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Prickstein 10th August 2005 02:06 AM

I never intended to do this (be a studio geek) for a living, it came to me. I've been a guitar player in bands since i was a teenager.
I always messed around at home recording my own tunes to a four track using an Atari 1040st to generate backings. My flatmate was going out with a local radio personality and we did up some parody songs for fun. The radio station heard them and offered me a job in production. That was in '99.
Been a studio geek ever since.

moeses 10th August 2005 02:12 AM


Originally Posted by Kestral
Think outside the box (no pun intended)

I'd rather meet women and hang out in the sun than either mix with assholes or deal with black man shooting donut scarfers.

there's not much sitting in the sun for me

but i'm moving to Georgia soon so i figure my life will change drmatically

chester 11th August 2005 06:26 AM

thanks for all the replys.

yeah. i'm working hard on it, and studying everday too. i just want to get in. abduction

as i said in september as it seems i will make some practical course. so hopefully i can show my skills, and maybe they are wanted, if not i search for another place to show it.

and yes it will be learning till you out of it. learning everday even if you there since 20
years up.

greets chester

themaidsroom 11th August 2005 07:27 AM

some years ago,
i was involved with a multi-person vehicular manslaughter rap - an event that
i think took place, although i have no memory of it - i needed a way out !!!

after three weeks in an offshore plastic surgery lab, having gone under
the scalpel seven times with an internet certified surgeon, i didn't feel
like i wanted to face the world, or the sun, so i wound up in a studio

a few years later, i changed my name to hank, and the work just started
flowing in..............

be well

- jack

soundeslutz 11th August 2005 08:44 AM


Originally Posted by C.Lambrechts
That kinda attitude is unfortunately hard to find these days. Everywhere ... not only the music bizz........

if i may interject myself as a small exception: girlfriend, friends, parties, sex....has is now a distant memory, gladly shrugged to do what i love. well, sex is still a must, atleast inbetween sessions