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Tinnitus success stories?
Old 17th October 2017
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I didnt think about my tinitus for months.. until I saw this post again now. Now I hear it yes. Words for thought.
Old 17th October 2017
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Take this for what its worth but i.ll share it anyway.
Have had some pulsatile tinnitus…not continuous tinnitus.
When trying to sleep, its like an out of body drum beat….like its coming from an upstairs room. Most likely blood vessel related.

Anyway, i recently started taking some "black seed oil" its the oil derived from a small flowering plant "Nigella Sativa" its not actually cumin but a part of the family. Its an essential polyunsaturate oil like the omega 3`s

its main compound is thymoquinone, although there are about 100 compounds(most are unidentified)
Its got a reputation for its strong anti-oxidant properties (repairing damaged cells) and reduction of inflammation. Inflammation being the cause of many issues in the body.


I started taking it for this reason, not thinking of the pulsatile tinnitus
After a couple of weeks, i noticed that the pulsatile tinnitus had diminished considerably.
Coincidence…who can say.
There are expensive ones (just like there is olive oil) but all are readily available.
start of on half a teaspoon a day….move up to the recommended 1 teaspoon if needed. Taking more does not equal a better result. Too much is toxic and causes belly ache.
Loads of research papers out there on it. Even on Cancer.
Its been used for thousands of years in Egypt and Persia/Arabia.
Old 7th November 2017
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Been struggling with this as of late. Seems that left ear is infected. The doctors obvioulsy cannot tell if it is viral or bacterial. Basically the eardrum is not moving as much due to the amount of pressure caused by fluid build up (yum). I'm on antibiotics and nasonex.
Sounds like it will be a chronic problem brought on by my allergies. I'm twenty-five, never had allergies before, and now I'm just devastated when everything starts to bloom. Allergy medicine helps but it is rough.
I can get a fairly nasty ring going and there is a couple of db difference in hearing. I'm optimistic that the infection will sort itself and I won't be left with anything too serious. I don't think this is an unsurmountable obstacle for anyone. Just work with it and try not to obsess.
Old 22nd December 2017
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Fly at 40,000 feet, and as you descend...

I've got hearing loss and last week when flying across the country I noticed my ears begin to get difficult to hear due to the altitude pressure, but then it reverses as the plane descends. So much so that the ears were "wide open" and I could hear frequencies that I normally cannot.

Of course, it can also be the exact opposite where the ears are hurting so bad you'd like to die due to the pressure at various altitudes. I recall one experience as such some 36 years ago.

The ears closing and opening happens several times as you descend at various levels of altitude. I wish it would remain at the stage of "wide open", because it's like a wonderful experience - HEARING "everything".

Since it had been a long time since I flew, I was glad to have the experience since I know I do not hear as well as I used to and had my hearing tested a year ago. But this experience makes me wonder if there is not some type of remedy related to what I just described.
Old 2nd July 2018
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I just want to add Another positive story to the thread so here goes.
I "obtained" T a couple of years ago.
Although a couple of sound related things may have been building up to "it" ,and there ws a huge emotional impact, what actually triggeed it is almost doesnt make sense. How can you " obtain " tinnitus from over listening to noise levels throuch phones via an audio interface. Thats exactly what triggered it. It wouldnt go away.
I cried like a baby in front of my partner and son during the following weeks.
It had a huge Emotional impact. That is Key here. The emotional impact far outweighs the physical or sensory one , it appears to me.
I am a couple of years from that day and have gone from 90% focus on it, constantly yanking about it , to something silly like 1% . Its there everyday , but its never on my mind, and when i go to sleep I'm easily distracted from it.
I still listen with phones, drink coffee and smoke different things and take no other medication.
I did initially stop smoking strong stuff and coffee got the chop too. This only lasted a couple of months while i was still formulating how to cope. Anyway that all stopped , i decided this behaviour was only reinforcing my acceptance of the condition.
In fact looking at the figures of Tinnitus sufferers in US for example , i concluded that this appeared to be yet another western modern dis-ease, and the huge sceptic in me was not willing to take part.
Now this is a recommendation from personal experience only and , i know there are naysayers, but one fella helped me come out of the emotional state .
Julian cowan hill has a youtube channel specifaclly aimed at T .
Although you can part with cash for homeopathic treatment he also offers a great deal of practical and compassionate advice. It can take very little effort following his advice and slowly but surely helped me recover.
I dare say ive also picked up a few valuable life lessons on the way, ie letting things go. And thats what you have to do , let it go.
My emotional response is pretty much zero now , and that is , I think, fundamental to recovery.
I'll leave it at that and hope this is of positive impact to someone who may well be in the position that i once was.

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Old 8th July 2018
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Originally Posted by Frequency View Post
The title may sound like a contradiction, but tinnitus and hearing problems pop up on the board once in a while. Most of the times these threads become negative and demoralizing.

It would be interesting to take a more positive approach to this.

Anyone out there who has overcome tinnitus and other hearing problems?
Any famous engineers who still manage well in spite of hearing problems?

As for myself, I got tinnitus in September and had a hard time dealing with it for a long time. However, I'm A LOT better now. The tinnitus has become lower, and what's left of it doesn't bother me.

Let's make this a positive and encouraging thread! I'm pretty sure there are people out there who need it.
in the midd 90s i was engineering and mixing an album, and one night we all want hard core on a Hard Rock AC/DC type track.

we tracked all day and mixed way too loud. 7.00am finnish.

anyway the ears were ringing when woke up, and it didnt go away.

as i was working full time as house engineer in a pro studio, it was not possible to take a break, and besides we were booked out.

i went to the ear specialist and got some of the moulded insert ear plugs, and got minus 25db, minus 15db and minus 9db plugs.

i wore those things maybe 10 hours per day for the next year and a half.

i would pull sounds without the plugs, then put them in for general tracking.

i monitored how much DB exposure i was receiving, and rearly kept it down.

i also went all health for a long time and ate vegetables, no alcohol, and lots of excercise, as the specialist suggested general health and blood flow might help with the ringing in my ear.

anyway after around 6 months it started to go down in volume, and slowly over time reduced untill after about a year and a half i woke up one morning and couldnt hear it any more.

i know the science says its permernant, but my experience is that its not.

now i am very carefull now not to expose myself to excess volume. i take the plugs to Live gigs and use them when the volume is over the top.

i allways wear the plugs when setting up drums, as drummers almost allways start smacking the snare, just when you are crouching down, and setting up the snare mic, and the drum transients are extreme when you are very close.

the high frequency ringing has never come back since then, and i have done over 20 years since then.

i guess this is a good news story. Buddha
Old 10th July 2018
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I'd like to add another positive story to this thread.

I got the big T over 3 years ago, and it's fairly loud. Been with me every waking moment of every day since. My main tone is around 11kHz or so. Anyway, it bothers me in dead silence, but other than that I can relegate it to the back of my consciousness. Anyway, I have been mixing for others these past 3 years and haven't had any complaints.

Here is a recent mix: Got It Good.mp3 - Google Drive
Old 28th June 2019
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Acoustic Trauma

It has almost 8-9 years since the day I used headphones in the internet cafe while I was playing a game a felt something terrible in my left ear it was like as if a waterballoon exploded in my ear but I dont have any tinnitus or ringing problem but I have a bad pressure in both of my ears (inner side) does nigella sativa (blackseed oil) works for that or should I use Nacetylcysteine or acetyl carnitine pills I have discovered that they have a powerful impact on acoustic traumas ? (they use them in army)
Old 1st July 2019
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Originally Posted by Mert899 View Post
It has almost 8-9 years since the day I used headphones in the internet cafe while I was playing a game a felt something terrible in my left ear it was like as if a waterballoon exploded in my ear but I dont have any tinnitus or ringing problem but I have a bad pressure in both of my ears (inner side) does nigella sativa (blackseed oil) works for that or should I use Nacetylcysteine or acetyl carnitine pills I have discovered that they have a powerful impact on acoustic traumas ? (they use them in army)
You should see a doctor. A comedian might say you need to have your head examined...
Old 9th July 2019
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Left Ear Tinnitus from ear infection. The tinnitus was severe for 10 months.
I am now 90% better - here is how.

500 MG magnesium oxide every night before bed. It makes you tired, calms your nerves and for me, has quenched my Tinnitus.


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