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500 series EQ options for the Mixbus

The IGS RB 500 ME is a great unit for this purpose. It's a stereo (ganged controls) Pultec style EQ. Super Smooth. Also a pair of Buzz Tonic sound really big and smooth (but still very punchy).

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Messe 16: TK Audio Releases New TK-lizer 500 EQ with Mid/Side Processing

... The TK-lizer 500 could essentially be a one stop shop for performing tasks like this. I also own the IGS RB500ME so I've been able to do direct comparisons. When I first got the lizer 500 I had had the RB500ME for a few months & know it well. They're different beasts...

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Basic outboard for small mixer the job. Here is an example solution with 500-series: 4x Midas 522 compressor 1x Elysia xpressor 500 1x IGS S-Type 500 VU 1x IGS RB 500 ME or Elysia xfilter 500 1x 10-space 500-series powered rack (for example the Midas L10). I have never used these processors. My mixer has unbalanced inserts, which may be a problem, so maybe it...

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