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Housed in a 5U rack unit, Mosaic offers an unprecedented combination of quality and versatility. This one channel mic preamp is all tube, all hand-wired, Class A, and discrete, but what sets this preamp apart is the fact that it is actually four different, complete preamps in one unit, with the ability to engage any of them as desired. In fact, each preamp, being comprised of two main stages, is able to be mixed and matched in any combination desired...yes that means you can choose between 16 different preamp circuit combinations! EQ The Mosaic includes the EQ found in the Picasso, adding a significant amount of mojo to any source! Read more about it here Compressor The Mosaic also contains the compressor section of the Van Gogh, including both optical compressors and the vintage limiter/distortion generator.


Are you a mic preamp tweaker?

...the tools I need for the job and what I like is to get the job done. Mr, Henderson - you Mosaic preamp.. did I get that right, it's 4 preamps into one box, so I can use/mix either one of them or any combination?

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Most Forgiving Vocal Chain

Looks amazing. $4-5k per the website tho...kind of a deal breaker unfortunately :(

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Gearslutz - Nominations for - Favourite Microphone Preamp over $2500?

Mosaic preamp, BA660, or EAR 824. Can't beat any of those in my mind.

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