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Tape Baking ?'s

I did a search about tape baking and didn't find quite the answer I was looking for - so here it goes:
I recentely came across a few reels of Ampex 456 in my parents garage. One of them is unused, and the rest have been recorded onto. They have to be at least 10+ years old. My question is IF I have to bake them, can you still record onto tape that has already been baked? Or is it a no go? I haven't checked them to see if they shed yet, but I have never had to use tape that was this old that has been kept in a garage. So, if anyone has an answer on this topic, that would be great.
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After the tapes are baked, they are only "good" for about a month, then the shedding starts again. I wouldn't use any old tape to record, and the others I would just transfer after the bake.

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