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Is it bad to leave studio monitors turned on? Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 3rd February 2009
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Originally Posted by smokapot View Post
Hey Greogrehayduke, great debate skills you have and very civil as well.
Cheers mate, I sometimes get too carried away in frustration, but its been a pleasure debating with you, so I managed to keep rather cool

Originally Posted by smokapot View Post
I have hugged a tree before and it was borderline a religeous experince given my mental state at the time hehe.
HAH! I think I've been there, done that The thing is, bark is really soft, and your head starts spinning in a nice way, when you look up in the branches, and sunlight filters through.

And back to the issue: Thanks for the link. Actually, I didn't mean to discount your info on Greenland rising, even if I appeared to laugh it off, sorry. It's just that I'm afraid it won't quite do, considering global melting. But the issue is certainly fascinating, and should be included in the addition.
Old 3rd February 2009
Gear Guru

the weight coming off Greenland and Antarctica will not be enough to offset the rising sea levels.

Or if it does, it will be the first time in several billion years that rising global temperatures did not result in higher sea levels. The geological record is quite clear.

There are thousands of papers being written every year, and while the overwhelming consensus is that anthropogenic global warming is going to cause us huge problems - problems already in evidence; every now and then one or two of them point to a mitigating factor, which the bloggers seize upon as 'proof' that the planet is not warming.

But all it means is that the estimate of how much the sea levels will rise will be revised downward - slightly. The earth's climate is incredibly complex but the overwhelming preponderance of research points to ongoing and accelerating warming to the extent that it is now irresponsible to ignore the warnings, much less belittle them as some do.

Do some searches via Google Scholar - in other words, limit your search to actual scientific papers, actual research being conducted, not op-eds or blogs. You can often gain free access to the journals via your public library- but even reading just the abstracts is a sobering experience.
Old 20th February 2009
Here for the gear

I like my land masses to stay put

"Joeq and Jimbo here is a link with some info on where I got the idea about greenland rising. I think if you read it you will be like "oh I didn't think of that"
Shrinking ice means Greenland is rising fast - environment - 02 November 2007 - New Scientist

I aslo think that Antarctica is rising as well."

So, thanks for backing up the opposing argument here. The problem is that ocean levels are rising due to shrinking ice caps (yes they are, scientific fact). Your counter-argument is that land masses that are under polar ice are actually lifting up as the weight on them is taken off. So MORE total land mass instead of less, right? Wrong. And we're even worse off that that.

Greenland and Antarctica - how many people live there? Not a ton. So, we have ice melting, and that's raising sea levels where I give a crap - ie, home. Now raise Greenland and Antarctica from the bottom - ie, the mantle pushes land mass up. Ocean levels rise more where I give a crap about. We're not detatching these land masses from the bottom of the sea - the whole plate is going up, including the submerged portion. Think of it like you've got a rock half submerged in a plastic baby pool (We'll call that "North America") and you push up from under the plastic somewhere else. Water goes up around the rock. MY rock - not Greenland, not Antarctica.

Listen, there's a case for a large portion of global warming being due to natural factors, but the man-made component is proven to be huge. And the effects are huge - the storms in the Gulf of Mexico are just going to get worse, as is freak weather everywhere. We need to get on board with the rest of the free world and start working towards reducing our impact instead of the current US "head in the sand" approach. W effectively saying "screw you guys" at the last Kyoto conference was a real capper on the worst presidency ever (EVER. Nixon included.).

Personally I don't think your studio monitors are a large contributing factor here, #1 priority is we really need to step up research on clean coal and alternative energy (especially with how both the US and China gobble it up, and because we're pretty much the Saudi Arabia of coal, and because rising energy prices have made alternative energy sources not just viable but for the most part flat out cheaper where good sources are available - this includes wind, solar, geothermal and dams).

Individual efforts should follow government example, and our government's attitude towards this has greatly influenced a lot of the backwards views. This also includes backwards, justification-based, flawed scientific arguments such as the Greenland/Antarctica thing. Those "scientists" just stole someone else's research, gathered a few points to support their case and subverted the original point of the research - that land masses rising due to pressure alleviation (melting ice) were also harmful to populated areas, and this was an additive cause for concern.

BTW, as far as leaving monitors on goes, look no further than your computer speakers. How long have those puppies been on?
Old 20th February 2009
Originally Posted by The Dutch Master View Post
Spare me the drama, please. Leaving your monitors on will not cause the world to crumble with indifference.
To even use the world's energy "crisis" as an argument to turn your monitors off is ludicrous, imo. Almost as ludicrous as Al Gore's fantasy movie.

My speakers use quite a lot of electricity even if there is no signal passing through.

That's why I switch them off overnight. The big ones are always off when not used.

I don't think it's ludicrous to switch things off that aren't in use. Makes a big difference if we all would do it.
Old 21st February 2009
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Tone Laborer's Avatar
Too much heat from the things to leave them on.

Down here anyways...
Old 21st February 2009
Gear Guru

Originally Posted by theother View Post
My speakers use quite a lot of electricity even if there is no signal passing through.

That's why I switch them off overnight. The big ones are always off when not used.

I don't think it's ludicrous to switch things off that aren't in use. Makes a big difference if we all would do it.

the power company sent around a mailing pointing out you could lower your usage by 15-20% by shutting off all the Vampires- standby appliances, tvs and computers no one is using, etc. You can try it yourself by standing outside watching your meter spin and having a friend go around your house shutting off all the crap. You can see it slow down.

you are seeing more and more smart thermostats and smart lights shutting down unused stuff, especially in big buildings where someone is actually looking at the bottom line.

to those who snicker at the 'personal virtue' of conservation making a difference: if everybody did it, 20% means out of every 5 power plants you could afford to shut down the dirtiest one, saving probably more than 20% of greenhouse and pollution.

"If good does not accumulate, it is not enough to make a name for a man.
If evil does not accumulate, it is not enough to destroy a man. Therefore
the inferior man thinks to himself, Goodness in small things has no value,
and so neglects it. He thinks, Small sins do no harm, and so does not
give them up. Thus his sins accumulate until they can no longer be covered
up, and his guilt becomes so great that it can no longer be wiped out. -Confucius
Old 21st February 2009
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Originally Posted by RonCarlston View Post
In my case ive got BM5A's. You know how it is, getting up there and turning each of them off when youve got all kinds of other gear sitting around is kind of a pain so im wondering if its bad that i leave them powered on all the time. Is this unnessesary wear and tear or is it really no big deal?

As you can see from the pic, its hard for me to get out the chair to get a box of twinkies much less fiddle with power switches
Damn you're a FAT ASS
Old 21st February 2009
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Is the climate changing ? Almost certainly. Is it all the work of man ? Nobody knows yet - they just know it's changing. Can it hurt to practice a bit of conservation and be a bit more aware of the world outside of your own ? Nope.

Is it more wear and tear to leave to leave it on or turn it off.... I've been turning electronics off and on for 30+ years and haven't come to a conclusion one way or the other. Unless the manufacturer explicitly states the piece was designed to be left on or shut down, I don't think it matters to the electronics really, but it definitely makes a difference in my energy bill...
Old 21st February 2009
Gear Guru
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i turn mine off.
Old 21st February 2009
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Originally Posted by The Dutch Master View Post
We have an energy problem concerning electricity????? Wow....somebody please stop the green propaganda machine.tutt
Thank you. I thought I was all alone on that one for a second.

Old 21st February 2009
Gear Head

If I could trade short the global warming scare (oops, they call it climate change now) I would. The people pushing it the hardest have the most to gain. Politicians gain control, votes and campaign contributions. Leaders of the movement get paid for speeches and carbon trades. Scientists get jobs and funding. The average joe gets higher energy costs, greater regulation, and taxes.

You will have an extremely difficult time getting funding for research that does not support or advance man-made climate change. You will also have a harder time getting published. So as a scientist that needs to eat what do you do? You take the money and go to climate change conferences in places like Bali.

I believe in a clean environment. In fact I run two non-profits that are strong advocates for access to clean water for recreational purposes. But over the past decade the entire environmental field has been taken over by politicians and people using it for money-making schemes. The hypocrisy is overwhelming sometimes. The environmental elites are some of the biggest contributors towards the environmental problems they claim to solve.

BTW, I believe in powering stuff off when you aren't using it.
Old 21st February 2009
Gear Guru

Originally Posted by jbdiver View Post
... But over the past decade the entire environmental field has been taken over by politicians and people using it for money-making schemes...

and the people who own and control our current energy generation and consumption do not have a MASSIVE financial self- interest in suppressing and discrediting the scientific consensus in order to maintain their status quo?


One oil company - Exxon/Mobil - made more in profits in one quarter than was spent on global warming research over the past 10 years total.

If you consider profit motive to be a cause for suspicion, these guys have it in abundance... why not look at them?

That same company pays a bounty to any 'scientist' who publishes an article casting doubt on global warming research. These articles are not published in scientific journals but rather in op-eds, popular magazines and blogs. They are not designed to advance the cause of studying the environment but to sway public opinion to the view that there is no problem.

Apparently it's working.

Read the actual scientific literature. Try doing your search on Google Scholar and see what proportion of actual research runs counter to consensus view.
Old 21st February 2009
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feck's Avatar
Let your common sense kick in and take control. Turn things off when not using them. Simple. Regardless of whether you believe in global warming or not, the world would be a much better place if people used common sense more often.
Old 21st February 2009
Gear Addict

<< We have an energy problem concerning electricity????? Wow....somebody please stop the green propaganda machine >>

Why don't you educate yourself. You are an ignorant fcuk.
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