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Get your peaks under control Spikes is a transient processor, thanks to it’s intelligent auto settings you need just one knob to manipulate the sound, but if you want to tweak it every control is there at your fingertips.Working with audio often happens that you need to manipulate peaks and body of the signal, sure you have compressors at your disposal but a compressor needs a fixed threshold to work, a plugin like HoRNet Spikes on the other hand uses a relative threshold so you don’t have to worry about the level of the signal. The fast peak of a snare or an acoustic guitar is detected using the difference of two envelopes, one with fast attack and the other with slow attack, the resulting signal represents the peak over time. The detected control signal is then applied to a gain stage that reduces or increases the audio level according to the setting of the “spike level” control. With this simple logic you can change the intensity of every peak relatively to the body level and though increase them to make the sound more “snappy” or decrease them to make it more “full” The detector logic is the core of the algorithm and while the default settings work most of the times, HoRNet Spikes provides controls for adjusting the “length” of the detected peak and the release of the detector making the plugin react faster or slower to sudden level changes, we added an auto release function that snaps to the song tempo and it’s calibrated to make the most natural sound. Right in front of the detector we placed a 12dB/oct high pass filter that you can use to reduce the weight of low frequencies (such the body of a kick drum or the very low frequencies of a bass guitar) in the detector algorithm. Using the “spikes level” you control the level of the peaks detected earlier, but this obviously affects the output level, that why we also have added the auto output option that automatically adjusts the output level to always keep a constant level. The gain meter shows the applied gain in every moment, and if the gain sweep is too much you can limit it using the two sliders on the gain meter that allow you to set an upper and a lower gain limit.


GOLD the latest plugin conceived, designed and created by Acustica Audio

...reproduce in windows but we can reproduce in mac osx using the same sequencer. Said that, the strategy for preventing loud spikes should be on the daw side, not on the plugin side. The plugin is simply crunching numbers. If numbers are out of bounds the daw should block them. There is a lot of...

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Older vs Newer Distressor

First of all, Hey hey gang! Haven't been spending much time outside our Arousor thread. 1) Due to RoHs Lead-Free regulations and parts going obsolete, I doubt there is one original component in the Distressor from our first one! Initially sounds scary right? But the Euro regulations required every single IC, cap,...

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SKnote release Disto-S - Emulation of a Distressor, including DSP

Interesting, I sent some details in, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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