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Picked up a Ampex 440A off Craigslist yesterday. Probably my best Craigslist come-up of the new year. Anyways, the guy threw in some converters he'd been using in conjunction with the R2R. The company is BEC Technologies Inc. There's a Audioplex DA16 and an AD16. Literally cant find anything on the internet about either units. Was hoping someone on here could shed some light on them. The company with the same name now makes IP routers and the salesperson had no idea what I was talking about when I called. Any info would be great. Got some pictures off an eBay listing because I was too lazy to take my own. Seller had it set at $99 but it didnt sell. Only one in eBay history I guess. I dont want to judge the price off of that because i'm thinking no one bought it cuz no one knew what it was...
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