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Hi everyone, i'm currently trying to solve a question that basically is, how can i use the EQ of the Midas in order to send the...

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matiflemita 16 hours ago
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rock n drool

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Jules 1 day ago
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Hi, newbie here with minimal tech knowledge. I have microphones with 1/4 inch plugs and I would like to use a snake that has...

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MikeInOttawa 1 day ago
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Sup everyone To introduce myself i am an independent music producer and record label from Montreal My artist name is...

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DeadBassRecords 2 days ago
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Hey guys I'm a masters student researching the use of gestures in DJ performances and I'm currently hosting some online testing...

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matthewbtindall 2 days ago
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Hi everyone! I am preparing for making my own podcasts)

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Primsequiew 3 days ago
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Hello, I am the editor-in-chief of VA Nutshell, a website dedicated to helping people start their careers as professional voice...

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va_nutshell 4 days ago
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Hey all. Not new to music, but new to site. Looking forward to receiving info. And maybe giving some!

Fine Mess
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Winglad 5 days ago
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Found an answer.

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Manslick 6 days ago
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Hello all! I stopped playing music for like 10 years and put all my time into being a chef and working in high end kitchens....

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Winglad 6 days ago
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Hello Gearslutz Community, My name is Kevin, nice to meet ya'll. Me and a group of friends have been diving deep into creating...

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Winglad 1 week ago
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Hello folks! I decided to jump in after many years of reading the great conversations on here. I'm originally from NY/NJ now...

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Winglad 1 week ago
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Hi everyone, I’m Dexter. It’s wonderful to finally be apart of this community. My Gear: . Ensoniq EPS 16 +...

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dexter16plus 1 week ago
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started with music as a singer in a band, then went on to make my own music, i wanted to make more "experimental"...

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Winglad 1 week ago
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Hello to all fellow Gearslutzers (Gearslutzes? Gearslutzificators? I am at a loss...) Anyway: I am new here and just wanted to...

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Winglad 1 week ago
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Hi All, New to the forum, though I have lurked here on more than one occasion. So a quick word about myself.... Im an...

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AVOCT160 1 week ago
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Just a TL;DR: Male, from the Netherlands, older than he really wants to admit, used to be a vocalist in a band, now trying to...

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Proghead 1 week ago
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Hey, recently purchased a Tascam M308 Mixing desk to use in combination with my 4 track cassette recorder. Everything runs clean,...

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tattletape 1 week ago
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I was a classically trained musician who's life was changed in the late 70s by the discovery of Joy Division. So I decided to...

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davidq 1 week ago
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Hey everyone, Just started music production, and I’m learning synthesis. The KLF is my favourite group, along with Eurodance...

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Halebop97 2 weeks ago
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Hello all, I just joined. I'm a musician who got into recording. I was a beta tester for the early echo audio a/d interface,...

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GregB4223 2 weeks ago
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i'm michele, and i come from italy cooge

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The Dazzler 2 weeks ago
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Hi all. I have done digital audio network for 33 years. Audio and video / broadcast engineer. Hardware Developer and system...

networked ears
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The Dazzler 2 weeks ago
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Hey all, I've been lurking here for a bit and started posting in the last few months, but never made an actual introduction....

Reveur Mort
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The Dazzler 2 weeks ago
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I'm Joe Milliken, I'm originally from Boston and now reside in peaceful Vermont and I love rock, blues and jazz music! I play...

Joe Milliken
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Joe Milliken 3 weeks ago
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Hi everyone! I’m a freelance recording/mixing engineer from France but I’m here as the developer of The Recording Setup...

TRSA Admin
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TRSA Admin 3 weeks ago
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Hey gearslutz! I'm opening a new production studio in the coming months! I was looking into the Output Desk in KODIAK...

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adieu 3 weeks ago
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greetings 'ol Struggling with a load hum/buzz, discovered on the power supply board that there were some capacitors blown,...

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Bushman 3 weeks ago
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Hi all ! Where shall I start ? I started playing guitar at the age of 5. At that time (1967) I had no idea on the existence of...

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Bushman 3 weeks ago
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My name is John, and I'm an upcoming sound designer and electronic music artist from Cleveland, Ohio! I have been a percussionist...

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bryan441 4 weeks ago
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Hi everybody, My name's Mat and I play in a covers duo that bounces between live looping with loads of gear, and stripped down...

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boombapdame 4 weeks ago
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Margoloh 4 weeks ago
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Hello All, I am a professional Hypnotist. Besides my one-on-one sessions with clients, I also create custom tracks on order,...

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Bushman 4 weeks ago
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Hello fellow GearSlutz, I am the inventor of the world's first collaborative live looping audio workstation called CloudLoop....

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cloudloop 4 weeks ago
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Looking to mix an album next year, and shopping around for well versed mixing engineers, or at least versed. Mainly to mix...

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explorer 4 weeks ago
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Greetings from Tific. I'm an Electrical Electronic Technician. I play drums, bass & acoustic guitar & dj. My username...

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boombapdame 17th September 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm a music lover since forever but music player since a few years only and aspiring amateur music producer since a...

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Nocta 17th September 2020
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after a look around and joining a few other forums this looks like the place to be,,hello everyone,,any rules i should know about...

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Soundslavestudio 17th September 2020
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Hi Slutz!! I have been dj'ing vinyl records for 22 years and recently began to get into production. I had been working a...

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Synth Guru 16th September 2020
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hi everyone. been on this site for a min and i'm in looooove. anyone know where i can get a yamaha dx200 these days?? i'm...

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Synth Guru 15th September 2020
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Hello! My name is Alexey, I'm from Saint-Petersburg, I'm a sound engineer. I have been a student of Produce Like A Pro Academy...

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Synth Guru 14th September 2020
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I found this side while searching for VOX AC30 tube related issues, and found here answers to all my questions with one click....

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Synth Guru 13th September 2020
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I finally joined!

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Synth Guru 5th September 2020
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Hi, Just wanted to post saying I was on here and if anyone has questions about the mics please don't hesitate to...

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Wendelgee2 5th September 2020
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Long time lurker, finally registered. I've been using, buying, tinkering with, and building audio gear for many, many years. I'm...

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Synth Guru 4th September 2020
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Hello, I just joined. I am a from Chicago and I am a hobbyist/whateveryouwannacallit. I joined because I was hoping to get...

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Synth Guru 3rd September 2020
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Hey guys, I didn't know there was an entire production community in forums. I've been going at this alone for close to 4...

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Synth Guru 3rd September 2020
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I'm Makhedam From South Africa,Upcoming Audio Engineer.i Make Beats Sometimes But My Heart Is Into Audio Mixing Although I Don't...

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PeterChapman 1st September 2020
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I'm new to the gearslutz community. I'm a drummer/percussionist in the New York area. I heard about GS long ago, but i was...

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boombapdame 31st August 2020
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This is my first post in Gearslutz; I am a synth player, music arranger, and a MIDI controller programmer aficionado. Not...

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Synth Guru 31st August 2020


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