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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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Hello fellow gear nerds, I am wondering if people who have experience with various high end cable manufacturers(Vovox, Gotham,...

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whiteaxxxe 1 minute ago
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I just don't get it. Aren't most of using this piece among our other "pro" gear. I mean, this isn't some synth that...

Dirty Halo
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ryanpwm 51 minutes ago
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Today, I just plugged the Amphion One18 with two Auralic Merak mono block (Hypex UcD with Orfeo Class A module) I love this...

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mikoo69 1 hour ago
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What kind of mic is Jack Black using in this video? Definitely a high end one.

Mike Jasper
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Mike Jasper 1 hour ago
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Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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thakid 1 hour ago
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Last night I did an op amp shootout for the mix buss of our API 1608 console. The test went as follows: Merging Hapi D/A >...

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bkb911T 2 hours ago
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I'm planning to make a small upgrade to my studio. I 'm working a long time /10 years/ with SSL Alphalink through MADI, 24 in/out...

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matucha 2 hours ago
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Hey guys! I am trying to do a big test and review of several high end monitors in my studio.Barefoot mm27 gen1 and gen2, Pmc...

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To Mega Therion 2 hours ago
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I have three Syncron S-10 FET condenser mics, but there's barely a signal from them, and a lot of noise. I have to turn my preamp...

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Scullyfan 2 hours ago
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Sorry if this is redundant. I would suspect this has been asked before countless times but nothing came up in my search....thanks

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Fidelis 3 hours ago
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As a guitarist I would never think of going to a studio and using their stock gear by default. It's one thing to maybe try...

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monkeyxx 3 hours ago
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for me its Bricasti Design M7

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I purchased these mic-pre's a bunch of years ago and want to sell them. At the time I was told they were removed from an SSL...

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mikekay 3 hours ago
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Looks like Shadow Hills has another creation to lust over. Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph Fully Discrete Stereo...

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Hey everyone, Its hard to find any infos on Calrec gear, do you have any experiences with the RQP3200 channel strip? How does...

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deedeeyeah 4 hours ago
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I own a Trident Series 70. It's awesome. Would a move to a series 80 be something you guys would do? I'm considering it but wanna...

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jeremyhorn 5 hours ago
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Just wondering what people out there use most often for vox. If you have different style (rock, country, etc) specific set ups...

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SwitchesAndDials 6 hours ago
Avatar for Malawar

Introduction: Given the lack of information available on the Neve 8816, I wanted to share my setup and workflow with it. I’m...

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chrisdude 7 hours ago
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Hello everyone I just came back from a studio thats owns 2 c800g I need both One sound pretty good and the other one sound...

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Jethro 8 hours ago
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I recently purchased a Daking Mic Pre One and I can't get over how awesome this class A pre sounds. Its personally my favorite...

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Brad Lunde 8 hours ago
Avatar for aramism

SSL Sigma


I am a prospective buyer of this and this is very new product which I don't fully understand yet so I guess having a dedicated...

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sreko 8 hours ago
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The new radar Dante converter, does it sound as good as the original radar 24? How does the radar Dante converter sound compare...

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terrysound 9 hours ago
Avatar for TwoCheers

I have used the Eden and really love it on its forward setting. I find it to be a little dark with neutral and gentle voicings on...

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TwoCheers 9 hours ago
Avatar for burns46824

Signal path: mic > Neve 33115 preamp > Pacific Microsonics HDCD 2 @ 24/96 These mics were recorded simultaneously, so...

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burns46824 10 hours ago
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Last month I had my VS Rack display upgraded to a beautiful blue text on black display. The tech also replaced all my program...

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D N A 10 hours ago
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Jim Williams 10 hours ago
Avatar for asylumatik

Sony c800g

16 everyone I see on gs, I've came from a gathering funds to get a sony. I have a 1073, 1176 and the c800 and...

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cap217 12 hours ago
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Hi. I want to start a collection of analog saturation and distortion tools. From super subtle and high end, to super gritty,...

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b0se 13 hours ago
Avatar for leicashot

Hey there friends due to the lockdown measures its become impossible to demo mics so I'm relying on your expertise if possible. I...

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leicashot 16 hours ago
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Just saw this post on Instagram! If it's not new to some of you, it's new to me! Just figured I'd share it for those...

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IM WHO YOU THINK 17 hours ago
Avatar for poomka

Hi everyone, I'm very surprised to not find any review on the Neve 1073 OPX. The only thread about seems to be the announcement...

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poomka 18 hours ago
Avatar for drockfresh

What is this? Lots of nice gear in his new documentary !

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Drumsound 20 hours ago
Avatar for DarrenD

I found an original Aphex 402 tube exciter (circa 1975) after over a decade of searching. This is not the solid state 602, but...

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iangomes 20 hours ago
Avatar for Drumsound

For those of you who don't know, Steve Albini is quite a poker player. He hosts a game at Electrical, and plays in casinos...

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Drumsound 22 hours ago
Avatar for 1073

Hi, I have great outboard mic pres, comps etc. I’d like to use a console just to monitor while recording into pro tools. I...

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Avatar for NathanBarley
NathanBarley 1 day ago
Avatar for Jeff.calcaska

Hello. I have a pair of a popular brand of high end monitors.. but I’ve now had over $1000 in repairs over the lifetime of...

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Avatar for Jeff.calcaska
Jeff.calcaska 1 day ago
Avatar for TJ99

Hello there, I am on the search for new (analog) monitors for my studio (4m x 6m). I treated it as good as possible, with...

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Avatar for dickiefunk
dickiefunk 1 day ago
Avatar for Rabbler

Hello Slutz, I was at my tech’s the other day and he offered to sell me an old, modified V72a. We plugged it in and tested...

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Avatar for Rabbler
Rabbler 1 day ago
Avatar for KD_Banjer

Hi Everyone, This is a basic question, but I haven't found a forum thread or info online about this. I know that the U87...

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Avatar for vernier
vernier 1 day ago
Avatar for insect1

Anyone have experience of both stereo filter units ? One obviously better than other... Impossible to demo where i...

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insect1 1 day ago
Avatar for researchtriangle

I'm looking to upgrade from my entry level console to a mid level console. I've seen a few AWS 924 models go off used at...

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Avatar for JohanXV
JohanXV 1 day ago
Avatar for DJBRT

I’m looking for recommendations for monitors/speakers for djing and playing house:techno music on in my untreated living room....

replies: 2 views: 137
Avatar for J Gabriel
J Gabriel 1 day ago
Avatar for gsilbers

Anyone have this by any chance? Modular Channel Stereo — OVERSTAYER Recording Equipment, Inc. I think it’s kind...

replies: 337 views: 49,751
Avatar for ashmundo
ashmundo 1 day ago
Avatar for DJBRT

I’m looking for recommendations for monitors/speakers for djing and playing house:techno music on in my untreated living room....

replies: 1 views: 116
Avatar for nickknack
nickknack 1 day ago
Avatar for Elisionary

I’ve been looking at many LDC’s for mainly vocals and have been fairly impressed with the Soyuz 017 FET. Does anyone have...

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Avatar for Elisionary
Elisionary 1 day ago
Avatar for JonnBoy

I have the opportunity to grab a Focusrite Red 3 in very good condition and for a good price. The Red 3 plugin made by Focusrite...

replies: 7 views: 488
Avatar for radiumboy
radiumboy 1 day ago
Avatar for Prince Vision

Anyone notice the price jump on the Tube Tech Cl1b? it was just $3600 a few weeks ago, now its at $3850 I was looking to buy...

Prince Vision
replies: 23 views: 1,395
Avatar for Prince Vision
Prince Vision 1 day ago
Avatar for ChaosComplete

On Monday 8/20/18 I'll be auditioning both the Dutch & Dutch 8c and the Kii Three monitors side by side in the same...

replies: 26 views: 4,703
Avatar for Jack Weaver
Jack Weaver 2 days ago
Avatar for hidd3n

What's up ppl, been using a combination of HS7/A7X for the past ~5 years or so primarily for writing/mixing electronic oriented...

replies: 4 views: 194
Avatar for andersmv
andersmv 2 days ago
Avatar for anguswoodhead

Hi I'm wanting to buy 8 Chs of matched mic pre to track drums. Spend up to US$7k What should I buy? Thanks in advance for...

replies: 74 views: 8,115
Avatar for spectrasound
spectrasound 2 days ago


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