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Your favorite drum mics are...........
Old 21st July 2006
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themaidsroom's Avatar

i'll only mention two mics now aea r-88
and my lust for many e-22s microphones......
i have but one right now......

be well

- jack
Old 21st July 2006
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Here's what's on the kit I'm currently recording (pop-rock) :

Kick : M88 on beater side / RE20 inside / Subkick outside
Snare top : U87
Snare bot : 441
HH : R121
3 mid toms : 414 ULS pair
Floor tom : 414 ULS
OH : M300 pair or/and 4038 pair
Room M/S front : R84 / M300

Y'all have a nice day...
Old 20th August 2006
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TornadoTed's Avatar
Kick - D112, RE20
Snare Top - Modded SM57
Snare Bottom - SM57
HH - SM81, Josephson C42
Toms - MD421's
Overheads - Schoeps CMC6-U bodies/MK21 capsules
Room - U87 with Innertube Audio valve retrofit, Shinybox 46MXL
Old 20th August 2006
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mackid's Avatar
Toms - 421/D2
Snare - SM57/D2
Bass - D112/D12
Old 21st August 2006
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turk sanchez's Avatar
Kick - m88
FOK - 4038 or u195
Snare - 57
Overs - Nice SDC's in ORTF
Toms - e604
Old 22nd August 2006
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radiant's Avatar

Originally Posted by BrianT View Post
You know what's weird?

I was micing toms with 421s in 1979 when I had just started. It's hard to believe that they're still one of the top recommendations, isn't it? Wild.

Anybody who used to be a 421 fan for toms been blown away by something else more recently?
Hey Brian,

That's what you used on toms on my kit back in '82 at Revendelle. heh I have some old pics of me at the studio with some of the guys from "The Hope". I was about 13 years old and thought I had died and went to heaven.

You probably don't remember my band Soul Patrol (The "original Soul Patrol ) back in '82 around the Petra "Not of this World" days. Wayne D. and some of the guys at StarSong were debating on signing us back then but it never happened.

Take care,

Old 22nd August 2006
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Andrew Kinsey's Avatar

A very good microphone for recording drums is the Hebden Sound HS3000. They are designed and hand made in the UK by original original Calrec engineer, Keith Ming.

These mics sound absolutely the business, very clean and open and the good news is their not overly expensive and feature an interchangeable capsule design so you can have it as an omni or cardiod etc..

Demo's are available on these for all UK Slutz!
Old 25th August 2006
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Originally Posted by Greg Curtis View Post
Overheads: 3 C12s over the drummers head

Must be nice.
Old 25th August 2006
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Originally Posted by usamike View Post
Must be nice.
Yeah, sounds like the tool setup.
Old 25th August 2006
1. 421s for kick and toms. great for any skin drums, focused, detailed, WARM

oh, also 441s on floor toms, sometimes.

don't mind an re20 on the kick, every now and then.

not a big fan of the d112 - never really got the sound i wanted form that mic.

2. orig. km84's on ohs - sparkly, controlled, NICE

don't mind orig. 87s, 4033s, or 414s, either,

usually have really nice results with the orig. 87s, or km84s -

sweet, sparkly, present, detailed with a ittle mojo - just find the right placement.

3. The new Audix full kit mics are pretty slamming - i've done quite a bit of recording with them.

(my drummer has an endorsement).

just watch the proximity on the tom mics - ouch, in a boomy room - move them away, they're really sensitive.

good luck, and keep us posted.
Old 26th August 2006
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HudHudson's Avatar

Another e22S lover here. I like 'em on snare and also on OHs. My "go to" kick mic is a Sennheiser 602, there's something about the way it captures the tone I like. Tried SM7 on kick for my last sessions, it surprised me how well it translated (thanks again, WW). I usually use 421s for toms unless I throw in a U87 on floor tom (I also dig the Beyer M-88TG on floor tom). I also use AKG 460s with the CK-1 capsule for OHs if I want something a little brighter or 414s for something more mid-pronounced. Looking forward to trying a pair of R84s on OHs; a buddy said he'd loan me his so I'd have a pair. For room, I dig my Soundelux U95S...nice U47 vibe, way out front and up high, then smash the **** out of it with an 1176. Sometimes, that's most of the sound for my kit. I feel like a dumbass that I sold my 4038 before I discovered it was such a cool drum mic. I bought it for guitar cabs and it didn't work for me...oh well, live and learn. Used a pair of them out front of the kit last session in a great sounding room and with just the kick & a little snare added, that's a pretty rockin' sound.
Old 8th October 2006
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jchadstopherhuez's Avatar

Originally Posted by max cooper View Post
My ideal drum sound is one 4038.
right on !!!

i have been having good luck of late with the shiny box ribbons coupled with a few close mics.

you really cannot go wrong with a coles and a great sounding kit..

i find in my world, that pretty much anything can and will work...the secret always starts with the player, the kit, and the room..

ribbons just seem to make the drums sound nice to me....and nice is good..


Old 10th October 2006
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For me a single 602 usually gets the kick nicely. Snare...The Beyer201 usually works, and if not that a single 441 floats my boat. I rarely mic the bottom unless its a deep drum. I do like to mic the side of the snare, especially with the 201. Hat...469 or Shure KSM141.

Toms...421's always work. I've had good luck with the shur SM98s as well. the SM98 mount is a work of art. On floor tom I like a d112. Just a bit more depth, and the 5K bump gets the attack.

Overs....Coles 4038 are pretty unbeatable. If its jazz and i need small and articulate I still like 451s. 414s work, I have a pair of c12 VR that can sound great for that, especially with the UA610.

Rooms....I like the Coles in Blumlein if they aren't on overheads. I have a funky EV shotgun that can really bring the trashtone. Or a pair of 87s. or Groove Tube model 1s.
Old 10th October 2006
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jmikeperkins's Avatar
If possible, use 3 mics

I have had the best luck using just 3 mics in a Glynn Johns type set up. I record in a spare bedroom (12' x 12') which is very live sounding with hard wood floors. I am using a vintage mid 1960's Ludwig Ringo type kit (24" kick) except I am using a Ludwig metal snare (Ringo used a wood snare). I use 2 Neumann U87 mics (original model with place inside for the battery) for overheads and a vintage (transformerless) Neumann U77 for the kick drum. One U87 is about 3.5 feet directly over the middle of the snare. The other U87 is about 4 feet over the outer edge of the floor tom at an angle where it points directly at the middle of the wing tom. The U77 for the kick is about 18" away from the outer head pointed at the beater (I have the outer head on the kick right now). I DO NOT compress the drum mics. I am using vintage Telefunken V376 mic pres and these go directly into an Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder. When mixing I do eq all three drum tracks with vintage Filtek MK3 mastering eq's. Assuming your drum kit is tuned and balanced, this set up gives you a very natural drum sound. I have added more mics at various times but it (adding more mics) always makes things sound smaller to me and I end up just using the 3 large diaphram Neumanns. In my opinion, in the studio, most people use too many mics and drum kits which are WAY too large. Having 10 Toms and double kick drums may look nice, but its a waste in the studio and you're better off with a smaller kit.

J. Mike Perkins
Old 15th October 2006
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europa78's Avatar

kick - AKG D12, U47fet, U47
snare top - Shure SM57
snare btm - Shure SM57
Hat- Neumann KM84, Royer 121
Toms - Sennheiser 421-U5, U87, AKG 414, Shure SM57
Ovr Hds - Royer 121, AT4047, U87
Ride - Neumann KM84
Room - U47, AKG C12

...any of these mics in a million combinations -- right tool for the job -- etc. etc.
Old 15th October 2006
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deve's Avatar

A pair of 414's for oh, cad vx2 for close room, 421 on everything else.
Old 16th October 2006
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what about sm81's for over heads?

i record alot of metal, so large diaphragm condensers usually pick up more than id like as far as the rest of the kit goes.
Old 16th October 2006
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Originally Posted by MX582 View Post
what about sm81's for over heads?

i record alot of metal, so large diaphragm condensers usually pick up more than id like as far as the rest of the kit goes.
SM81's are GREAT overhead mics.
If you would like to keep the overheads more as "cymbal" mics, you can experiment with the low end rollof positions on the body of the SM81.
I also find the adjustable -10db attenuation ring around the capsule very necessary if the drummer is a loud heavy hitter, and if your mics a pulled within 2 feet of the cymbals.
Old 16th October 2006
Gear Nut

Bass Drum: d112
Overheads (Depending on stereo or mono drums): 2 c414 or 1 u87
Snare: 57
Old 16th October 2006
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C_F_H_13's Avatar

Kick In- D112 90% of the time, however been having good luck with Beta 52 lately..who knew?
Kick Out- Fet47
Snare Top-Sm57/AKG451, Audix I5 or something, U87 for brushes..
Snare Bottom-Sm57 or 414
Toms- 421s all the way. However I'm digging a D112 on big floor toms, and I have used 414s,Fet47s, Sm57s also.
Overheads- Completely style dependent. Metal= 451s,460s,KM84s. Pop=414s,4038s,U67s, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
Rooms- Bigggggg room mic fan. At least 5 different room mics. Generally a C24 in the middle, couple of coles or royers out wide, a crushed sm57, and a random far room mic....anything from a M49-sm58.
Old 17th October 2006
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OH - KM184's
Kick - D112 or D6
Snare - Heil PR20 and/or Audio Technica ATM450
Rack Toms - Audio Technica AE3000
Floor Tom - Heil PR30
Forgot about the room mics: Rode NTK and a Royer R-121 lately. Depends on what I have left, unfortunately.

Last edited by mltamisin; 17th October 2006 at 06:50 PM.. Reason: Room Mics
Old 18th October 2006
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AllAboutTone's Avatar

421 (3)
SM81 (2)
Old 6th December 2006
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taturana's Avatar
kick in Shure Beta 52
kick out beyer M380
snare top/hh km145 or sm57
snare bottom beta 57a ,sm58 or sennheiser e906
toms 2xbeta 57a, sennheiser e906
oh 2xoktava mkl-2500
Old 7th December 2006
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beaxarthur's Avatar

I've only been doing legit recordings for a few years now, so I took a low-risk approach w/ getting my first real mics...nothing really gourmet about them

Toms - MD 421
Snare Top/Btm - SM 57
Kick Front - Beta 52
Kick Beater Side - Beta 98
Overhead/cymbals - AKG 451
Room - 414 XLS (2) I like to Mid-Side these in front of the kit
Old 7th December 2006
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Luke_martin's Avatar
Here goes the list of the mikes I use

Kick in - Audix D4 / Shure SM-7A / AKG-D112
Kick out - Shure KSM-32 / Neumann CMV-563
Snare top - Sennheiser BF-541 (same as MD-441) / Shure SM-57 / Shure KSM-32
Snare bottom - Shure SM-57 / AKG-414 / Shure KSM-32
Toms - Sennheiser MD-421 / AKG 414
Overheads - AEA R88 / AKG-414 / Neumann KM84
Hi-hat - Rode NT-5 / AKG-414 / Shure KSM-32 / Neumann KM84
Room - AEA R88 / Charter Oak 538, 414´s or whatever´s left

tutt remember! Great drummer will always sound better through RadioShack microphones than ****ty one with ELAM 251´s and C-12´s all around his drumset!
Old 7th December 2006
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seaneldon's Avatar

recently finished getting "final" drum sounds for the record i'm doing now. mic'd in the following fashion:

stereo overheads - U47s (M7), spaced pair
stereo room - 4038s, blumlein. rack tom height, 12 feet away
kick slightly in - RE20
kick out - fet47i
snare - AKG C60 (deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious.)
rack tom - KM74
floor tom - U87
+ two PZMs taped to the floor in the corners, at the furthest possible points from the drums.

enormous GMS drumkit with nickle finish black beauty, or leedy snare drum. k cymbals.
Old 7th December 2006
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crypticglobe's Avatar
My favorite find of late is the Sterling Audio ST31. Michael Wagener turned me on to it, and if it wasn't him... I probably wouldn't have taken the recomendation seriously.

However... it's $99.00 at Guitar Center... and the ONLY mic you need for snare top. Michael said he had been using if for that... so I tried one.... oh baby!! Yup!! Perfect!! My new snare top mic... all by itself.

BTW... it's repacked by Sterling... Groove Tubes makes it.
Old 7th December 2006
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BradM's Avatar
What is it about it that makes it so great for snare drum? Can you give us more details? How does it compare to the standards or something like an i5 or KM84.

Old 7th December 2006
Gear Head

Kick: D112
Kick Beater - M88
Snare Top - 57
Snare Bottom - Sennheiser MD 441
OH L+R - 2 x Schoeps CMC6/MK2 or 2 x AKG C 451B
Toms - 421s

Putting a brauner VM-1 (cardiod) in the corner of the live room makes drums sound sick!

For a really cheap & effective way to give the mix a nice"live" vibe try checking out a pair of Radio Shack PCM microphones. You can get a pair for ~80 bones. I recently put them on the floor about 4 feet away from the kick, 4 feet apart facing the drum kit like this / \ . It really gives a unique perspective w. these and I didnt have any phase problems.

After reading this thread I will give the 414's a go on toms!
Old 7th December 2006
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crypticglobe's Avatar
Originally Posted by Brad McGowan View Post
What is it about it that makes it so great for snare drum? Can you give us more details? How does it compare to the standards or something like an i5 or KM84.


Well... I usually use a 57 with a 4051 or some other small condensor mic taped to it for snare top. This gives me all the meat and crack I want from the top.

The Sterling gives me all of that... from one mic. It just sounds like the drum to me. Good rejection, very powerful. Just a great mic.

Just go pick one up... $99.00 at Guitar Center. If you don't like it... take it back.
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