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<mod note - will merge here - Rupert Neve 1926-2021 - eventually but will leave stuck to top of forum for an appropriate...

Husky Squad
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MBE 13 hours ago
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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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It took a very long time. I think I ordered them in November or perhaps December. I'm not the most patient person. About 5 days...

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the_mixer 9 minutes ago
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There's endless topics here about AD/DA converters, speakers, headphones, what is better... As far as I understand he'll test...

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bgood 22 minutes ago
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Hello friends. I am interested in these two candidates only, no other options for now. I like vari-mu style compression, I...

Mr. Bars
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qslprod 42 minutes ago
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Hi- Reviving an old topic since it seems that when it was last discussed not many users were in the game yet. Im about to...

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qslprod 58 minutes ago
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Please post your experience if you had the chance and funds to buy this new product. I searched for user reviews but not much...

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Overdrive 1 hour ago
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I'm in the market for my first $1,000+ preamp. I'm interested in the API 3124V, but it's exceeding my budget by a bit. I notice...

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AlexK 1 hour ago
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Considering investing in a high-end cardioid SDC specifically for acoustic guitar. Leading contender Geffell m295, vs. DPA 4011...

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John Arthur 1 hour ago
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I am trying to research the neve 32254e compressor limiters. I see a few sales here and there for them but i cant seem to find...

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carolcappetta 1 hour ago
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I've seen both great and horrible cables in both formats. Which do you EXPERIENCED guys believe in more, and why? S

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ywshuo 2 hours ago
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OK - I've spent the past few months watching other threads, sending PMs and just trying to find an opinion from ANYONE who has...

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ISedlacek 2 hours ago
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Anything you need to know about Trident, let us know....

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the russian 4 hours ago
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Hi to all of you How does IZ radar converters stand-up sonically sound wise compared to today's converters. Has anyone done...

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terrysound 5 hours ago
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I'm leaning towards the Dramastic single space rack (non-500 series) but am totally open to hear fellow slutz chime in on their...

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elegentdrum 5 hours ago
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Anyone have the chance to demo the 3124 against the Heider? What's the sonic difference? I'm looking to upgrade my API's, but...

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RoundBadge 5 hours ago
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We have another winner here. I can’t believe Bryce just keeps doing it so well. I did not need another compressor. Then I...

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warlordpriest 5 hours ago
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I'm jonesing for a Neve 8801. I have always loved the sound of the Neve 88R desk (its my lottery win fantasy to buy one) I...

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JHTorch 6 hours ago
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So I've read a lot of Culture Vulture threads here and I've read many opinions. It's both a praised unit (I believe to the praise...

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NathanEldred 6 hours ago
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Hello Everyone! I got a pair of KS digital A300 monitor last week. I'm going to using it's AES/EBU inputs, the question is how...

Jon Gong
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Jon Gong 7 hours ago
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i cant find a loy of info on it or decent sound examples. so i was just wondering, does it still have something significant to...

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bkbirge 7 hours ago
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Just saw this KD Lang video and I'm staggered by this mic. So much clarity in all positions, and the singer has so much control...

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edva 7 hours ago
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What do you reach for that works for you most of the time....?

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temnov 9 hours ago
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Hi- I mix using a hybrid approach - 32 channels of apogee symphony, various DAW's, what felt like every plug in in the world,...

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Buddhaman 9 hours ago
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Looking for a mic to use for female vocals in an untreated room. I want the detail of a studio condenser and the sound rejection...

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Silvertone 11 hours ago
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So there is a video that John Mayer recently did for Martin Guitars where he performs 4 songs, just acoustic and vocals. I...

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DHannah1981 12 hours ago
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So this may have been touched on but I feel it needs to be rehashed. I’ve owned both the SSL fusion and Rupert Neve Master...

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MBE 13 hours ago
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Hi, I am currently soldering a bunch of elco/ edac connectors for my DDA DMR12 console. I am working on the Line Inputs edac at...

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hally 13 hours ago
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Just bought a RND Shelford Channel.........AWESOME piece of musical gear!!!!!rockout My current rack is angled and I have it...

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67mike 14 hours ago
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Hey all, recently got myself a copy of the manual for my EMT 248 from EMT Studiotechnik here in Germany and I noticed that...

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massimo 15 hours ago
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Good afternoon, I am close to finishing up a new studio build in my basement. I am considering some new mixing gear and would...

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Hattrick 15 hours ago
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Hey, Is anyone using a DDA DMR 12 board or have any experience using these desks? I'm a bit confused about how to access the...

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hally 16 hours ago
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I'm looking into getting the Kii 3 monitors for my living room / studio space. My problem is that I have a standing desk that I...

naive newbie123
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puriteaudio 18 hours ago
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Last night I did an op amp shootout for the mix buss of our API 1608 console. The test went as follows: Merging Hapi D/A >...

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Snoggin 18 hours ago
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Hi all, I've had my 8816 since it came out. It's been returned once and back for service once. Amazing sound, sloppy build...

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ostranenie 1 day ago
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Hello folks, I have bought a Neumann 750 KH and had it for 2 days. Very well built subwoofer, however please note: - NONE of the...

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SteelyDani 1 day ago
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Hey Everyone, I was curious if someone could help me identify this preamp sitting on top of the UA Apollo? It's black, with...

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arod1213 1 day ago
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Hey All A short while ago I issued a call-out to anyone with info on the Trident 65. I got some very good opinions and...

Cameron Johnson
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Danny9772 1 day ago
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On the surface, it's a fairly simple question, which may or may not incite strong opinions: Understanding that no single...

pieter k
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Paul Wolff Designs 1 day ago
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Hi, What are Neve 2254 compressers good for? How would you rate these units overall and how would you describe there...

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thethrillfactor 1 day ago
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Realbadwolf 1 day ago
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I need to shift a bunch of -10 signals (primarily from synths) to +4. I know of the Ebtech 8 channel line level shifter, but I...

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Shenes 1 day ago
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Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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psycho_monkey 1 day ago
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The Patch, I have been waiting for this for over a year! Viewed it at NAMM 2018. This 2019 it was there again and they have them...

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ngregson 1 day ago
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It's about that time of year where my G.A.S. is getting the best of me and I'd like to do a bit of upgrading to my rig. ...

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ripripstabstab 1 day ago
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So I'm curious, as an analogue junkie but a Sony R100 user (and hopefully soon SSL Matrix) I'm aware that digital mixers all have...

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Bassmankr 1 day ago
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So I'm using ProAc SM100 and subs... and have absolutely perfect translation. After a few hours on a mix, things are sounding as...

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MatsNo 1 day ago
Avatar for OHA

Any user experience on these now?

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BM Grabber 1 day ago
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Just saw this post on Instagram! If it's not new to some of you, it's new to me! Just figured I'd share it for those...

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noiseflaw 1 day ago
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Would love to see some photos of high end studio monitors in their natural environment!

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Storm Mastering 1 day ago
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Hi, I'm a film music composer, mainly working with real instruments and verry few samples. I'm currently using reverb...

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Sharp11 1 day ago
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Sorry, don't know if this is "High End" enough for this section, but what do y'all think of this thing? Tracking,...

Mr. Victory
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Raul Ghiran 1 day ago