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Favorite heavy rock/metal records?
Old 5th October 2004
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AC/DC - Highway to Hell, hifi metal/rock. CoOuld not sound better, same for...

Judas Priest - British Steel.

Also -
Black Sabbath - Sabotage, the biggest wall of sound ever on those first two tracks.

Warrior - Fighting for the Earth, a rare classic, amazing band.

Prick - the Puppet. Sounds NOW like Sgt Pepper sounded back in 1967, the farthest guy ahead of the curve. Some songs are NOT metal at all btw....

Metallica - Garage Days; this IS what they sound like, for real. No trickery, just speed and power.
Old 10th October 2004
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Ill niño ?? Anyone ?? I love how everything sounds there!!
Old 11th October 2004
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Originally posted by alphajerk
thats just pop music with distortion. bunch of ****ing pussies what cant even play their ****ing instruments. give me a break. ive seen them live. jerk offs.
Hmm, I thought we were talking about great studio recordings, not great live acts. Frankly, I couldn't give a durn about how well a band can reproduce their sound live. I know plenty of monsterously great sounding albums that the band had session musicians play on, and concurrently I've heard lousy sounding albums by bands who were virtuosos on their respective instruments, so who cares? Not to mention "Mechanical Animals" is an amazing, very big-sounding record.

Also, I have to agree with Ol' Betsey for mentioning "Pony Express Record"; it's got these incredible blasts of heaviness popping in and out at unexpected moments. Cool, very underrated album.

My list would be:
Iced Earth - "Something Wicked This Way Comes"
Ministry - "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste"
Fishbone - "Give A Monkey A Brain & He'll Swear He's The Center Of The Universe"
Bad Religion - "The Enpire Strikes First"
Faith No More - "Angel Dust"
Jane's Addiction - "Ritual De Lo Habitual"
Soundgarden - "Superunknown"
Killing Joke - "Pandemonium"
Bad Brains - "I Against I"
Tub Ring - "Zoo Hypothesis"

Unfortunately, most of these probably don't qualify for "heaviest of the heavy" like you were looking for, teddancin. In some ways we went through the same sort of thing about six months ago when we were mixing Tub Ring's new album, and we wanted to get a few comparison tracks featuring drums that were incredibly fast yet well-recorded. We did find a few (see the albums by Fishbone and Bad Religion from above), but unfortunately most incredibly fast music features a ridiculously clicky kik drum and thin kit, which we personally can't stand. I'm pretty happy with the mixes we ended up with for Tub Ring, though; if you want, you can check out an MP3 on their website of a song we mixed for them. It's called "Sharpening The Sticks", and it's probably the fastest-tempoed song we've ever had to mix (around 300 bpm). It's at

And to throw our proverbial hat into the Metallica discussion: as much I prefer "Master Of Puppets" and "Ride The Lightning" song-for-song, the pre-"Justice" albums just didn't have up-to-snuff production, at least to our taste. For pure production craft, I'd rather listen to "S&M" or, geez, even "Reload" than "Master" or "Ride". Oh boy, here comes the lynch mob . . .
Old 12th October 2004
Here for the gear

I can't think of a better way to join into this forum than with this subject!

Meshuggah - Destroy, Erase, Improve (and/or) Chaoshere
Quicksand - Slip
U.F.O - Strangers In The Night
Van Halen - 1
Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, Filth Pig
AC/DC - Highway To Hell (this should be on everyone's list)
Judas Priest - Point Of Entry, British Steel
Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley
Iron Maiden - Killers
Melvins - Stoner Witch, Houdini
Corrosion Of Conformity - Deliverance
Clutch - The Elephant riders
Old 19th December 2004
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I have always thought that At the Gates "Slaughter of the Soul" was one of the best sounding metal albums.
Old 19th December 2004
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maskedman72's Avatar


EXODUS "tempo of the dammed"(andy sneap)

SUFFOCATION "pierced from within"

AFTERSHOCK (both lp's)
Old 19th December 2004
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enharmonic's Avatar

Mastodon - Remission
Isis - Oceanic and Panopticon are both sick, though Oceanic is my favorite
Unsane - Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
Candiria - 300% Density
Soundgarden - Superunknown, though I love them all. Badmotorfinger has something going on in the hi's that is just poo IMO. Way to bright...harsh...unpleasant
Melvins - Houdini.
Compression - Battle of the Ants
Barkmarket - L. Ron
Clutch - Blast Tyrant...probably my favorite sounding Clutch so far.
Monstermagnet - Superjudge and Dopes to Infinity. They lost me after Dopes though.
The Heads - Relaxing With
Kyuss - Sky Valley - essential IMO
Black Sabbath - Sabotage...Sabbath's prog
Sepultura - Roots

That's all for now, and off the top of my head are obvious choices for me
Old 19th December 2004
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drew's Avatar
wow, I did one of those!!! Glad to be on your list enharmonic.

granted, it's the one no one's ever heard of!!! (compression-battle of the ants)
Old 19th December 2004
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enharmonic's Avatar

Originally posted by drew
wow, I did one of those!!! Glad to be on your list enharmonic.

granted, it's the one no one's ever heard of!!! (compression-battle of the ants)
Drew, that album is sick. I enjoyed your recent Nothigface record as well...but the Compression album is damned special. I'd put it up against anything.
Old 19th December 2004
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not sure if Van Halen is heavy enough for this thread. But I think Van Halen I is just completely classic.
Old 19th December 2004
Deleted 2ef94c5
Originally posted by enharmonic

Sepultura - Roots
Whenever I listen to this album, all other rockers seem like posers to me. I will not listen to this album if working on anything remotely heavy....

'Breed Apart' kills them all...
Old 19th December 2004
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1- Voi Vod "Nothing Face" MCA
2- Anihilator "Never Never Land" Roadrunner
3- Cycle Slutz From Hell , Epic
4- GWAR "America Must Be Destroyed" Metal Blade
5- Probot, Southern lord
6- GWAR "War Party" DRT Entertainment

nothin like a little self promo lovin.....
Old 19th December 2004
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no fair!!
Old 20th December 2004
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Originally posted by -=glEnn=-
Danko Jones - Born A Lion....
aaaaah, yes. i love them very much. they nearly totaly unknown here in germany. but i hope this will change soon. they´re so cool. i´m looking forward to the concert in berlin in march 2005
Old 20th December 2004
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i like the rythm guitars of mudvayne, sevendust, ill nino, disturbed, deftones, killswitch engage, godsmack. the cool bass sound of korn and the overall sound of rammstein. great songs by pantera, tool, deftones and in flames and nothingface!!! and guitar solos from pantera and damageplan. other cool bands for me are snot, slipknot, dope, unloco, kittie, grimfist, static X, earshot, flaw, lifer, devildriver, tapriit, coal chamber, superheist, hatebreed, crossbreed, cold, lollipop lustkill, boiler room, jack of jill, helmet and some of the metal veteranes like metallica, slayer, mega etc. and last but not least SUB DUB MICROMACHINE from berlin/germany. they´re REALLY COOL!!!

a good place to listen (to f****** bad 128kbps) really hard stuff audio streams is chronixx aggression radio.

Old 20th December 2004
Re: Rock

Originally posted by Crushed
I like:

Jesus Lizard: Head/Pure & Liar

The Big F: IS

Janes Addiction: Nothing's Shocking

Good call, Jesus Lizard

I would add Hammerhead 'Ethereal Killer' as a classic
Old 20th December 2004
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Dogman by King's X (can't wait to hear the new stuff with Michael Wagener!). This was the first time the band split ways with their Houston homies and employed Brendan O'Brien to produce and mix - it was also the first time I'd really heard the bottom end of Doug's 12-string bass. Yawza!!
Old 5th August 2005
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There are SO many that I love for different reasons... Leeway "born to expire" or Crumbsuckers "life of dreams" or bad brains or caspar brotzman massacre, or jesus lizard, COP SHOOT COP, Swans.......Made out of

Too many great heavy records....
Old 5th August 2005
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enharmonic's Avatar

Candiria - 300% Density
Isis - Oceanic
Mastodon - Remission
Melvins - Houdini
Compression - Battle of the Ants
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger or Superunknown
Unsane - Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
Metallica - Ride the Lightning (sentimental favorite)
Barkmarket - Peacekeeper E.P. and L.Ron - If any of you know Dave Sardy, ask him to take a few months off from being a big time producer to drop another Barkmarket record. The world needs more Barkmarket
Clutch - Blast Tyrant
Old 5th August 2005
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Originally Posted by enharmonic
Candiria - 300% Density
Isis - Oceanic
Mastodon - Remission
Melvins - Houdini
Compression - Battle of the Ants
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger or Superunknown
Unsane - Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
Metallica - Ride the Lightning (sentimental favorite)
Barkmarket - Peacekeeper E.P. and L.Ron - If any of you know Dave Sardy, ask him to take a few months off from being a big time producer to drop another Barkmarket record. The world needs more Barkmarket
Clutch - Blast Tyrant
BARKMARKET!! Gimmick Lardroom L.Ron all among my favorites.

I saw those guys several times. Absolutely phenomenal live. One show at Gabe's in Iowa City, I got to talk to him for a while. Really nice guy.

I have always thought Sardy's songwriting and production work was incredible.
He has been at the top of my "wish list" for a producer for over 10 years now....if my band ever had enough cash to hire him.
Old 5th August 2005
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hello..?Dokken?..ring a bell?...
Old 6th August 2005
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Hears my picks

Emperor - Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise
Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Cradle of Filth - Midian
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Machine Head - The More Things Change
TooL- Aenema

Bones points for the Emperor and Dimmu Borgir one. Black metal is exstremaly hard to record and mix.
Old 6th August 2005
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Nevermore: Dead Heart in a Dead World Andy Sneap is the metal GOD
Gwar: America must be destroyed
At the Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
Testament: First Strike Still Deadly... Again Andy Sneap is GOD
Testament: The Gathering..... Andy Sneap again
Arch Enemy: Anthems of Rebellion.... Andy Sneap again
Judas Priest: Painkiller
Sepultura: Arise
Old 6th August 2005
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between the buried and me
ed gien
misery signals: of maline and the magnum heart
bleeding through

refused:soptc is ****ing awosme too though,...
Old 6th August 2005
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I think I posted on this thread a while back but here's my newest list.

Dillinger Escape Plan-Ms. Machine (I LOVE THIS RECORD)

Testament-The Gathering (Sneap?)

Korn-Untouchables (don't really like the band anymore, but this record has soooo much LOW low end...check any of the songs out on a spectrum analyzer....DAMN!)

Arch Enemy/Damn near anything from sweden/europe. Those guys at studio fredman and Slaughterhouse studios(I'm sure there's more too) have this way of making crystal clear metal records...very difficult!

Slayer-Reign In Blood.....yes by today's standards nothing special...but it's another one of those really clean sounding metal records...and it's from 86 (I think).

Refused-TSOPTC....good call SOUNDESLUT...amazing record...New noise is one of my favorite songs of all time....

Metallica-RTL or MOP....don't sound great...but those are the best 2 albums in my opinion....

Pantera-any......Terry Date is awesome and Pantera are the Kings of Metal....not as crazy as cannibal corpse or cryptopsy....but not as light as metallica....right in the middle...sooo awesome...

COC-Wiseblood....yeah animosity/blind had better songs...but this one had cool something special that I can't really describe...

THat's all for now....
Old 6th August 2005
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Zeke 'Flat Tracker' is absolutely the bomb.

There was a demo going around LA in, maybe '97. Band was called 'Black' and they had a totally pummeling demo. It was so over the top that I thought it was a joke at first. Pretty durn cool, though.

I've gotta say that Bitch Magnet's 'Umber' is a nice rekkid. Great drumming by Orestes.

I've been enjoying the heck out of Probot, too. It's fun because of all the different singers.

I really like Soundgarden's 'Louder than Love' even though the production sounds sorta weak today.
Old 6th August 2005
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Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power, Far Beyond Driven
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Sepultura - Roots, Arise
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Hamlet - Imsomnio, Sanatorio de muñecos, El inferno
Old 6th August 2005
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In no particular order...

AC/DC - Back In Black
Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
Melvins - Ozma/Gluey Porch Treatments
King's X - Dogman
Refused - Shape Of Punk To Come
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Accept - Restless And Wild
Van Halen - Van Halen

Some are heavier than others, but still....
Old 6th August 2005
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Woops! Sorry to answer this one twice...but very surprised that many of my favorites held up...meaning that I had virtually the same list without remembering that I ever had a list.
Old 7th August 2005
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Favorite sounding album or favorite album?

Hmmmmm, well today's list is this:

Favorite albums:

Candiria - Process Of Self-Development
DEP - Calculating Infinity
Burnt By The Sun - Soundtrack To The..
Blood Has Been Shed - Novella Of Uriel
Converge - Jane Doe
Converge - You Fail Me
Botch - We Are The Romans
Getting Even - (No title, not even self titled, just Getting Even, my band actually)
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power

Favorite Sounding is a little harder:

Candiria - 300% Density
Converge - You Fail Me
Tool - Aenema
Tool - Lateralus
I can't remember anymore right now
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