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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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serious inquiries email me. located on east coast in Delaware. this a legit post, not sure where else to put it. thx. MICS...

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mortimersnerdy 1 minute ago
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Hey there, I am looking to add a one or two Great Preamps for recording and maybe run mixes through if possible. However, preamp...

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NathanBarley 3 minutes ago
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Was almost set on a pair of pulse EQP1A3's, then a dealer told me he actually prefers the EQH-2 especially on the mixbus. After...

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davehall6162 8 minutes ago
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Hi folk!!! I'm very curious about the Kii three speakers. They seems to be the next big things!!! Have you heard...

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DigitalDrugLord 46 minutes ago
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Hi Everyone, I recently received a Neumann U87ai, and yesterday for the first time, I took it for a test-listen. I paired it...

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KD_Banjer 1 hour ago
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...I've retired, but now want to start again as a hobby. The U47 has been a sound I can't live without.. I've actually owned...

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crille_mannen 2 hours ago
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My gut says no, but my lust says yes. I am finally building out my little studio in an old log house we bought a few years ago. I...

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Digiplex 5 hours ago
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Today, I just plugged the Amphion One18 with two Auralic Merak mono block (Hypex UcD with Orfeo Class A module) I love this...

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danger 6 hours ago
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Hi all, Long-time reader here. Apologies for starting yet an another "which compressor" -thread but I could really...

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drewbonez 7 hours ago
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I got a pair of Dutch and Dutch 8C loudspeakers for evaluation and am most certainly buying them after working on them for the...

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Recursion Engine 8 hours ago
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I'm looking to really upgrade all my recording stuff and want to get a powerful setup in as few pieces as possible. Room...

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kev1n28 8 hours ago
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So, when tracking a lead vocal do you....??? 1) Go straight, no compression. 2) Use compression, usually just one. 3) Use...

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thethrillfactor 9 hours ago
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Just a quick post... Y’all should definitely buy one of these immediately. I have STAs, LA2As... I have lots... BUT,...

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AB3 10 hours ago
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Hi Guys, I just wanted to post about a incredible Bass DI I used recently that I feel more people need to know about, because...

Farm sounds
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Farm sounds 12 hours ago
Avatar for Philip Parker

Anyone using these? I would love to hear some first hand user experience.

Philip Parker
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beau_mckee 12 hours ago
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Hi people. In a few days im going to buy D&R Orion X 32/64 in-line with patchbay for a very nice price (i attached the...

tex viler
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tex viler 14 hours ago
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mikoo69 16 hours ago
Avatar for E Artsy Moods

Hi guys, I just saw someone asked the very same question for ATCs50s but here the weight is "only" 37,7Kg each...

E Artsy Moods
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paultnl 17 hours ago
Avatar for jml designs

Hi ~ Was wondering if I could ask your opinion on how does something like the Crane Song HEDD Quantum Next Gens (similar to Sound...

jml designs
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BIG BUDDHA 17 hours ago
Avatar for noah440

I decided to buy one of these and try it without even hearing it, after what I had read here on Gear Slutz and a few reviews. I...

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legato 18 hours ago
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Hello, I'm undecided between the Drawmer 1968 and the Buzz Audio DBC-20. I'd use it mainly for the drum bus and eventually for...

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e-are 21 hours ago
Avatar for Snoggin

Hi all. I have an API 1608 that’s now out of warranty and I’m out of spare op amps . Got a couple issues I’m pretty sure...

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RogerFoote 21 hours ago
Avatar for AudioGold

Just curious, as I was looking up something about it today I noticed that it is no longer on the Sweetwater site and it is also...

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User100 1 day ago
Avatar for u929

Hello, I came across a post here on GS where a user shared a sample of his vocal chain which is a Manley Ref C -> Bae 1073...

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johannburkard 1 day ago
Avatar for Resident

Hello fellow 'klutz, I am toying with the idea of replacing our ageing (and now obsolete) Pro Control with an SSL Axiom MT+...

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[email protected] 1 day ago
Avatar for augustin187

Hi all I don’t see any chats about these two together, which surprises me. Looking for some comments on the sound of these...

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augustin187 1 day ago
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Hi, Is there any Multi-Effects HW that is similar in quality, or even better than the Eventide H8000-FW ? or is the H8000-FW...

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paulthesparky 1 day ago
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Not sure what forum would be best to post this in but... I was toying with the 2290 preset thru my h8000 routed in stereo and...

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paulthesparky 1 day ago
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Looking into the H8000 and the Eclipse. Was wondering how the Eclipse stacks up. 8 channels from the H8000 is definitely a plus...

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paulthesparky 1 day ago
Avatar for esppse

Hello, I'm looking for a comparison chart between these 2 generations but couldn't find one. Does anyone know all the...

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paulthesparky 1 day ago
Avatar for Doc Mixwell

We've got two of these babies on the way!! We will compare to the "Big...

Doc Mixwell
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RoundBadge 1 day ago
Avatar for erike123

Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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mmarra 1 day ago
Avatar for d3l

Hello, We've had a pair of 8351 in our tracking room for a few months and after initial setup and listening, I havent as much...

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FFilms 1 day ago
Avatar for frankenstino

I must say just picked up this pre-amp eq and surprised how good it sounds and build quality is over all super. Surprised it...

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Avatar for frankenstino
frankenstino 1 day ago
Avatar for Hamburg58

Got a chance to have a first look at the Monotor. We've been waiting for a worthy solution to get a good headphone option in our...

replies: 128 views: 31,097
Avatar for blayz2002
blayz2002 1 day ago
Avatar for TrophySony

Looking around these forums and me being around the recording and pro audio retail industry for over 30 years, I’ve come across...

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thenoodle 1 day ago
Avatar for Top Knob

Hello all, I have been really interested in these monitors for quite some time. However, I haven't found many user reviews....

Top Knob
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Luisteroor82 1 day ago
Avatar for b0se

To my benefit, or detriment, I'm not interested in objective measurements and numbers, or the validity of rubidium as a clock....

replies: 3 views: 1,034
Avatar for illsoulprod
illsoulprod 1 day ago
Avatar for CJ1973

Lol.. agree, maybe a dumb question but I have the usual suspects (Telefunken/Neve/Focusrite/API/)... curious to know what's cool...

replies: 95 views: 14,814
Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 1 day ago
Avatar for bcgood

I recently purchased a Daking Mic Pre One and I can't get over how awesome this class A pre sounds. Its personally my favorite...

replies: 599 views: 48,109
Avatar for Skip Burrows
Skip Burrows 1 day ago
replies: 81 views: 7,237
Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 1 day ago
Avatar for KD_Banjer

Hey Everyone, I have a Mojave MA-1000 tube mic, and love this mic. But I don't have a comparable solid state mic (of the...

replies: 68 views: 1,895
Avatar for KD_Banjer
KD_Banjer 1 day ago
Avatar for Bobalou

definitely inspired by the "Control Room thread" I was wondering if there were pictures to post of various mic'ed up...

replies: 5,398 views: 1,745,752
Avatar for agibney
agibney 2 days ago
Avatar for Berndalen

What is plugged in to your Cranesong Avocet? Digital inputs Analog inputs Analog outputs How do you route your gear...

replies: 8 views: 369
Avatar for thehightenor
thehightenor 2 days ago
Avatar for greenjoy

Hi there, I've read rave reviews of the ATC SCM20 ASL MKII on this forum and was wondering if these would suit a home...

replies: 34 views: 7,697
Avatar for Luisteroor82
Luisteroor82 2 days ago
Avatar for Sasha

Has anyone had a chance to compare Kii Three speakers to PSI Audio or any other active speakers that use analog active crossover...

replies: 7 views: 417
Avatar for To Mega Therion
To Mega Therion 2 days ago
Avatar for KD_Banjer

Hi Everyone, I recently bought a new Furman P-1800 AR, and I just noticed that it is emitting a low frequency hum (even when...

replies: 6 views: 373
Avatar for pentagon
pentagon 2 days ago
Avatar for BufferOverride

I've got the following setup: AlphaLink MX (Master MADI Clock) AlphaLink MX AlphaLink AX MADI Extreme 64 Card I have...

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Avatar for BufferOverride
BufferOverride 2 days ago
Avatar for BufferOverride

Hi All, I've got an SSL Alphalink setup - 1 X AX and 2 X MX's (about to add another MX). Since I set it up I've used MADI...

replies: 7 views: 356
Avatar for BufferOverride
BufferOverride 2 days ago
Avatar for woodgrain

So I’m about to get my hands on a Neve 1073N. Good deal on it & been eyeing it for months as part of a mobile recording...

replies: 8 views: 481
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vsthalion 2 days ago


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