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Message to kataz
Old 1st May 2005
no ssl yet 
Message to kataz

First I'd like to speak with Jules, I know this thread is a bit of a reach and it will be moved or deleted, but whenever I speak with someone I think I can help a bit, I try. (whether it be online or real life.) What I'm sayin is Jules please read before deleting. I'm only placing this in the hi end because I dont know if Kataz will find it in other forums.

Man you sound like a young cat. (this is no diss **** I'm 32 and wish I could be 18 again). I want to share some things that I went through because I see alot of what I used to be in your posts. maybe it will help you maybe it won't. (But its in me have to try). In all your apologies, I see you saying I apologize to those who didnt disrespect me. Honestly no body disrespected you. Everyone here kinda took your first post as a joke and your second as a continuation of the first. There were no tips to give you that werent given in the first post. Anyway I'm not writing to talk about that. What caught my attention was the "catch back" attitude. Man when I was younger, I was exactly that. Hot headed, half cocked and basically ready for whatever. If someone did me anything or wronged me in anyway, I was ready to strike back. I grew out of it because by the Grace of God I stayed alive while all the cats I grew up with were basically killed or locked up for bull****. Arguments etc.. These were cats who were quick to take it to a "street level" Not on some internet stuff but actually taking it there. And when they did it almost always resulted in me losing 2 friends (since we in New Orleans basically all know each other from playing ball in school etc against each other) But like I said I'd always lose 2 friends, One would go to jail for murder and one would be killed. In no time my city became the murder capitol or the United States with more murders per Capita. and I'm not saying I'm an angel either, alot of the dumb**** I was caught up in also (thats the only detail I'll give because my desire is never to glamorize dumb **** I've done)

During this time music and education literally saved my life. As I found a fascination with being in the studio, it began to consume my time. I spent my every moment trying to learn. What this did on the other side was keep me removed from all the dumb **** going on in the street. As I began to expand, I started to want to go to college. (honestly because there would be women there). In college I entered another world. Problems began to get solved with words and writing. man It was a transition because I would hear people I was in school with talk about the news/crime and how they were affraid to go certain places or be around certain people. Honestly since I went to a predominately white university most of these people would be saying IN FRONT OF ME, how they couldnt be around black people (because thats all they saw in the news). Then someone would realize they stepped on my toes and say "Not people like you, you r different LOL you r a good black dude" Honestly, sometimes the people they were discussing happened to be my friends.

Anyway I just realizd you may not have any interest in this, so I wont continue unless you are reading and interested. With that said, I know you may think there's no body professional here, but it is not true. I've featured on some platinum albums, Ecue has mixed some top hip hop artists, and if you do a search for Dave pensado, Lord knows he is one of the gods of mixing (IMO). If you wanna organize a hip hop workshop, or seminar and others are interested, we could set it up. Honestly mixing is like dribbling a basket ball, you will learn more being shown than you will reading

The moral of the story is man its better to walk away. (I've been in corporate america and witnessed racism/discrimination at its highest form, which was greater "disrespect" than what I ever saw in the street. But, I had to deal with the system and win with words/power of the pen instead. When I honestly wish I could have just slapped the **** outta the person, but that would land me in jail and prove what they already thought of me!)

I know this is only half the message and not related to audio much but I felt the need to share it. Fellow gearslutz forgive me
Old 1st May 2005
Gear Maniac

no ssl yet, homie i feel ya and i respect what you're saying and i appreciate it aswell. Listen dude i didnt mean to get so outta hand here and especially on this internet ****. It aint my style at all. I went through a lot of **** when i was really young hangin around the older homies and seeing homeboys come and go just as quick too. Its a tough world but you gotta get through it some how. Music saved me too along with quitting certain bad habits. I too am done with this street **** holmes. I just got mad bent for some reason cause i guess i was looking for a sure shot easy solution that wasnt possible to get and i get people asking me if im retarted and sayin im a troll. If that to you isnt disrespect than i dont know what is homie. They could have said differently. Its only a internet forum you know some of these peeps need to relax and smoke somethin.

What im gonna do is try to hit up a studio and sit their and absorb as much as i can. You're right something like this has to be shown and heard hands on.

You spoke some wise words homie and i appreciate that. Stay up. 1

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