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Avatar for Agno

I've resisted posting this for weeks...It's a splinter in my mind. Has anyone had a chance to directly compare these units or...

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Avatar for bmss
bmss 27th April 2015
Avatar for peterblair

Hi! I'm looking into racking some channel strips (something more or less like this: Neve RL1 RN Two Langley RL1 Ten Mic...

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Avatar for peterblair
peterblair 26th April 2015
Avatar for Friedwald

Currently I have a pair of CMC6 with MK21. I want to get a pair of Omnis. I have listen to MK2 and MK2s. For guitar Recording...

replies: 4 views: 1,033
Avatar for Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson 26th April 2015
Avatar for Rea

As my full rig is not with me in NY at the moment, I just finished putting together this neat 16/32 channel SSL mixer. Nucleus...

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Avatar for Rea
Rea 26th April 2015
Avatar for kclisby

Many of you may know that I was burglarized a few years ago... I think that whole incident left me in a really dark place. I had...

replies: 11 views: 1,416
Avatar for kclisby
kclisby 26th April 2015
Avatar for nikko

Anybody make a high-end mini-mixer? Maybe 2 mic inputs, 4 line inputs, one FX send, some quality basic EQ... I'm thinking...

replies: 6 views: 2,165
Avatar for cheu78
cheu78 25th April 2015
Avatar for Jesse Livermore

Hello, After too much time in the box, I am going to out. I want an excellent 2bus compressor with a bold and modern...

Jesse Livermore
replies: 32 views: 3,233
Avatar for Waltz Mastering
Waltz Mastering 25th April 2015
Avatar for heysimo

Hello, I have to solder a bantam patchbay I bought to expand my console's patchbay tie lines. It's a patchbay from Audioline...

replies: 6 views: 726
Avatar for stribor1
stribor1 24th April 2015
Avatar for Cooleyocity

Hey Everyone, Sorry for the random question. But was curious if anybody had any insider info. on what Mic was used to record...

replies: 13 views: 3,876
Avatar for Cooleyocity
Cooleyocity 24th April 2015
Avatar for tguy

Many threads about this but no clear answers. Is this or the Digidesign SYNC HD I/O good for use as a clock. How does it...

replies: 5 views: 9,619
Avatar for oprealm
oprealm 24th April 2015
Avatar for Deleted 7f9cade

I usually use my 2bus comps in my consoles master insert. I was think about trying them post console output. Same for all my...

Deleted 7f9cade
replies: 8 views: 1,020
Avatar for goldi
goldi 24th April 2015
Avatar for waldie wave

I am after a high end quad preamp to be used mainly for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano and vocals. I have...

waldie wave
replies: 72 views: 17,378
Avatar for burns46824
burns46824 23rd April 2015
Avatar for GetUpfortheDown

Hi guys- I've had the pleasure of using an API 1608 on a handful of sessions recently. Really great board, and I seem to have...

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Avatar for Trev@Circle
[email protected] 23rd April 2015
replies: 16 views: 2,646
Avatar for Wolf
Wolf 23rd April 2015
Avatar for CJ1973

I really like the tone of the original 251, but looking to see if there are super close options for vocal recording. I have a...

replies: 50 views: 4,799
Avatar for RawBeanZen
RawBeanZen 23rd April 2015
Avatar for Wakena2003

Hi everybody, I have a pair of ADAM P22a for 10 years and they are flush mounted in my studio. I have replaced tweeters once 5...

replies: 2 views: 1,445
Avatar for Wakena2003
Wakena2003 23rd April 2015
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

OK.. My kit is reaching a critical mass now that is worth insuring, not to mention a new console arrived @ Planet Wiggy...

Wiggy Neve Slut
replies: 5 views: 626
Avatar for Paul_G
Paul_G 23rd April 2015
Avatar for omegaomega

Hello fellow slutz! I have recently acquired an A-Design Pacifica which is awesome and I love. I have come across though an...

replies: 9 views: 2,641
Avatar for DrSax
DrSax 23rd April 2015
Avatar for KennaOkoye

Hey I got a vintage 1272 that I love but I wanna recap, because there's a mismatch in bass. So it's kinda weird doing dual DI...

replies: 16 views: 1,229
Avatar for KennaOkoye
KennaOkoye 23rd April 2015
Avatar for David W. Jones

A little background. I have been doing voiceover work for over 35 years and know my way around gear. That being said, I have...

David W. Jones
replies: 15 views: 1,341
Avatar for David W. Jones
David W. Jones 22nd April 2015
Avatar for m.l.o

Hi all, I would like to ship a package with a declared value of euros 9000 from Belgium to New-York City (Brooklyn). Will...

replies: 1 views: 474
Avatar for Matt Nolan
Matt Nolan 22nd April 2015
Avatar for Alexfrbc2

When an SSL Alpha Links fails after the warranty is out, SSL offers to swap the unit with a "new" one for a price -...

replies: 12 views: 1,128
Avatar for skythemusic
skythemusic 21st April 2015
Avatar for Deleted 7f9cade

My current monitoring chain consists of original Mackie Hr824's with the HRS120 sub as my main large speakers. My small midrange...

Deleted 7f9cade
replies: 6 views: 794
Avatar for mbvoxx
mbvoxx 21st April 2015
Avatar for justinheronmusic

The title says it all! I am looking for comparisons between the RND 511 and the Chameleon Labs 581. Do these units sound as...

replies: 33 views: 4,521
Avatar for _Mark
_Mark 21st April 2015
Avatar for jsb1138

Is anyone having any problems with their Fat bustard units? I got one in early January and it lasted a month before various...

replies: 5 views: 1,050
Avatar for jsb1138
jsb1138 21st April 2015
Avatar for

I'm thinking about switching from my Central Station to a Monitor ST. I was just wondering if anyone has used and/or has any...

[email protected]
replies: 21 views: 6,310
Avatar for fragletrollet
fragletrollet 21st April 2015
Avatar for Musicesque

I have a Jeff Rowland Model 5 and Coherence One preamp that are looking for something to do (as in get used for something, or get...

replies: 3 views: 1,075
Avatar for priko
priko 21st April 2015
Avatar for DoctorKen

It's come down to these two. And I absolutely can't decide. I'm leaning towards the Event's but I've read testaments from users...

replies: 4 views: 1,245
Avatar for DoctorKen
DoctorKen 21st April 2015
Avatar for kinghand

I can hear huge difference with or without word clock connection with my DA converters and other digital equipments. But there...

replies: 14 views: 948
Avatar for LDStudios
LDStudios 21st April 2015
Avatar for James Lugo

So we are going through some changes/evolution at the studio and figuring out what hardware we want to keep in what capacity. It...

James Lugo
replies: 398 views: 36,465
Avatar for Trev@Circle
[email protected] 20th April 2015
Avatar for CJ1973

Just purchased a Telefunken V76s (studio) version. Should arrive soon. Very excited, as I don't have a vintage Tube preamp. I...

replies: 35 views: 3,644
Avatar for natpub
natpub 20th April 2015
Avatar for seanm1960

Hi all, long time lurker, first post. So, I am at the point where I am considering a large format analog console. Preferably a...

replies: 66 views: 9,063
Avatar for stevep
stevep 20th April 2015
Avatar for stevep

Does the V3 have a Master Buss Compressor ? and if it does... is it any good ? peachh

replies: 11 views: 1,212
Avatar for Empire Prod
Empire Prod 19th April 2015
Avatar for zzax

Hi, I recently bought an Apogee AD-16 (not AD-16X). The optional daughter board with AES/TDIF DB25 outputs is installed but...

replies: 1 views: 551
Avatar for zzax
zzax 19th April 2015
Avatar for Kujoer024

Yesterday I bought a sweet Yamaha P2200. My only problem is that one fuse screw cap, the thing that holds an external fuse in...

replies: 0 views: 447
Avatar for Kujoer024
Kujoer024 19th April 2015
Avatar for getmethough

so Im looking to expand my outboard I own a Culture Vulture & am on the brink of buying an API 2500 I was also looking at...

replies: 6 views: 1,603
Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 19th April 2015
Avatar for SEA

I'm building a new project/mastering 2 channel and looking into the Forssell ADC/DAC. However I would need a way to connect it...

replies: 4 views: 963
Avatar for VT-MHE
VT-MHE 19th April 2015
Avatar for Bobelix

just like there´s chris mara´s machines in the usa i´d like to know if there´s something like this here in europe. i´m...

replies: 7 views: 595
Avatar for jeremyglover
jeremyglover 19th April 2015
Avatar for rockkenroller

Hi, i'm a newbie in gear slutz. I'm a Korean so my English can be awkward. Please consider that there's a possibility of your...

replies: 5 views: 2,020
Avatar for rockkenroller
rockkenroller 19th April 2015
Avatar for Lorenzop

As of 2015, is anybody still manufacturing Tape machines or Heads or parts? Seems like the Otari website lists that they are...

replies: 12 views: 1,740
Avatar for Erik Thomas
Erik Thomas 19th April 2015
Avatar for AddisonOfficial

What box is more colorful? which is more versatile for really shaping a sound and which is better for mixing / mastering.

replies: 28 views: 9,723
Avatar for waldie wave
waldie wave 19th April 2015
Avatar for IanBSC

I always hated how dark and dull ribbon microphones sound in general, but today I put a couple Coles 4038s for drum overheads and...

replies: 12 views: 1,318
Avatar for satissounds
satissounds 18th April 2015
Avatar for Blacksmith

I have 4 patchable slots on an old API console that I need to fill with good compressors. The board already has 4 of the old API...

replies: 24 views: 3,407
Avatar for bogeyeater
bogeyeater 18th April 2015
Avatar for walth

hello, can anyone tell me the difference between these models? thanks

replies: 4 views: 2,684
Avatar for folie
folie 18th April 2015
Avatar for BasspirO

Hi I need to replace my adat ports in my converters, but I can´t find the parts here in my country this model is...

replies: 1 views: 661
Avatar for BasspirO
BasspirO 18th April 2015
Avatar for lematrix

Hello from Berlin..... i need your Help. I have a Problem to find the best PreAmp for my Neumann 149. The Output is so...

replies: 21 views: 2,339
Avatar for bmss
bmss 18th April 2015
Avatar for Fummunda

The new studio won't be ready for xx months or more and I got tired of sitting on gear that could be put to good use, so I'm...

replies: 5 views: 689
Avatar for Trev@Circle
[email protected] 17th April 2015
Avatar for climber

I came across this ad the other day. My my, how prices have changed over the years.

replies: 3 views: 451
Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 17th April 2015
Avatar for Brett 123

Hi there, Anyone out there using a Hearback system with the X desk ? I'm I right in thinking there are no additional...

Brett 123
replies: 0 views: 459
Avatar for Brett 123
Brett 123 17th April 2015
Avatar for James Lugo

Trying to figure out my best avenue with my future setup. My question is about hardware insert latency. I have Protools 11.3.1...

James Lugo
replies: 20 views: 1,607
Avatar for Cocobolo81
Cocobolo81 17th April 2015


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