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The Bus Compressor is based on the mix bus VCA type compressor of a worldwide known and acknowledged British large format mixing console from the 80's. It was used on practically every hit record and major production from the 80's to present days, so much that its sound has almost become a trademark. This compressor was so widely used that it later became a stand-alone rackmount unit, so that it could be used separately from the large format console. This made for even more success; a thing that led to many hardware and software clones trying to emulate it.



This is EXACTLYYY how I would describe how the new IK SSL offering sums up with the rest of the SSL-emu plugs out there. Duende sounds flat and 2d compared to the IK; same settings, GR, levels, etc... the IK goes deeper front to back and the way it handles initial transients is verrrry music....

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Best quality/price SSL G Comp plugin?

...acustica SAND and it in NO WAY is a 'different league' the best algos (not waves) but FG-Grey from slate, IK Bus comp and some others. I've done numerous blind tests on drums and full mixes with sand vs fg-grey for example and 9/10 I much preferred the tonality and compression action of the fg-grey...

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Sonimus releases Satson Channel Strip Plug-In

... I think the dark grey backgrounds on the modules could be even darker (similar to Softube American Class A and IK Bus Comp are my favorite examples) but that would probably necessitate all knobs to have white or grey rims instead of black ones. Lots of little tiny nitpicks, but that's what I live for....

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