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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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Hi can anyone tell me if the Merging gear is only suited to Classical/Orchestral music. I can’t seem to find anyone mentioning...

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Spinatra 24 minutes ago
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My gut says no, but my lust says yes. I am finally building out my little studio in an old log house we bought a few years ago. I...

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TheHolyMountain 40 minutes ago
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Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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bobbl 2 hours ago
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Tried doing a search but couldn't find a definitive answer. Do KH310's need to burned in and if so how long does it need to be...
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deedeeyeah 3 hours ago
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Hi, Are there any Harrison 32 owners here? Great River Harrison 32 EQ...

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t-hiho 3 hours ago
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I have a ref c and I run it through a vintech x73 into an 1176. I dont eq going in but I roll off the lows (I might stop this...

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stu2 3 hours ago
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Looking to see if anyone has experience with both of these mics and can provide some feedback and opinion. I'm looking for a...

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psycho_monkey 4 hours ago
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My u87ai took a spill the other day. Some minor denting on the grill. I took it off to tap it back into shape. In doing so, I...

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Klaus 4 hours ago
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Just saw this post on Instagram! If it's not new to some of you, it's new to me! Just figured I'd share it for those...

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JSchlomo 4 hours ago
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OBOYO 4 hours ago
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Hi folk!!! I'm very curious about the Kii three speakers. They seems to be the next big things!!! Have you heard...

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firedog 5 hours ago
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Hello all, I did search for both over the forum and read most of the posts but still couldn't decide. Does anyone has experience...

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Has anyone yet tried the new Manley Core? It looks to be one of the best channel strips out there with a lighter price tag.

Glenn Bucci
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citrusburst 6 hours ago
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I just got my barefoots and I was curious as to how people send their audio signal to the barefoots, do they convert in the...

naive newbie123
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naive newbie123 7 hours ago
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Curious how vintage Trident TSM console pre and eq would be vs resissue 500 series eq for 'that' sound. I'm mostly interested...

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jellyfishstu 10 hours ago
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Hey fellow Slutz, I have finally been compelled to make my first post. Ive been a lurker for many years and have learned many...

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LiveMusicNY 10 hours ago
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SSL Sigma


I am a prospective buyer of this and this is very new product which I don't fully understand yet so I guess having a dedicated...

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blinduncledallas 10 hours ago
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Its just hilarious!!..81 and 82, 51,53, 55 and 66, V, VR, 88R. All of them were six figures when new. You need EE chops or a...

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andyfreeman 11 hours ago
Avatar for waldie wave

I just bought a TC Electronic M5000. It worked for 1.5 hours and then it would not boot up. Fortunately, Doug Jane (he is a star)...

waldie wave
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elegentdrum 11 hours ago
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Got my vocal chain today , put it to work instantly, I’m still trying to find the sweetspot for the cl1b.. it’s a freestyle...

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chessparov2.0 12 hours ago
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Hello, A drawback to electrostatic drivers is they don't output a lot of bass. Suppose you had a set of high-quality Stax...

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gearstudent 12 hours ago
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I'm in the market for a high end compressor and I found out abot the Lipinski compressor. Spec wise it seems very awesome. ...

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Silfver 15 hours ago
Avatar for joebuck

Hey guys, I can't find much on the Telefunken USA U47. What is your opinion on it? How does it compare to the real deal

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 18 hours ago

For me the Retro 2a3 makes me smile everytime I go from bypassed to in. And the mod that Black Lion audio did to my 192 Sent...

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SonnyFusicTonic 21 hours ago
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I need to build up a dedicated power supply. An old price list said there were A, B and C versions and only the B version had...

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el-folie 22 hours ago
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Hey all! I'm trying to find schematics for this Neve side car I have a studio tech helping me to fix. It come from a 51...

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UKMK00 22 hours ago
Avatar for tkaitkai

I just picked up 10 StudioTraps from ASC and briefly played around with creating a QSF in a small room. Would love to hear...

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Karloff70 1 day ago
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Hello folks, I have bought a Neumann 750 KH and had it for 2 days. Very well built subwoofer, however please note: - NONE of the...

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msflsim 1 day ago
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hello everyone, new user here and first post. I just received two MIC input modules for my Studer 961, and to my surprise I...

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skenan 1 day ago
Avatar for carloff

Is anybody still using Anamod ats1 on the buss ? Or another better tape solutions? ( please not real tape , I’ve been there :)

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Looneytune 1 day ago
Avatar for whitepapagold

Am I late to the party? Did I miss something on the Neumann website? In front of me I have a NEW km84 capsule on an OLD KMi...

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toledo3 1 day ago
Avatar for ProPower

I have owned two DMP-2NWs for many years (love them) and went to look up Karls webpage and I can't find anything. Anyone know...

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Chris Wilson 1 day ago
Avatar for prophei

Hey All, I have been diving in like mad here in the foriums to get a sense of the high end eq thing, as I am currently looking...

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thethrillfactor 1 day ago
Avatar for CSField

Hi Guy,s , no one I know uses SPL madison converters, I moved from Apogee to SPL a couple of years ago. Just wondering if...

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PeteJames 1 day ago
Avatar for d3l

Hello, We've had a pair of 8351 in our tracking room for a few months and after initial setup and listening, I havent as much...

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Snoggin 1 day ago
Avatar for Cashhewn

I’m puzzled why there is almost zero mention of this device here, not even an announcement from the Heritage Audio account...

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thethrillfactor 1 day ago
Avatar for guitargyro

Looking to get a dual channel pre/EQ in the 1073 style. Haven’t heard much about the new Neve version other than a YouTube demo...

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Avatar for hellohead
hellohead 1 day ago
Avatar for RavenKis

Hi, I'm currently using the Barefoot MM27 gen2 for most of my work (mix/mastering/production). I do like them, a lot, however,...

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Avatar for Enlightened Hand
Enlightened Hand 1 day ago
Avatar for Moondog007

Thinking of getting a pair of LCD X Audeze Headphones. Just wondering if there is a difference between the old ones and the new...

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Enlightened Hand 1 day ago
Avatar for wizzman5000

hi all, wondering if some people could share some wisdom please. i’m after a mix bus EQ. current main contender is the...

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Avatar for Charles Barnett
Charles Barnett 1 day ago
Avatar for paladin

Hello. I have a Summit EQF 100. But I wonder what would be better EQF 100 or EQP200. Maybe I can buy another EQF 100 or sold...

replies: 1 views: 334
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andyfreeman 1 day ago
Avatar for mherrane

Hi sluts! Sorry for a longish post, hope someone can help me here. Let's start by saying that I already have a Knif Pure-Mu...

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Avatar for MRSEED
MRSEED 1 day ago
Avatar for RavenKis

Hello, I am seriously considering a Curve Bender to compliment my NSEQ2ffmod. Mostly master techno, dance music as sometimes...

replies: 8 views: 502
Avatar for RavenKis
RavenKis 1 day ago
Avatar for etnik

Hey guys, i was wondering if anybody has the same problem as i do. my right MM27 Gen 2 releases an loud clicking noise while...

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etnik 2 days ago
Avatar for dmac660

Hello! I have the opportunity to purchase a single used Genelec 1032a monitor for $300 dollars. Other than checking my mixes...

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Avatar for BIG BUDDHA
BIG BUDDHA 2 days ago
Avatar for rowmat

I'm hoping someone (Geoff Tanner?) could chime in regarding the differences between the Neve 3114 and 3104 broadcast...

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Avatar for omnialinx
omnialinx 2 days ago
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Avatar for Prahlad
Prahlad 2 days ago
Avatar for gainreduction

Don't know what I really feel about this concept of a micpreamp built into the microphone. I can see the point and at the same...

replies: 1,819 views: 160,604
Avatar for rosewood123
rosewood123 2 days ago
Avatar for airmate

It looks like the 24-channel Lilo is my dream console. I have already talked to my local distributor and to Vince / Speck, and...

replies: 128 views: 43,230
Avatar for KIDBILL
KIDBILL 2 days ago
Avatar for cuba1956

Hi guys, I'm considering upgrading my desk this year and I would like to make it a worth while investment. I've been using...

replies: 274 views: 18,450
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rkerr1980 2 days ago


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