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Limiting is used in audio production to reduce the dynamic range of a track or program material. In audio mastering applications the limiting effect is used to raise the level of a track or mix, thus making it louder, by pumping more input level into the limiter and setting a “ceiling” threshold transient peaks will not exceed, avoiding any digital overs. The principle behind this is basically the same of a compressor where the ratio is set to ∞ :1, so that no signal is passing over the threshold, and time constants are set for very fast attack and release. The IK Multimedia Brickwall Limiter was designed to be used in mastering applications (though it also can be creatively used in mix contexts) as a final tool to bring your track or mix to “industry standard” RMS levels. Its transparency and ease of use make it a very fast way of achieving finished, master quality tracks that stand out with all the level and boldness demanded by modern digital audio. Just set the Output Ceiling and raise the input until the desired loudness is achieved.


Slate - new products every month, still no FGX fix

...your companies shortcomings. I was 100% serious. I use the L1 daily for limiting individual elements. Admittedly, I much prefer the T-Racks Brickwall Limiter for 2Bus limiting. Based on my ears and taste, its the most transparent limier I've tried. Steven, I'm far from perfect. I'm 100% willing and able to give FG-X another go. And...

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Digital Limiter Quality Test

Nice! Two more for collection: PSP Xenon (Fast Limit preset) and the old IK Brickwall Limiter

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FL Studio exporting my tracks louder than they are in my session

Yeah, when I take the last plugin in the chain off, which is T-Racks Brickwall Limiter, I go from just under 0dB to -3dB, but when I export, since FL seems to be adding about 3dB, the track is basically as it is in my session when I have the plugin activated. So it...

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