Any impressions on the PMC IB1s vs. the IB2s?
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Any impressions on the PMC IB1s vs. the IB2s?

Im just about ready to pull the trigger on a pair of IB1s monitors that I had the chance to demo for a few hours. I still havent heard the ADAMs and ATC's are way out of my budget. Actually, the IB1s is way out my budget but I have yet to hear anything so accurate which leads me to this post. Has anyone heard both? And if you have, would you say the upgraded mid-driver is worth the extra $3k a pair?

Old 13th March 2007
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Difficult question to answer.
The IB1 will make you happy. In your shoes I'd see which is the best deal and go for it.
There is a difference between the 2. If it is worth the difference they are asking you for is entirely subjective of course. To clarify: if you'd bump on a good deal (hence the difference is less than 3k than yes). On the other hand if you get good price on the IB1s that are already a very good speaker......go for it

Hope it helps.......
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