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Many sound engineers believe that the passive equalizer is a cure for all digital evils. A distinctive characteristic of the IGS Audio Rubber Bands Equalizer is its stereophonic structure, where the manual selecting of components with an accuracy of 1% allows for perfectly synchronous manipulation of both channels. The inputs and outputs are transformer balanced. Organic Amp The Rubber Bands EQ consists of two blocks: The first block is a classic passive filter well known from the EQP-1 Pultec equalizer. The second block is a specially designed two-stage tube amplifier called Organic Amp. Sound shape The new design includes a bypass relay, which allows you to instantly compare the results of your work. The equalizer has been divided into 4 sections: 2 for bass and 2 for treble. Frequencies are being selected with stepped switches. Boosting and cutting are controlled continuously. Manipulators featured are Bass Boost, Bass Cut, High Boost (with the choice of Q) and High Cut. Interactions of filters that allow simultaneous boosting and cutting of certain frequencies can produce amazing sound effects.


Launch of Pono

He never says he was listening to his bass. He doesn't even say it was a bass...."ya know listening to a cd it's like listening to someone twanging on a rubber band,compared to know...compared to the full scope of what music is." It sounds like he is using an analogy to compare the difference in...

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November 2019 New Gear Thread

...and it's got that plastic Ovation-style body to it. It sounds like crap, and the pickup sounds like you're playing rubber bands. There's just no good tone to it at all. Also because of the stupid plastic curves, there's no way to hold it comfortably on your lap. It's like trying to sit down...

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My jazz group - bass isn't sitting right?

...Recently I've tried a Line Audio OM1 omni small-diaphragm condenser mounted in between the legs of the bass bridge, using rubber bands. The omni mic has no proximity effect, so getting too close is not an issue. It doesn't matter if the bassist is rocking to and fro or up and down, mic position...

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