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The Heil PR 28 microphone is made specifically for toms, and snare drums along with other percussion instruments like bongos, conga, timbale, djembes and more. However, the PR 28 is suitable for other uses as well where a wide frequency range and immaculate isolation is desired. Heil Sound engineered the PR 28 with a dual suspension dynamic element to eliminate unwanted vibrations and noise, even in the most extreme settings; like when placed above or beneath drums with close proximity monitors, bass cabinets and other sound sources. In fact, the PR 28 dutifully isolates the target drum from neighboring drums just inches away, with precision and ease. The PR 28 has the ability to withstand very high SPL’s, meaning it can bring out the best in even the hardest hitting drummers without overload, or bleed-through. When coupled with the optional (patent-pending) HH-1 Mount, it will easily mount and remain exactly where you need it on the drum.


Anyone use the Heil PR28?

I just recently bought 2x PR28 and an PR48 (from Front End Audio!) and I'm very happy - very little EQ needed, just gets a great Tom sound that sits nicely. I'm only using 1 rack and 1 floor tom. The PR48 though is fantastic, just awesome.

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Rethinking approach to micing drums

... I have been very happy with some dedicated "tom mics". The Audix D2 and the Heil PR 28 are both really 'snappy'. certainly relying more on close mics will help eliminate the room. It also depends somewhat on the patterns. In a larger space,...

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Tom mics PR30 421 matching? the least economical - $1000 worth of tom mics (used) plus preamps. 4x PR30 would be under $800. 4x PR28 is $600. I've been going a bit over budget and wouldn't mind getting some money back if other tom mics would be just as good.

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