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Do you like gambling?
Old 10th January 2018
Here for the gear
Radiowave's Avatar

Do you like gambling?

Personally I'm not a heavy player but I adore to play poker, blackjack and casino time till time. In last case slots and roulettes are my favourite, sometimes I win money in such games but I've never been lucky for a big amount of them in this case. Anyway I just like to enjoy the process and I always remember about my limits.
What about you?
Old 11th January 2018
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Seras's Avatar

Oh, I'm a great fan of gambling! I totally adore that special type of fun which it gives to me so in my case it became a hobby a long time ago. I even think sometimes that I could be considered as a heavy player but in my case it's mostly that time which I spend to various games, not money because I always control my separate budget for this hobby Yeah, I know my limits and I try not to concentrate too much on money I can win, for me general process of playing is much more pleasant, I think that it's a common thing for many players, maybe that's why it's so easy to become addictive in this case like in case of other types of games too.
To tell the truth, I'm not a great fan of real casinos, I tried them several times but it seems that it's just not my type, smth with the atmosphere which isn't perfect for me... I prefer online ones much more, various slots and craps are my favourite in this case, however it's really hard sometimes to find a good one, not a scam. On the other hand I really like that there are many games where you can play free just for the process without spending money which in my case is really a nice solution sometimes And in case of prizes... I'm not a very lucky person for casinos, my biggest prize was smth like 120$ in general but it was a pleasant one anyway.
I like card games too, especially bridge and poker but I play them only in real life, usually in a company of my friends, for me that's really interesting only in this way Sports bettings and lotteries are my favourites too but I've never been lucky with them
Old 18th January 2018
Vegas is a gas stop for me.
Old 19th January 2018
I'm not much of a gambler but I play the lottery from time to time.

Very difficult to win!
Old 17th March 2018
Went to a casino, won 3000,- ... never went back.
Old 17th March 2018
Gear Guru
Brent Hahn's Avatar

I fly Southwest and connect in Vegas sometimes. Throw a few quarters in the slots. I think I'm either even or slightly up.

I also had an Indian Casino client for a while, and admit to being pretty conflicted about it. I miss their money but I don't miss them.
Old 17th March 2018
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memristor's Avatar

Originally Posted by Radiowave View Post
Do you like gambling?
I once won about 50,- in the state lottery, which equals the amount I spent on that, and then I stopped playing realizing how lucky I had been, considering the odds.

My grandfather gambled a way a fortune, more than a million.

I don't enjoy it and I think it's stupid.
Old 30th March 2018
Here for the gear

I like gambling and I see nothing bad in having it just like an other type of hobby I got an interest in it during my teenage years too, firstly it was just a love for playing cards and later through years I discovered for myself other types of it. Now it's a small hobby for me, another way to get some relax after work in the evening or during weekends but I've never been a heavy player. It's really interesting and risky to play in such games, they bring people a rather special types of emotions, that's why I think so many people become addict to them but personally I always know my limits. I have a certain amount of money for this small hobby and I've never spent too much of them, I think that in such case gambling isn't a problem at all tongue-out Sometimes I win and sometimes not but for me the main thing is process and money is just a pleasant bonus. If your position in this case is the same, than why should you stop playing even after the birth of your child?
And speaking about my favourite games... Well, I adore poker, blackjack and forum casino cruise bonus, because there I can talk about all this things. But from my own experience I should mention that you should be careful with online ones, if you want to play, than it's really better to choose only licensed sites, there's much scam in this sphere and sometimes people had very unplesant issues with their bank cards because of this.
Old 2nd April 2018
Gear Addict
Wolf LeProducer's Avatar

I don't like gambling. I feel like, "I'm just throwing away hard earned money."

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Old 2nd April 2018
Gear Addict
Wolf LeProducer's Avatar

Originally Posted by Synth Guru View Post
I'm not much of a gambler but I play the lottery from time to time.

Very difficult to win!

Yeah, this is me too. When it becomes, "200 million or more." I'll sometimes drop $5 or $10 on a ticket. But I doubt I play more than $50 a year

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Old 2nd April 2018
Originally Posted by Wolf LeProducer View Post
Yeah, this is me too. When it becomes, "200 million or more." I'll sometimes drop $5 or $10 on a ticket. But I doubt I play more than $50 a year
That's a wise thing to do. I still play from time to time but haven't won the jackpot yet.
Old 2nd April 2018
Lives for gear
The national lottery occasionally.

Otherwise no.
Old 4th April 2018
Here for the gear

I like gambling but I'm not a great fan of it. For me it's just an other interesting way of spending my free time, smth like a small hobby, I've never been obsessed with it. I like to buy lottery tickets time till time, however I've never been lucky with them. It's the same with various sport bettings but this type of gambling is really a rare thing in my case
I adore playing different card games with my friends, we rather often play poker, whist etc. on weekends but considering that it's a totally friendly game for us, we never use money as a prize. It's just interesting and very fun, besides it's almost only one type of gambling where you can improve your skills and become a better player. All other types are total luck and it's funny to see how some people hope for winning smth big in that way :D
I tried casinos too, I was in real ones several times and I played online ones real money casino too. I liked slots and blackjack the most of all, I even won money two times and that was cool. I think that it's ok if you're such a small player as I, gambling is rather often considered as a very bad thing but in my opinion if you can control yourself easily, there's nothing scary in it.
Old 4th April 2018
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matucha's Avatar
I like bitcoin ;-).
Old 8th April 2018
Deleted User

Thread Starter
Gambling is for losers.

After the house takes it's share, the payout back to gamblers is less than 100%. So in the long run you always loose.

One time I went to a casino with some gambler friends of mine and I couldn't believe the idiot mentality that sets in. At the craps table, everybody started to get excited and gambling heavily for the reason that "the dice were hot". These people actually thought that somehow some mystical force had made the dice hot and now was the time to throw your money on the table because they had the advantage of "hot dice". In the end they all lost. Both of my friends left the place loosing about a thousand dollars each. I left with a smile on may face, winning a big $30. I knew when to stop.
Old 12th April 2018
Gear Nut

Stopped playing blackjack once they introduced those card shuffling machines.
Old 12th April 2018
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GeminIAm's Avatar
Occasional lottery ticket or scratch card. Sometimes put a couple quid on the football. Don't get the whole casino thing.
Old 13th April 2018
Here for the gear
philipmorgann's Avatar

I like gambling too and it's a great pleasant fun for me and in my opinion it's ok if it's just an another small hobby for you, not a heavy addiction Such type of games is very addictive in fact but yeah, if you play only for fun, there's usually a rather low risk for loosing selfcontrol and it's a completely different situation if money if your main goal. I think that it's really stupid to believe that it's a right way for making big money because it's such a random thing for this, besides such games are always made for making money from you, not for making various strangers rich. And if you hate loosing and feel that your control weakens, that you really should stop... Personally I know so many stories about people who lost almost everything because of their addcition to gambling
And in my case I like poker, blackjack and sports betting the most of all. Also various casinos, not only real but also online ones Slotozilla too, slots are my favourite. I can't say that I'm a very lucky person, sometimes I win and sometimes lose but anyway as I said earlier the main thing for me is the process so I don't worry about that very much
Old 5th May 2018
Here for the gear
marygoodmann's Avatar

I don't like gambling just because it's very hard to win for me. I always try to use apps like Online Slot Reviews to make some money. And it goes better. Maybe you have some advices how I can earn some money in online casino? Thanks, gyus
Old 22nd July 2018
Here for the gear
sirhowardlee's Avatar
No. Not a gambler myself and have no interest in taking it up. I'm not a moralist but I can see why some consider it a vice.
When I visited the Bahamas I found out something interesting. Tourists were allowed to gamble all they wanted to, but locals were not allowed to gamble.
The reason being that the government didn't want to be burdened with helping their citizens in debt. Smart idea
Old 27th July 2018
Lives for gear
PdotDdot's Avatar
I used to have a weekly poker game. Every Thursday night. I had enough people on the list that most of the time the game was full and when folks were out of town I had secondary folks to fill empty seats. It was low stakes - 2 dollar limit and was more about getting together with the guys (occasionally a woman or two), grilling, eating sugary desserts and of course the game. Mostly 7 card games but once in a while some weird takes on a game. Never any wild card stuff though. OK, maybe ince in a blue moon someone would call Follow The Queen but seldom.

I moved out of state for a job and have not played since 1998 so it has been a long time. I miss playing.
Old 27th July 2018
Gear Maniac

No. Best I've ever done was break even on the actual money gambled (in Atlantic City), but figuring gas and other expenses, still a net loss. If the casinos were in the business of paying out more than they take in, they wouldn't exist for long...

Used to play blackjack at the lunch table way back in high school... made certain "authority" figures uncomfortable, but since there was no money involved, they were unable to cite any specific rule to force us to stop.
Old 27th July 2018
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Phil Cibley's Avatar

If I have any disposable income burning a hole in my pocket, I'd rather
buy something.
Old 16th August 2018
I've considered quitting the lottery. I never win more than a couple of bucks.
Old 29th August 2018
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octatonic's Avatar
My uncle was a heavy gambler- he lost his house then faked his wife's signature on a second mortgage and then lost that money as well.
She stayed with him (!) and they now live in a caravan because they cannot afford anything else.

I do not gamble at all myself.
I do have some stock account though (I guess you could argue that is a type of gambling) and have some casino stocks- they do quite well.

Recently went to Vegas for the first time on holiday, as part of a US road trip.
It was quite frankly a horrible experience in an otherwise brilliant trip- won't be going back to Vegas.
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