZ series attempt? _____________________________ Chiang Mai Variable Phase Modulation Synthesizer This...

Deleted 7a792f4
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165099 17th March 2015
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With the consideration of the upcoming update to Auria with MIDI functionality I was considering getting this app. I mainly use...

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Ninjazz 15th March 2015
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Recently got into using iPad synths. I noticed for example Magellan outputs 44.1K 32bit. Is this the standard for iOS synths?...

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Ninjazz 10th March 2015
Avatar for Disease Factory

I reviewed it and YAY it works with the mopho!

Disease Factory
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wickamos 7th March 2015
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, Im looking for a Midi Step Arpeggiator for iOS to control VSTi inside my DAW (Cubase) using MIDI over WiFi, MIDI over...

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Screen tanned 4th March 2015
Avatar for Agent_Trig

Has anyone here used the Walford Rocket iOS app? I've got the app on my iPad, but need it to talk to my Macbook via WiFi so...

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Agent_Trig 2nd March 2015
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... little bit trancy ... but big rhythmic potential. ENJOY VIDEO Kd5zBlrxZrU

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kostistlac 27th February 2015
Avatar for latorrejc3

Hello i just want to know which are the best ios apps for making complete productions. I wouldn't mind if one App can make...

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mrufino1 27th February 2015
Avatar for TimFoster

Up until a week ago, I was the humble owner of a vintage flip phone. My wife finally beat the fight out of me and got me onboard...

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TimFoster 26th February 2015
Avatar for SteveGreenberg

I've got a pretty simple question -- I'm trying to set up my iPad so I can play a synth app with one hand on my Keith McMillen...

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Avatar for Marty Gras
Marty Gras 20th February 2015
Avatar for kostistlac

Hi guys, ... i´m realy inspired by this app and real musicality inside of engine. This is first video of the cycle ANIMOOG...

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kostistlac 14th February 2015
Avatar for SBX-80

This just came out tonight, so I picked it...

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Avatar for telecode
telecode 14th February 2015
Avatar for E Artsy Moods

Hi, I'm looking for an iOS app to record myself while listening to songs I produced, basically to get outside the studio and the...

E Artsy Moods
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Avatar for E Artsy Moods
E Artsy Moods 13th February 2015
Avatar for Gunner7

I stumbled across this recording of a live performance with multiple iPads integrated into the setup. I know there have been...

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Gunner7 11th February 2015
Avatar for ltf3

Hi If you are interested in iOS apps that are related to guitars, guitar sims, amps and all that other noisy stuff, then come...

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ltf3 8th February 2015
Avatar for micheldeoliveira

In your opinion, what ios app does the best job at replicating the Tr-808? There is so much of them now, and they sound so...

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Avatar for Thom@s
[email protected] 5th February 2015
Avatar for Raise3x

I would like to use my iPad 4 (yes I have a separate audio/midi interface) live, playing multi-sampled instruments (I have waves...

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Avatar for Raised Eyebrows
Raised Eyebrows 4th February 2015
Avatar for ltf3

Hi If any of you are interested in how you might leverage some guitar-time out of your iPad or iPhone then check out my new...

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Avatar for Reverb
Reverb 2nd February 2015
Avatar for Bitsmith

So I stupidly (yeah) blew out one of the mic pres on my FW duet some time ago. I was going to have it fixed but then waited too...

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Avatar for Bitsmith
Bitsmith 1st February 2015
Avatar for EL_HERALDO

Hey folks! I'm searching for and iOs app. I don't remember the name, I had it in the iPhone 4 era but it does not show up in my...

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loujudson 28th January 2015
Avatar for Paega

So, I'm happily sequencing my hardware with Genome on an iPad Air at the moment. I'm using a Griffin Lightening dock with no...

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Avatar for musicman666
musicman666 21st January 2015
Avatar for PES

Turns out you (if you live in EU/EEA countries) can now cancel iOS app purchases within 14 days and get a refund, no questions...

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Avatar for acealive
acealive 5th January 2015
Avatar for jasyr

My girlfriend is letting me use her iPad 4 w/ Retina for recording some music with Animoog/Geo. I CANNOT mess up her machine....

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jasyr 5th January 2015
Avatar for pbdlugoss

Hi. I want to control some of my hardware synths from my ipad but all of the sequencers im finding can only have note changes...

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nickknack 3rd January 2015
Avatar for Sclr

I know there have been issues with the usb adapter and even the apple 30pin and lightning midi adapters not working in ios 8....

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Avatar for |-|
|-| 1st January 2015
Avatar for noisenet

Hi All, I've been working a bit with Positive Grid since their first release, JamUp on iOS and I was fortunate to be able to...

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noisenet 25th December 2014
Avatar for Codee94

So you know how when you hook up a MIDI keyboard controller to your laptop via USB, you can assign custom controls to the...

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Avatar for anotherscott
anotherscott 23rd December 2014
Avatar for ignorantape

I'm finding I'm spending periods of time away from my studio in another house. I always have my ipad, and usually a guitar, a...

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Avatar for PES
PES 17th December 2014
Avatar for PauliusI

Forgive me, Wise one's, for thou ask this lousy question. shiee Are there any apps on Android to open a Nuendo or even better...

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Avatar for 113568
113568 16th December 2014
Avatar for coven

Looks like you get 5 new gadgets if you have both Module and Gadget. KORG Module for iPad MOBILE SOUND MODULE | Software |...

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Avatar for choukette
choukette 10th December 2014
Avatar for papaki23

I'm looking for a mic for quality music recordings with my andoid mobile. Is there any out there?

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Avatar for jetam
jetam 5th December 2014
Avatar for Deleted b788fee

Thought it would be useful to have one of these ... But there are so many ... What are you using? Do you find it relatively...

Deleted b788fee
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Avatar for MajorJim
MajorJim 1st December 2014
Avatar for Accent

As a significant number of us have integrated iOS into our hardware setups, and there are so many great end-of-year sales on...

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Avatar for djorkaeff
djorkaeff 29th November 2014
Avatar for wonshu

Hey guys, since Lemur is on sale at roughly half off at the moment, I spent some time creating a Zebra2 control surface. I...

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Avatar for LGK_Dude
LGK_Dude 20th November 2014
Avatar for Deleted User

Hi, just bought an ipad with alesis IO dock. Is there a serious sequencer app with midi out? Seems there are a lot of toys...

Deleted User
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Avatar for channelite
channelite 19th November 2014
Avatar for drockfresh

I always kind of hated programming my ATC-1. Then I found this... Will Ipad control take some (non-knobby) old rack...

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Avatar for harness
harness 7th November 2014
Avatar for SBX-80

I got a new iPad yesterday. I haven't done any in depth testing yet, but I tried out Korg Gadget, which is my favorite app for...

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Avatar for Perplexo
Perplexo 7th November 2014
Avatar for 227861

Trying and struggling to do it myself but concerning sysex they don't show you how to write out a proper sysex string. (Seems to...

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Avatar for Arturo00
Arturo00 3rd November 2014
Avatar for rad3d

Starting to move from laptop to IOS for live use. I primarily trigger samplers and synths from external MIDI controllers. It...

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Avatar for rad3d
rad3d 3rd November 2014
Avatar for RJ.MacReady

Is anyone around here using their iPad as an external fx processor? I'm thinking about getting an interface for mine so I can use...

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Avatar for RJ.MacReady
RJ.MacReady 30th October 2014
Avatar for Krusty4president

Hi. Would it work using touchOSC on an ipad with Ableton wired using the following: Usb camera connection kit from apple To...

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Avatar for Krusty4president
Krusty4president 22nd October 2014
Avatar for rad3d

I've been using Ableton Live for basic loop and sample playing at live gigs but feel I'd like to dump the laptop in favor of an...

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Avatar for rad3d
rad3d 21st October 2014
Avatar for JAK2112

I just got an IPad for christmas today, and was wondering what the closest thing to a Kaos Pad app is that exists? I would love...

replies: 8 views: 5,364
Avatar for aleyas
aleyas 17th October 2014


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