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What's on your iPad? Mobile Apps
Old 22nd July 2014
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WozNYC's Avatar
What's on your iPad?

I held out for a long time and only got an iPad (and iConnectMIDI4+) around a month ago. I've been amazed at the quality of music apps, especially the synths and step sequencers. This is what my iPad looks like so far. What are some of your favorite iPad music apps?

What's on your iPad?-ipad.jpg
Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Guru
fiddlestickz's Avatar
I still use my iPad 1, mostly at work and when traveling etc, they are super cool, my daughter has a mini iPad and it rocks, but I have not made any music of note from it barring a few sketchy sequences in Alchemy jammed along using the Kaoss pad in the MS20 app...I hate having to use my fingers in an awkward manner to twist knobs, it's not very ergonomic...Tuna knobs anyone..?
Old 22nd July 2014
Registered User
I've got Sunrizer, Magellan, Animoog, Alchemy, iMini, Addictive Synth, Sampletank, Cubasis, and some others that I bought when I was doing a lot of business and personal travel. They sound great, and are amazing considering the price. It was great being able to bring them with me on planes, to hotel rooms, etc.

But my traveling has settled down significantly in recent months, and I just haven't been spending much time with the iPad.
Old 22nd July 2014
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WozNYC's Avatar
My next purchase is definitely going to be Patch Morpher to use with my Prophet '08, Pulse 2, etc.

Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Addict

I use Lemur ... I also made a Lemur template / MaxForLive device to make a sort of touchscreen version of a Avid Mix or Mackie MCU for Ableton Live. You may find it here
Old 22nd July 2014
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Diametro's Avatar

Right now, just Logic Remote ...

Anybody using this regularly?

I'm curious as to how other people use it ...

I can't really seem to get a workflow on it ...

It would be great if the Logic Remote EQ had a multi-touch representation on the iPad that looked and acted like the desktop version ... Unfortunately, right now it's just a few "smart controls" that I believe are not assignable ...

I don't use the transport functions much either because I have that integrated on my mixer-style audio interface and it actually has nice tactile buttons ... And since it's the mixer for my synths, it's in a better position in my super tidy setup ...

I also have Auria, iMS-20, iPolysix, and iMaschine (which is pretty disappointing with zero integration with its big brother ... Maschine needs a Maschine Remote ... ) But not using them ... and really have no desire (I bought them when I was iPad centric following a leg rehab that found me couch surfing for quite some months ... )

Personally, I think it has great potential ... But it just doesn't seem to get used in tracks yet ...
Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Head

I've had an iPad for about 18 months now and have purchased a number of apps and by by far the one I've enjoyed the most is Gadget. It is so much fun granted I got it on discount. But it is worth the full price. It's only missing sampling or at least sampling import. Waldorf Nave is also incredible though needs to be used in a DAW to be fully utilized and not as comprehensive as Gadget for making an entire track on an iPad. Beatmaker 2 is good as well. I wish there was a way to integrate it with Gadget syncing midi/audio. Given the advances in CPU power the sky is the limit for iDevices. Also for any prospective buyers, get as much memory as possible. I regret only getting 16gb.
Old 22nd July 2014
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WozNYC's Avatar
Originally Posted by jbfunk View Post
...and not as comprehensive as Gadget for making an entire track on an iPad.
I'm treating my iPad more as a sound module with many personalities. Not at all trying to complete tracks on it so I'm not interested in anything DAW-like. I'm integrating it with my Mac Pro / hardware-based setup. I'm really loving midiSequencer and Xynthesizer for their step sequencing. Brilliant stuff. Sunrizer is currently on sale for $2.99. That $3 app can actually make nicer pads than my $3000 Virus TI2. A THREE DOLLAR APP. It's quite insane.
Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Maniac
AutomaticGainsay's Avatar
Moog exposed me to Animoog before it was called Animoog, and I became obsessed with it. It is my favorite software-based synth.
Korg gave me Gadget, which I think is wonderful.
And Arturia gave me iMini and iSem, both of which are really fun and great-sounding.
Old 22nd July 2014
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WozNYC's Avatar
Originally Posted by AutomaticGainsay View Post
Moog exposed me to Animoog before it was called Animoog, and I became obsessed with it. It is my favorite software-based synth.
Korg gave me Gadget, which I think is wonderful.
And Arturia gave me iMini and iSem, both of which are really fun and great-sounding.
I have Gadget and iSEM. Both are great fun. I definitely need to check out Animoog. I very much enjoy your videos, Marc. Cheers
Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Head

It is insane. I was blown away at the Apps available when I got my iPad. If you're into synths, check out Waldorf Nave. IMHO it's the cream of the crop for iPad synths. I don't look at an iPad as DAW replacement but using Gadget is nothing I ever expected from my iPad lol!
Old 22nd July 2014
Hello Kitty, ABC Mouse, Kidz Netflix, Fruit Splash, and some dragon nursery thing where you keep the eggs warm, hatch them and then feed them while you watch them grow.

I had Garage Band on there too but my kid was running out of space for her bull****e.

Being honest its pretty much her iPad.
Old 22nd July 2014
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TheBrightSide's Avatar
I've got a bunch of synths on the Ipad, most of the usual suspects, but unfortunately the most used app at the moment is Candy Crush.

Though the music ones get used a lot more during summer, when it's too hot to turn on all the gear. And it's the middle of winter at the moment.
Though I still have to say I'm damned impressed by the quality of several of the synths, especially Animoog. Incredible value, especially if you buy them on sale.
Old 22nd July 2014
Lives for gear

I will sing the praises of Mitosynth and Grain Science all day. Mitosynth is ridiculously powerful for sound design, and it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite synthesizers ever.

Also quite fond of Animoog, Nave, Samplr, iSEM, MidiBridge (for keeping things orderly), Audiobus, iPG-800. I have a lot, but those are the ones that see regular use. I want to like Lemur, but find it headache-inducing to program anything in it.
Old 22nd July 2014
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tsutek's Avatar

Must-haves that I own: Sunrizer, Lemur, Beatsurfing, iMPC Pro (with MPC Elements), Korg Gadget, Traktor, Flare
I have alot of other music apps but these are the ones I'd recommend.
Old 22nd July 2014
Way too many apps that I don't use enough!

Must haves for me would be: Animoog, Sunrizer, Sector, Impaktor, iSEM, iMS20, Boom808, Gadget, AudioShare

Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Nut

I have most of the good synth apps (animoog, iSEM,Thor, iMini, iMS-20, arctic Keys, Sunrizer, Nlog Pro, DXi, Nave, Modular, zMOrs, Cassini, DM1) and they all are very usable.

However nowadays the only ones I really come back for are DM1 and Nave, hardware handles most everything else I need. The thing I that keeps nave cool is being able to create custom waves, I can use oscillators off my hardware synths, sample sounds, or use other ipad apps to make some new stuff.

If you are into math/programming bitwiz is incredible for this. It lets you put in bitwise formulas and have audio waveforms come out. Its all snapped to 8bit but you cna get some incredibly sweet waves to load into nave with a little work.
Old 22nd July 2014
Lives for gear
WozNYC's Avatar
Originally Posted by ephemerlol View Post
If you are into math/programming...
Absolutely NOT!
Old 22nd July 2014
Here for the gear

Have: Magellan, Animoog, iSEM, iMS20, iPoly6 and a few others.
Magellan sounds fantastic (and has TWO polysynths! great velocity response from the touchscreen), but I find the interface too crowded and confusing (specially the effects!). I love iSEM, it is my favorite app at the moment. Sounds incredible, quite deep, multitimbral, awesome interface.
The Korg apps sound good, but the integration of the various parts is very confusing to me. Also, no velocity control over MIDI: why? Contrary to most people, I don't like Animoog one bit and hardly ever use it. I find it sounds too metallic and harsh. I probably need to spend more time with it. Finally, Garage Band has some surprisingly expressive sounds, like the drums, strings and guitars. Nice use of the accelerometers (sp?)
Greatest benefit from the iPad music apps: they got me back into playing hardware instruments again!
Old 22nd July 2014
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flowthrough's Avatar
also using iPad2 mostly as a synth module (with multiple sonic identities)...

PPG Wavegenerator
iMS-20 (programs nicely with the MS20 legacy controller)
Korg Gadget
Sunrizer (insanely great at $2.99 as mentioned already)

Also using (occasionally)> Lemur (with Prodyssey editor.. but looking to use a TX802/TX816 editor in the future)

Loving the sonic diversity and sound- but not sure if I should get an audio interface for the iPad (for quality Audio out).
Anyone using a good Audio out interface that's reasonably priced?
Old 22nd July 2014
Lives for gear
My favorite music apps for iPad (in no particular order):

NI iMaschine
Waldorf Nave
Korg Gadget
Propellerhead Figure & Thor
Korg iMS-20
Brian Eno Bloom HD
Old 22nd July 2014
Gear Addict
Sound Generators:
Korg iElectribe
Korg Gadget

Controller stuff:
Touch OSC
TouchAble 2
Old 22nd July 2014
Here for the gear

Traktor control
Logic control
Old 22nd July 2014
Lives for gear
aTelecine-Lex's Avatar
There are a ton of great music making applications for iPad ~ Many of which offer a unique approach to sound creation which I really find expands creativity.

I actually really like the latest generation of GarageBand (for what it is)

As far as two must haves which I don't see on your iPad screenshot... I'd add Novation's "Launchpad" & "Keystation".

They are both free - and both can work independently or of course separately.

Give those a try let us know how it goes.

Good Luck.
Old 22nd July 2014
Lives for gear
Abraxis's Avatar
Oh man...

Modal Pro
iMPC Pro
boom 808
boom 909
Grain Science
Addictive Synth
AUFX: Space
Nano Studio
Beatmaker 2
Garage Band
little midi machine
Nord Beat 2
Funk Box

and Kindle and Netflix!

I'm an app slut. :(

If I could keep only one it'd be Animoog.
Old 22nd July 2014
I have touchable 2, and the Integra 7 app.

I really like the modular app I got. Let's me experiment with making modular patches. A great way to get my feet wet while spending just little dough. Check it out it's pretty cool!!
Old 22nd July 2014
Lives for gear
I find Sunvox and Gadget to be my favorites. I have beatmaker 2 and nano studio, but Im not as into those. The workflow of gadget and the sound of it is fantastic. Same with Sunvox.
Old 22nd July 2014
Originally Posted by Scott Wozniak View Post
What are some of your favorite iPad music apps?

Attachment 408817
Goodreader - for reading manuals




those are my favorites.
Old 22nd July 2014
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cryophonik's Avatar

I've got two iPads - one is a first-generation base model that is essentially dedicated to running V-Control Pro for controlling my DAWs (fantastic app that works with all the most popular DAWs). My iPad4 has a lot of various music apps on it, my favorites/most-used ones being (in no particular order):

- Lemur
- Alchemy
- ThumbJam
- DrumJam
- iMaschine
- AK-7 Core
- Notion
- Omni TR
- MIDI Designer
- TouchOSC
- MIDI Trouch
- MIDI Monitor
- Symphonix Evolution
- Etude
- StepPolyArp
- WavePad
- Animoog
- Logic Remote
- Metronome+
Old 23rd July 2014
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Arglebargle's Avatar
I've got a ton of stuff on mine, though a lot of it is still in the 'try out later' pool.

The things I like the best, and tend to use?


Also, Guitarism and OddTunes:Hang

Sadly, a lot of the synth apps suffer from stunty, myopic midi implementation. Most of the synths only allow one CC for one destination; where I typically prefer to use two or three destinations for each control. Too many have midi learn, but no easily assignable midi matrix to set up a prefered control set.

Thor is at the top of the pack in that, the control system is absolutely the best. Unfortunately it has not been updated since near release, and tends to drop connection a lot, in my setup anyway.

I'm cranky about Moog's charging for midi control in Animoog. But I like the sound, and it's got me real interested in the upcoming Theremini. Nave is probably the most innovative of the ones I use. Very deep, and I have a blast using the text to vocoder techniques. Samplr is also in that innovative space.

I've played an actual Hang hand pan, and the OddTunes version is the best software version out there imo. Easy to play, and updated with Audiobus. Well worth your dollar. It's a one trick pony, but the trick is dang good.
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