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Who recorded MGMT album??? Dynamics Processors (HW)
Old 3rd January 2010
Nobody is talking about success in music. That is a relative term. So is "popularity" for that matter. But one thing we can prove is sales and the numbers don't lie. According to them the band MGMT is still up and coming and not all that popular in the sense that everybody knows who they are. What is so terrible about saying that?

I also think it's speaking WAYYY too soon to give them any credit for influencing millions of people. They've just gotten started in any practical sense for goodness sakes. You guys are already calling them a classic. What a bunch of utter rubbish.

Give them time to develop and who knows. But for now, according to their sales and their touring efforts, they aren't all that popular. It is what it is.
Old 4th January 2010
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Originally Posted by Enlightened Hand View Post
I'm not that girl on the myspace. You guys seem to be a bit slow to understand (not surprising really given the amount of dreamers without understanding of the realities of the music business). Carrie Underwood isn't the point. I don't even like her or much of any country music. She was one name from a list. But anyway, the point is that she's sold over 10 million albums, won multiple Grammys, was voted artist of the year, and is well known.

That's popular.

What has MGMT done? A few usages of their songs, a few festivals, a few headlining shows and a grammy nomination, all of this with just over a million sold world wide. So who's popular in this business? They're lucky if they can fill a single stadium.

Wake up guys. They are just a new hip band and judging by the way they sound they aren't going to be that big in the long run. But who really knows? Maybe trends will change in their favor. For now they are only slightly more than nobody in the grand scheme of the music business. I know all of you guys like to represent what you might consider quality, but on top of being relatively obscure, they are also not that great musically.

I know it's not "cool" to call it what it is and say that pop music is actually popular because a lot of people buy it and attend showings of it but that's the truth. I say again, who the hell is MGMT? A relatively obscure, up and coming band that may or may not be anything in a couple of years and that have sold just enough to make a bit of living if they happen to have a good recording contract and they manage their money right. OMG what a popular beast they are.

Get over yourselves.
this is sad.

people who look at this "buisness" the way you do scare me.
Old 4th January 2010
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[QUOTE=Enlightened Hand;4949299]Nobody is talking about success in music. That is a relative term. [QUOTE]

You most certainly are - see below. This is pretty much the best thing i've ever read. Too funny. It's like idealism in reverse! Awesome.

See ya.


"31st December 2009 12:53 PM
Enlightened Hand Yet those folks are selling big and that's what almost everybody, when they're honest, wants to be like when they envision being a popular professional musician. All of this idealism about not wanting to put out crap like the pop acts of today is a bunch of immature bull. If you are selling your music you want to sell enough of it to make sure that you can live comfortably. You do that by writing and performing hits. If you can't get a hit it's not because people won't buy your music, despite it being hot. It's that your music isn't hot.

I would be happy to not be broke and hungry as an artist that has ideals that they won't sacrifice for commerce. Who are we kidding anyway? MGMT doesn't play all that well in the first place and their songs aren't making much of a splash in the culture of music anyhow so what ideals would they be sticking to that are preventing them from selling? They're not selling because their current sound isn't hot. Will it be hot? Who knows? But I don't think it will simply because it doesn't have a very interesting angle in the first place.

Music entertainment if done on the large scale is a business and if you don't like what's out then write songs that millions of people want to hear that sound better than what's out. It's not anyone's fault but the buying public that things are the way they are now. But the people like good music when you present it to them. Could it be that "underground" groups that don't really sell much, despite trying in earnest, actually don't have something that most people want to hear? I think so.

I would be perfectly fine with a few pop hits. I suspect that anyone who wouldn't be is either stupid or doesn't value money. I do value money because I've got bills to pay and I don't like punching a clock. Screw all the artistic idealism. I'll get idealistic when I'm financially independent. For an artist coming from the bottom, it's wise to concentrate on getting to the top and not being so concerned about subjective, nebulous ideals of artistic integrity. Write songs that are a balance of what you think is cool and what you think might sell. Once you get the ball rolling, you can get more self indulgent. "
Old 4th January 2010
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Originally Posted by MikeMcDonald View Post
wow - i feel bad for anyone who looks at music this way and talks to peers this way.

replace 'MGMT' with black flag, husker du, fugazi, big star, the replacements, television, teengenerate, the sonics, the swingin neckbreakers, and any other band that has influenced millions and or broken new ground in music but never sold out a stadium much less a record pressing. those are the classic examples from my generation...i know 10 bands off the top of my head in my area who i feel fit the bill as well but will never be known outside of town.

success in music, for a lot of us, isn't defined by making a million dollars or pleasing anyone who wants to define musicians by units moved. it's about making successful music - whether anyone hears it - or likes it - or not.

good luck to you regardless.

Yeah, I could not give one f*ck about MGMT. They're awful to me. But that's not the point.

By Liz's characterization, Blonde Redhead, The Shins, Spoon, TV On The Radio, Flaming Lips, Beck... well, these are all "up and comers."

I was just struck by Liz's pretty amazing "One million albums is not popular!" stance. This coupled with the "I'm in the INDUSTRY, guys. You wouldn't know anything about it..." sentiments... well, let's just say I was intrigued to learn our Liz' background.

'Cause, um, I AM in the music industry and I've never met anyone who talks or thinks like that. Michael Brauer doesn't. Tucker Martine doesn't. Joel Hamilton doesn't. Chris Walla doesn't.

Oh, right. He's in just another non-10-million selling up and coming band called Death Cab For Cutie. They're up and coming! Watch out!

We're all such wannabes!


Well, I'll just keep faking it 'til I make it, I guess.

I mean, what can ya do?

- c
Old 4th January 2010
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Wait. I'm confused. Who wrote that garbage in post 153? Where did that text come from?

- c
Old 4th January 2010
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Oh my God, she actually wrote that. That was Post #126.

That's amazingly, wildly backwards.

Is Liz Corin... another guise for Chrislago?

Did he adopt a female persona this time?

- c
Old 4th January 2010
I dont think Chris was ever this bitter...
Old 4th January 2010
Gear Maniac

yeah, sorry man, i'm a horrible quoter!

But if you think that's garbage you are NEVER going to "make it." EVER!


OK - back to LeBron and the Cavs...what a nice chuckle to wrap up the holidays!


PS - Who is this "Beck" you speak of?
Old 4th January 2010
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Originally Posted by MikeMcDonald View Post
PS - Who is this "Beck" you speak of?
He's an up-and-comer. If things go well for him, you may just hear about him.

Keep an ear out!

- c
Old 4th January 2010
But how many units has he sold?
Old 4th January 2010
You guys are so immature it's actually funny. I'm done with this silly thread.
Old 4th January 2010
Thanks for your time - that was a very Enlightened discussion....
Old 4th January 2010
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Originally Posted by jjblair View Post
There's a difference between regular distortion and the digital distortion that is a result of clipping. Regular distortion can be musical. Digital distortion is just terrible sounding.

Like I said, I don't know at which part of the process this happened on this recording. I don't think it was mastering, from some conversations I've had with people who know about this process on this record. It was either printing tracks too hot, running plugins too hot, running the mix bus too hot, or all of the above.

It kind of pisses me off, honestly. It's so avoidable. I get some engineers who do weird things and get weird sounds. This just sounds bad and unprofessional, when I hear it on a track.
Someone needs to listen to three albums.

NIN - The Downward Spiral
The Fragile

Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker

When it's used in CONTEXT it sounds good. Out of context, it sounds horrible.

It's just like if you put a glockenspiel or triangle on a metal record when it's running at blazing speed. Alone they sound pretty horrible. When used out of context they sound horrible. If they weren't useful they wouldn't have been made for over 200 years, now would they? lol.
Old 5th January 2010
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Originally Posted by Enlightened Hand View Post
In fact almost all of you know who all of the people I mentioned earlier are. That's popular, which is my point. Calling them megastars doesn't make them somehow other than popular, it just makes them very popular. I can go out to 100 random people on the street and I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of them would know most of the people I listed. That's popular. MGMT is hardly that.
Do you know Iron Maiden?
If you go and ask 100 random people who they are, i'm pretty sure no one would know. They played a one of the most successful world tours of 2008 and sold out stadiums faster than U2. They have sold over 70 million records. In my books that makes them pretty popular.

If you watch only the figures. Sold tickets and records, then Carrie Underwood and Lady GaGa are total neverheards. They will never ever sell 70 million records or play sold out stadium world tours. Carrie and GaGa don't even qualify for list of best-selling artists list, not even to the best-selling in usa list.

Popularity is a wide concept. Compared to Iron Maiden, Carrie Underwood is not popular at all. MGMT compared to Carrie is not popular. Reality is that they are all popular in their own scenes. Most probably Carrien fans don't know Iron Maiden and vice versa. Those are two completely different universums. Btw, I had never heard about Carrie Underwood before this thread. I'm not American and she's not that popular in Europe.

MGMT is very popular in indie scene. They made album that got rave reviews around the world. Most probably they don't have to get a day job in a near future. Ain't that what all musicians ultimately want?

I'm pretty sure that MGMT debut album is more popular that 99.999% of the debut albums released at same year. They might not move 10 million units, but they are far more popular than almost all other bands that had their debut album out. It is very rare that debut album breaks worldwide without help of reality tv. That is why i give kudos to Lady GaGa. She made it with her own style.

Back to the original topic. The album is really not that great as an album. There is some very good songs and some fillers. I'm also annoyed about the constant distortion. And i love distortion :D

What i have understood, the best songs are the older ones? Ppl here say that they have heard old mixes of kids, time to pretend etc. That would suggest that the poorer material in the album is the "latest stuff". Dunno, just speculation. I'm very curious to hear their second album. Will it be more to the pychedelic rock direction or are they're still doing the earlier more indie-electronica style.

I have missed MGMT live now twice so i don't have personal experience about it, but many of my friends have seen them. The reviews have been really mixed. The ppl who like tracks like Kids have been disappointed to see a pyschedelic rock band and not a indie-electronica dance band. Ppl that liked the psychrock have hated the "karaoke" parts of the gigs.

I personally would have been disappointed as if I want to see psych rock band as there a lot better alternatives. I would have loved to hear them playing just with computers. "Karaoke" what some ppl say, I say electronic dance music I've seen too many good electronic lives ruined by live instruments. Not everything is meant to be played with live instruments. Samplers rule!

Old 10th January 2010
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Originally Posted by Enlightened Hand View Post
You guys are so immature it's actually funny. I'm done with this silly thread.
Liz, one of the premises of your posts here suggests you were drawn to the music biz to make money. Seems a little misguided to me.

My brother's a patent attorney. This is the kind of thing you do if you want to make money. Y'know?

People who are drawn to the music industry to make money generally end up living a pretty abject, lowly existence. There are better, more dignified, and more certain ways to make dough.

If money is what you want, get a real education and pursue a lucrative profession. There are a lot of options. This is what smart people do who want to make money.

Otherwise, pursue passion and make the best of it. And passion involves risk. They go together, usually.

- c
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