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Back online in Hoboken, NJ
Old 12th November 2012
Back online in Hoboken, NJ

It's been a crazy two weeks in Hoboken, New Jersey, but we're very happy to say that Indie Studio Drummer and Triple Colossal Studios are 100% back up and running! Fortunately our studio is on a high second floor in a former factory building so we didn't have any wind or water damage. However, the building complex was in the middle of a lake for several days after Sandy hit, which of course knocked out electrical and heat in the place as well. We got back in late last week and have finished putting the studio back together (and made a few improvements at the same time). Had a good laugh looking at our tarp system that was designed to protect the gear if windows had blown in from high winds - they would have been pretty useless...

We were very fortunate overall: family, home, studio, vehicle and possessions were completely unscathed. Of course, like millions of others we were without electrical and hot water for several days, but if that's the worst I can come up with we really have NOTHING to bitch about!

One possible reason our place did OK this year was that we paid our hurricane dues last year. Our former studio in Hoboken was flooded with three feet of water during Hurricane Irene, and we then spent the rest of 2011 and half of 2012 rebuilding in our new location (on much higher ground, naturally). I'll add an unsolicited plug for MusicPro Insurance here - they were great in terms of honoring the policy for damaged and destroyed gear and instruments (and we had a lot of those - three feet of water and high humidity for days in the place before we could get in, and the like). Studio owners and musicians, please insure your gear and instruments! Sure, it might be a pain in the ass to fill out the forms, but it's not really that much work compared to protecting the tools of your trade. It's not especially expensive, either - I think something like $100/year per $10,000 worth of gear. We sure as hell didn't regret any of the time or money spent once a hurricane hit and insurance came through!

Now, if we can just get PATH subway service to Manhattan back up and running...

Hoping that everyone is making a quick and straightforward recovery through this mess!
Old 12th November 2012
Gear Addict

That's great news! I live in Puerto Rico but I was born and raised in Hoboken and have been watching the news closely.
Old 12th November 2012
It's pretty shocking how much damage there was in this little one square mile town. Washington Street is fine, and aside from the PATH being out of order most casual tourists in town for the day probably wouldn't notice much. But you only have to go about two blocks west to immediately start seeing signs. A lot of the garbage has been picked up already, but there are large parts of town where the streets are piled high with people's clothing, toys, books, furniture, sheetrock, flooring, whatever. And the smell from the floodwater, sewage, and whatever chemicals and oils mixed in with it can be pretty nauseating if you catch it at the right moment. It's really depressing. I don't know why anyone would ever move back into a basement apartment in Hoboken - they just seem to fill with water every couple of years.

On the other hand, everyone is cleaning up and rebuilding, and life carries on!

One "bright" spot - something like 1,000 cars were destroyed in the flood. Maybe the majority of people won't replace them and parking in Hoboken might become slightly less nightmarish, at least for a little while? Unlikely, but a man can dream...
Old 12th November 2012
Gear Addict

LOL parking has always been a nightmare in Hoboken, I remember my mom and I looking for parking for hours sometimes lool, Hoboken is such a special little town, I wish you and everybody else a speedy recovery. We've had our fair share of hurricanes here in PR but honestly they don't do much, since houses and buildings here are built to withstand them
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