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Can anyone give me any of their personal use on these monitors? Good for mixing? Cheers Ian

[email protected]
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[email protected] 12th May 2018
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I'm wondering if anyone is using the new Ventura and how it sounds. Any comparisons? I think I read it was modeled after an older...

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Monotremata 11th May 2018
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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but a little while ago I finished working on a kit of four high end...

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gabasa 11th May 2018
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I'm looking to get Burl B2 ADC and am interested in using it for both tracking (as I tend to track one instrument at a time) as...

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IanBSC 11th May 2018
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Hi All, To the API 2500 hardware owners, past and present...what permanently replaced your API 2500 on the drum buss? I’d...

Driveby Studios
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Glenn Bucci 11th May 2018
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Im going to travel to Vienna (home of AKG) in June. Is there any possible better option than the AKG K812 for 652 euros...

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Weile 11th May 2018
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A number of years ago I became the owner a gold plated Electro-voice PL80 when someone in my family passed away. I have not been...

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pan60 11th May 2018
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On my lunch break mulling over this weekend's first listening sessions (with Tidal Hifi). I'm a bit of a newb, so I don't have...

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satisfaction2009 11th May 2018
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Hello all! I have been trying to find some information on the Neve 2264A LB - specifically, what the ratio is for it's LIMITING...

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OceanMan 11th May 2018
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The question is whether I'd be better off with a tube mic and SS preamp, or FET mic with tube preamp. I am working with a...

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chessparov2.0 10th May 2018
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Hi there! I've heard beautiful things about both. I've had the Amphions One18 for a month, but haven't tried the Genelec...

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swappler 10th May 2018
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A buddy of mine just got a really great sounding Neumann m269c microphone and I must say I'm having some serious gear envy. It...

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TheShadowV 10th May 2018
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Looking for partners in a joint venture, high end recording studio facility. A partner is here defined as a financial co-equal...

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gwm 10th May 2018
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Hello all! First of all, please let me know if this is in the wrong spot. I looked up the Studio Business tag and lots of hits...

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Vutall 10th May 2018
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After having used my current Dynaudio Confidence C1 speakers for the last 6 years it is time for something new. I am a music...

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pentagon 9th May 2018
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Hi There... I decide to give my ITB mixing workflow a little bit upgrade by adding some analogue gears to the main bus. Due to...

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AlphaDingo 9th May 2018
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Hi all, Last week I bought an AMS S-DMX. The chap I bought it off said that it had been recently serviced by an expert in AMS...

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nednerd 9th May 2018
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Hi Slutz Looking at the Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor and the FMR RNLA. These are very very different price ranges...

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Liam Judson 9th May 2018
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Hey guys, I have a avalon 737 sp and an audio technica 40/47. I love the sound of the sony c800g but I don't have the funds to...

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tkaitkai 9th May 2018
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Just got myself an Eventide H3000. It's the blue S-version, but to my suprise, when I powered it up, it had all algorithms from...

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SP2016 8th May 2018
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If anyone is wondering what to get me for Xmas, this is the auction to bid on. I have no idea if these are really in good...

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Jeffw5555 8th May 2018
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Generally speaking, what are the sonic differences between C-12 based and 251 based mics?

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LLSentelle 8th May 2018
Avatar for archetypestudio

I’m trying to see if I can find any info on a mod that seems to have been done to a used Chandler TG1 I bought recently. Seller...

replies: 5 views: 1,442
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iangomes 8th May 2018
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Its time to upgrade the studio with a new high-end microphone for mainly vocals. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts...

replies: 58 views: 2,968
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MacMike 7th May 2018
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What’s up I use both 1176 and la2a (hardware) simultaneously while tracking. Sometimes in different order depending on the...

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loujudson 7th May 2018
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checkout this video but a popular engineer alex tumay. notice the waveforms but it still...

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darkriver 7th May 2018
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THE WHY: Hey Slutz! Many of you come across and test more gear than I ever will, so I wanted to seek pro opinions on this one. ...

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johnnyc 6th May 2018
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Does anyone have any feedback about these things? A pair isn't very cheap and there is very little user feedback online about...

Empire Prod
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lonzob 6th May 2018
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Summing Samples - Seven Bridges Road Intro 4 Vocal Tracks - Ted Morgan Tele 251 E to Aurora(n) 96/24 Mixed Into Coil Audio CA-286...

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StevenLMorgan 5th May 2018
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Has anyone had an Antelope Isochrone 10M fail? It goes through its spooky HAL9000 warm up phase, but then I get an error message...

Ian Schreier
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Tui 5th May 2018
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I was getting some low level noise in the studio. We had a lot of down ed trees and power lines during winter. So, it seemed to...

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Argali 5th May 2018
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Here are two popular switchable inline attenuator pads... the Audio-Technica AT8202 and Shure A15AS. Audio Technica...

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Cassio2263 5th May 2018
Avatar for Johns

Hey fellow gearaholics. The new Lucas CS-1 mic is now shipping. I thought it would be a good time to start a thread where those...

replies: 339 views: 52,126
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Rumi 4th May 2018
Avatar for robertgeorge

I just bought an MKH-50 for ADR use and am looking to find some other good uses for this mic. So far I really love it on hi...

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robertgeorge 4th May 2018
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I seek advice for a base unit or units with 12 to 16 channels of ADC, preferably with an AoIP interface, but I could work with as...

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Swing 4th May 2018
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Hi- Recently bought an SSL Sigma summing engine after selling my custom mixing desk, for portability and size. Now i need to...

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matthew john 4th May 2018
Avatar for augustusarnone

Does anyone own both these units? Do they impart more or less the same sound? Is the preamp a little more detailed? I'm a...

replies: 12 views: 2,514
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augustusarnone 4th May 2018
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Does anybody know what tubes can be replaced in a Phelicity mic by Beesneez? The tube mic is now pretty noisy and I need to...

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baslotto 4th May 2018
Avatar for laperlestudio

HI I have a Rolls Folcrom summing, I love I think it's brilliant. I use it with a pair of BAE 312A and sometimes with a pair of...

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augustusarnone 4th May 2018
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Hey guys, So I bought a U87 a little while ago, produced a couple of EPs with it and some different projects, an it was...

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BIG BUDDHA 4th May 2018
Avatar for adirondack

I have lost use of one channel on my 1073DPA and am in need of repair. Channel one no longer passes signal on condenser or...

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adirondack 3rd May 2018
Avatar for victoredmundo

Hello, some time ago I started high-end converters in the world. solaris, pure2, and despite listening to the mixes in high...

replies: 4 views: 1,232
Avatar for NathanEldred
NathanEldred 3rd May 2018
Avatar for ToneAlive

Hey guys, I need a nice crossover and eq for my mains.. running separate subs. I see the dbx driverack stuff.. How good is the...

replies: 0 views: 472
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ToneAlive 3rd May 2018
Avatar for Rocknrollie

Hello slutz, This is my first post. I’m looking to upgrade my interface converters to something close to high end. Maybe this...

replies: 14 views: 756
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crille_mannen 3rd May 2018
Avatar for Tube World

I have seen very little about this optic compressor on gearslutz. Anyone use it? I would assume it's good for vocals...perhaps on...

Tube World
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soundmodel 2nd May 2018
Avatar for creativematrix

Frankly I could really do without an internal preamp as that would be somewhat problematic with my external preamp that I'm going...

replies: 6 views: 2,892
Avatar for RoundBadge
RoundBadge 2nd May 2018
Avatar for laperlestudio

Did anybody got the chance to try both? Now there is also the Revolver in the picture too and the BG2, but I don't see much...

replies: 0 views: 827
Avatar for laperlestudio
laperlestudio 2nd May 2018
Avatar for priko

I'm interested in adding Sub to the A21, has someone experienced sub with A21 which are not PSI Sub?

replies: 23 views: 3,391
Avatar for papiel
papiel 1st May 2018
Avatar for sdbaker

Hello; Wondering if anyone has any experience with this mic. I use it for live vocal work and really like the detail and...

replies: 11 views: 4,573
Avatar for AMZ
AMZ 1st May 2018
Avatar for iangomes

Just got my hands on an 1176 Rev B and found a potted LN module inside of it. I'm aware that this was a Rev C addition, but it...

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iangomes 1st May 2018


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