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drugs in the studio Virtual Instrument Plugins
Old 16th March 2003
Lives for gear
Alécio Costa's Avatar

You can sasy that itis prejudice but I DO NOT WORK with people flying, into alcohol and so because teh job looses goal, productivity.
Once and only once a very pro bass player was called to record a stupid bass line. This guy is very famous between some musicians in Brazil and toured in Europe last year. Man, it took us 3 hours to do 60 measures and at the end the take(s) sounded like ****. What happened? the guy was fired from teh project, where my client was paying really nice and a semiyoung pro guy, very responsible substituted him.

I do not have any interest on knowing drugs, because as the name says IT IS A DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!dfegad
Old 16th March 2003
Gear Maniac
psytechguy's Avatar

Originally posted by Kirk
Brian Wilson
Peter Green

Two guys I wish had never tried acid.

Amen to that!
Old 18th March 2003
Gear Nut
cally's Avatar

Rugs are an absolute necessity in a studio.. particularly if you have a concrete floor .rollz
Old 20th March 2003
Lives for gear
I really have nothing against drugs per se, ya know; guns don't kill, people do! I just had a miserable day with a guitar player who was messed up on something, wasted about 10 hours and sucked all the fun out of the session for me. I have fun when I can produce and make the song better with its structure and sound. In my experience people tend not to be able to do a small amount of a substance, which leads to a breakdown of creative exchange. In a previous post there is a list of stars who abused drugs, the thing is these guys had huge budgets to work with and probably didn't have to drive! What I'm getting at is that one lawsuit from a person injured by one of these musicians would wipe out all but the largest of studios:eek:
Ok, I guess that's enough, I'm going to start a thread about studio insurance, I don't have any
Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
mac black's Avatar
Just curious,has any of you anti drug” musicians" ever had any hit records?
Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
Alécio Costa's Avatar

wow, what a non-sense coment!
What do drugs have to do with success?
Just because lots of people did this does not mean that evryone has to go in the same way
Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
C.Lambrechts's Avatar

Originally posted by mac black
Just curious,has any of you anti drug” musicians" ever had any hit records?
does 750.000 copies of a single count ?
Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
Roland's Avatar
All the comments talking about the greats who have been known to be under the influence possibly are missing the point.

Sure some of theses guys could still play and perform like this, but they sure as hell would have been better without it. Most of them are dead because of said substance abuse!

Over the years I have worked with enough people using various substances and I can promise you that I have never, and I mean NEVER met anyone that could play better, more musically, or more inspirationally whilst on drugs.

There are many stories of how sessions with some of these greats got wrecked or had to be posponed due to their inability to perform.


Old 21st March 2003
Lives for gear
imacgreg's Avatar
Originally posted by mac black
Just curious,has any of you anti drug” musicians" ever had any hit records?
A lot of Straightedge (people who dont drink or do drugs for some reason or another) hardcore and punk bands are pretty well respected among Straightedge and non-straightedge fans. Hit records? I dunno...

Old 22nd March 2003
Lives for gear
six_wax's Avatar

om sound

everytime I try to mix high or lake shored I end up trying to eq the AC or computer fan out of the mix... for hours...

any mental state in which you can revel in the sound of the faucet dripping probably isn't going to be the most productive


well, at least the thread started well.
Old 25th March 2003
Gear Addict
amanitas's Avatar
As an artist, I fail to see how the recording engineers/producers have any business worrying about what I'm doing, as long as it isn't affecting my performance. Of course, on the other hand, as a producer/RE I don't want my time wasted, because that just isn't fun (even if it means a bigger paycheck in the end).

I have a bigger problem on an ideological level - what exactly constitutes 'drugs'? If we are talking only about illicit substances (we'll leave alcohol out of the question for simplicitys sake for now), then what about the guitarist that shows up to the session on one and a half bottles of robitussin and 4 exenadrine?

At the same time, I and most of the people I work with blaze phattys on the regular (I do most of my work in hip hop), and while I won't comment on the "ehancing creativity" thing, I certainly have seen instances of musicians and rappers being unable to perform (or perform at their 'regular' level) without it. Of course, one could make the same statement about caffiene, which is just as much a mind altering psychoactive substance as marijuana, and just as potentially addicting - how many of you know someone (yourselves included) who can't function without a dialy cup of coffee? What if you went to another studio where they had a strict no coffee policy? Could you still function? Probably. Would you be more irritable, tired, and less productive? Probably.

I think few would dispute that anyone abusing herion or crack or speed is probably not working at 100% of their capabilities, but what about "soft" drugs such as cannabis, alcohol, caffiene etc. - I think it's a grey area, that most of us handle like we handle most things in life - on a case by case basis.

Old 25th March 2003
Lives for gear
adamcal's Avatar

My Studio IS my drug these days, No more of that **** anymore, Getting older, dont recover quite so quickly, and the possibilitys dont seem quite so endless anymore.
Old 25th March 2003
Gear Addict
Curious G's Avatar

Originally posted by adamcal
Getting older, dont recover quite so quickly...
heh heh heh
Old 25th March 2003
Gear Nut
cally's Avatar

I took one of these from

for a while i felt hippie

then everything felt

my boss found my death

and he was tutt

I said chill toke some

he the pigs

i needed just one more

eventually my skin started to suffer alien
Old 25th March 2003
Gear Addict
Curious G's Avatar

I don't know cally... you look normal to me!
Old 26th March 2003
Gear Nut
gregrw's Avatar

Do what you want, snort/inhale/shoot up whatever, I could care less.

But if it affects me, then I care. *MY* gear could be confiscated if *YOU* ingest something illegal and the cops show up. How sucky is that? I also hate the smell of cigarette smoke, and I can't stand people who get violent when drunk. Silly, fine, but when a drunk starts to pick fights...stay the F*** away from me, I have zero tolerance for that now.

So, no smoking in my apartment or car. Nothing illegal in both places, either. That includes underage drinking. I haven't had to face it yet, but if I'm on site and the illegal stuff is brought forth, I reserve the right to pack up my gear and leave. The only stuff I've had to deal with (knock on wood) is weed, and those partaking usually are nice enough to stay away from me.

Old 28th March 2003
Gear Nut

Drugs are bad news man. I used to be a heroin addict and an alchoholic. At the age of 20, I Od'd and survived. I went to detox, and cleaned up my act. It was all a very horrible experience. But, I wrote a lot of beautiful songs back then, and it was all because of the drugs. Now that I have been clean for over two years, I havent written a single bar of music. Maybe its because it's a constant battle fighting the temptaion of the high that I used to love so much. Its funny, I couldnt get anything done in the past when I was high, and now that Im sober, I cant get my self to do anything at all. When Im done building my studio, I will have a special room where the artists can do whatever the hell they want to, as long as they dont do it in front of me, coz in my book drugs = never getting anything done. Maybe its different for other ppl, but if I hadnt cleaned up, I would have never gotten into recording and i would've just kept on writing songs that no1 will ever get to hear.

PS every engineer I know either sniffs or smokes glass, thats how they get their mixes done on time. Im lost now. What should I do? Dilemas suck. wheres my weed?
Old 30th March 2003
Lives for gear
Ted Nightshade's Avatar

'i hear that DMT actually DOES open up the universe on a scale that is IMPOSSIBLE to describe.'

Hate to break it to ya AJ, but that description suits quality LSD a lot better. I thought, "this is what sniffing glue must be like..." I found it rather boring in familiar comfortable surroundings, but at the bank or anywhere with a checkerboard floor, maybe...

I know of lives nearly ended by heroin that were saved and healed by a lot of LSD and a lot of love, and that irreplaceable will to be whole that the addict must have.

Judging from the sound of almost everything on the radio, something out there is a whole lot more warping to the mind and soul than anything they had back in the day. What are these people ON, anyway? What would have to happen to break the spell?

I feel very sad about what happened to Billy Cox. AJ, get a copy of the complete Band of Gypsies sessions and then let's talk.

So what happened to Billy Cox? He was given LSD, at least, without his knowledge, crummy trick the Grateful Dead have pulled more than a few times, not that I think they were responsible, and then something really unfortunate happened- he was taken to a hospital (oh ****, not while he's tripping, you gotta be kidding... please be kidding?) where they gave him THORAZINE! Which is hardcore vicious **** that I wouldn't wish on anybody. God that stuff is awful.

I knew one guy who ate a few too many mushrooms and had the presence of mind to lock himself up where no one would "intervene" and "help" him in any frightening hospital type way... naturally he was OK the next day, who knows what would have happened if he wasn't so sensible about it. (he could have taken a few less, that would have been sensible too...)

Anyhow, the lucid manifestation of AJ is the one most in touch with the psychedelic experience, I don't know why he gets so belligerent about the subject. Some other, less wholesome influence no doubt.

What's really valuable is to be able to summon up the kind of shamanic mystery mindset that is so valuable in artistic pursuits whenever it's needed, for as long as and just as deeply as is required, and that's usually a bit too subtle to rely on external agents to produce, at least exclusively.

It's really sad about all that X, that stuff will **** up your body for good, as will crank... like excessive compression, the damage is not undoable.
Old 30th March 2003
Gear Addict
mixer's Avatar

Originally posted by Ted Nightshade
'i hear that DMT actually DOES open up the universe on a scale that is IMPOSSIBLE to describe.'

I know of lives nearly ended by heroin that were saved and healed by a lot of LSD and a lot of love, and that irreplaceable will to be whole that the addict must have.

There was a concert in Florida where the dead played and Tim Leary spiked an orange juce machine...lots of people got unexpected trips.... Tim Leary is dead as the song goes. The idea that LSD can heal or enlighten in my opinion is just plain rubbish. If reality isn't good enough your doing something wrong. Just my opinion.
Old 31st March 2003
Lives for gear
Ted Nightshade's Avatar

Maybe sometimes you might find out what you were doing wrong. Me, I'm still working on getting it the way I like it.

One of the eye-openers of the psychedelic experience for me is the light it sheds on what is in fact real- A lot of stuff that clutters up a person's head is quite illusory, and the emperor is attired quite strikingly, if not the way you read it in the papers.

Drugs are not required to labor under illusions, surely anyone working with the apparencies of sound and the human ear has been caught out a few times! I've even fooled the cat upon occasion...
Old 31st March 2003
Lives for gear
Ted Nightshade's Avatar

Come to think of it, I believe fear is the most potent of hallucinogens. I think the scene in Snow White where the trees have claws is illuminating.

Fear definitely tends to kick in any latent chemistry that's afoot already. Being dosed and afraid is much more hallucinatory than being dosed and unafraid.
Fear unassisted by external agents has been more than sufficient to create the worst scenes the world has seen.

The nature of reality is a bit slippery- surely any person of any perception will be aware that horrific and brutal things are going on constantly, in an increasingly overcrowded and poisoned place, but what to make of that? Unfortunately there is not a lot of practical soothing sense readily available to a panicked person loose in the streets of our cities, and people get strapped to gurneys and pumped full of thorazine. There's something vindictive about the way these tender mercies are applied in a lot of cases. Our society is not a friendly or healing place for the extremely impressionable, as a general rule. We can all try to be exceptions to that, if we're so inclined.
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