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Dealing with Tinnitus Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 17th August 2007
Here for the gear
dizzy dog's Avatar

A drug that could work is TRENTAL 400 mg once a day for a week. Ask your doctor.
Old 17th August 2007
Lives for gear
midnightsun's Avatar

Originally Posted by dizzy dog View Post
Fasting IS dangerous and is NOT the faster way to lose weight. Much better eat tons of vegetables and fruits.Lean meat is OK once a day, fish once or twice a week. A SMALL daily amount of carbohydtrates (bread) and a good italian pizza once a week are foundamental for mental health. WALK, WALK, WALK and drink mineral wather. In this wai I have lost 8 Kg (more than 17lbs) in 2 months.
When your weight is OK you can progressively add SMALL amounts of spaghetti, ice creams, whine and all the things that make us happy!

The only drawback is that vegetables, fruit and lean meat are way expensive... So you'll have to sell gear to slim.

For the tinnitus you could also try an aspirin for its
anti-inflammarory and blood-thinning effects.

PS nowadays many scientists are merely a$$holes in search of glory, ready to say anything to get a little of notoriety. There are few serious researches, and believe me, those don't tink that anything can go faster than light 'cause it woul lead to a paradox. Once I studied, but I can't remember... Ask Einstein heh
I agree with what you have said except for your recommendation of asprin. Asprin is actually implicated as one of the caused of tinnitus.
Old 17th August 2007
Here for the gear
dizzy dog's Avatar

With my tinnitus aspirin is working good. The better way is to try, perhaps when you have an headache, so you aren't taking drugs for nothing.

Fasting is dangerous, for example could lead to low blood pressure. For our wellness it's also important to keep a constant rhytm for sleeping and eating. Another drawback of fasting is that it'll be difficult to maintain your ideal weight. I tried myself. The first time I decided to lose weight I took the fasting route, but the results weren't stable

So sell your gear to buy vegetables, fruit and mineral water (with low calcium)
Old 17th August 2007
Gear Guru
FFTT's Avatar

Another very important warning about the use of any pain killers like Percocet, Vicodine,
Tylenol 3 with Codeine or any others that are opiate based.

These pain killers work by deadening nerve endings.

The trouble is that they can permanently deaden those microscopic hair cells
that are so critical to your hearing.

Dr. Niparko is working on a paper warning other physicians about this issue.
Old 17th August 2007
Originally Posted by Kiwiburger View Post
I was caught out at a concert with an absolute moron on the mixing desk, and started getting a whistle in my right ear, most noticable at night.

I have strong feelings about the public health issue of these gobshyte ******s who destroy peoples hearing and get away with it, but that's really another subject.

Anyway - something positive I can share is this: tinnitus seems to be related to blood pressure and condition. I believe the reason it gets worse at night is not just due to the lower ambiant noise, but also due to the fact that blood pressure and blood sugar and cholesterol tend to increase during the day and peak at night, especially following a large meal..
Amen bro!
Two things:
1) I will not be attending any more large venue concerts! Last one was Dylan and Haggard. Dylan's band was so loud that I tore up my hankerchief and plugged ears (should have brought my attenuators). Haggard was OK though.

2) I think you may be right on about the food thing and blood pressure. While the medical establishment line is that there is no cure for tinnitus, I have notice a definite correlation with food intake and lack of excercise. My BP is high normal and while I have lost some weight over the past 2 years (about 25 lbs) my BP has not gone down to normal range consistently. So weight loss combined with better diet may be the key to reducing tinnitus (even if it cannot be eliminated, maybe we can reduce it to manageable levels).

The other thing I have noticed is that caffeine spikes the tinnitus noticeably. Bummer. I have started drinking half caf. coffee, seems to help some. Also am taking supplements (ginko, garlic, zinc) which over the long run may help also. See Natural Remedies for Tinnitus - Ginkgo Remedy for info on that.

Barn Jazz Home
Old 18th August 2007
Gear Nut
rochishin's Avatar

"Some strange contradictory logic there rochischin, and i'm not sure about your knowledge of biblical fasting either"

Point it out. Then check it out. Just because you can't think of any correlations off the top of your head doesn't mean they don't exist.

Liffting weights builds muscle. If walking is building you muscle then you are out of shape.

You mistake my concern for criticism. If the tone of my message has changed it is because of this. And your reply.

"Anyway - silence is golden".

If this is directed at me. Take your own advice. If not, well, take your own advice.
Old 18th August 2007
Lives for gear

Rochishin - all I meant by "silence is golden" is that the tinnitus has practically gone away, and I directly relate that to the weight I am losing.

Approx 1 month ago I noticed the tinnitus was starting to keep me awake at night. I was 91kg, which isn't healthy for my height. Spare tyre and love handles. Not good.

I made a conscious decision that i'm going to lose all this weight and not stop until i'm 77kg. I've succeeded a couple of times in the past, and read many books and tried many things that haven't worked. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person - probably with an addictive personality. I've read all the theories, and they all have pro's and con's, and ultimately each person has to find what works for them.

What is working for me right now is this:
Wake up - instead of eating breakfast, go for a walk or bike for an hour.
A cup of green tea.
At work - instead of eating a snack at morning break, I walk around the block.
I drink nothing but pure water at work.
At lunchtime, instead of eating lunch I go for an hours walk.
At afternoon break, instead of eating a snack, I walk around the block.
Home for tea - aim for a mixed diet of high quality protein and fruit/vegetables.
On Friday, I don't have any tea.
Saturday & sunday - climb a mountain on an empty stomach, big tea and maybe junk food depending on social life.

This I have found to be remarkably easy to do and I don't feel hunger. In fact, it would be very hard to do this excerise on a full stomach. I enjoy food much more, and tastes and flavours are more intense.

My weight is steadily dropping - 83.4kg today - woohoo!. I'm on target, and I won't let up until i'm at 77kg. I know the difference between water loss, water retention, muscle loss, muscle gain, and fat loss, fat gain. The fat is visibly coming off all around - my face is looking leaner. Sure - water levels (and therefore weight) rises and falls. Basically, if your pee is too yellow, you aren't drinking enough water. If it's colorless, you are drinking too much. You body has a way of telling you when you need water - it's called being thirsty. The trick is to drink water - not diet coke, beer etc. Anything other than water should be considered food, not drink. (And probably bad food at that).

I have noticed the tinnitus come back a little at times - nowhere near as severe. I'm trying to identify the triggers, but I would say it's more likely after the larger meals in the weekend when i'm being bad.

I would have to say the health improvements have been immense, and i'm looking forward to the progress each week. I consider myself still very much overweight, so I expect further big improvements.

Maintaining it will be the interesting part. I plan on introducing fruit, nuts, seeds in the mornings. But if I have to keep this up for the rest of my live, it's actually not unpleasant and fairly enjoyable. Saving money too.

I just want people to think for themselves about fasting, and not just parrot the popular message. I nearly believed it, but I have also read other people who have proposed intelligent fasting as a viable solution for some people.

Sorry to drag the religious debate in there. It's just that the originator of this thread is not ashamed of his Christian viewpoint. And since our Creator personally endorsed fasting for certain ailments, I thought it worth mentioning. He even went so far to say that certain things could not be achieved without prayer and fasting. Strong words. (And nothing to do with famine).

Hey - i've just seen Michael Moore's "Sicko". See it! See it! See it! Michael Moore is a true American Hero. And to any Americans here: I am so sorry. You guys have to learn to demonstrate for your human rights. You have nothing to fear except fear itself.
Old 18th August 2007
Lives for gear

i'm staying out of the religious debate. suffice it to say my degrees are in sociology and religious studies, so i've put many hours into it and have formed some pretty thoroughly researched opinions on the origins and history of the bible as we know it. PM me if you're interested. the crux of the matter is that faith is personal and you've gotta find something that works for you.

as for the tinnitus, the three biggest things for helping mine were 1) no nicotine 2) no caffeine 3) stay hydrated. of course that's in addition to avoiding loud noises, etc.......
Old 18th August 2007
Gear Nut
rochishin's Avatar

Hi Kiwiburger,

I have a friend who was morbidly obese so I (sort of) understand what it is like for someone to try and lose a lot of weight. The need to fast, for many people, can greatly outweigh its "side effects" if the alternative is a heart attack or stroke etc...So I do agree with fasting as a jump start towards a healthier lifstyle for certain people. My post, since we do not know each other, was a caveat or be careful message, too much of a good thing deal you know? The religious reference was in response to someone, I'm not sure who, using the bible as justification for fasting. The reasons for fasting in religion have nothing to do with health, as I'm sure you know and agree. That said, a little fast now and then is good for everybody, me thinks. I applaud and encourage your efforts towards your weightloss goals. What we eat and how we go about changing that is one of the hardest things to do. I would even go so far as to profer the idea that it's harder than quiting smoking as there are many more elements anf variables to why and when we eat what we do. Cravings for food in certain people can be as strong or stronger than the desire to smoke. Physiologically we need to eat or we wil die right? The same can't be said for smoking, not matter how many times I've heard "I'm dyin' for a cigarette". So my hat is definitely off to you and your efforts. Oh ya, I"m Canadian, so by default I'm healthy and wonderful! Well maybe, sorta.
Old 18th August 2007
Gear Nut
rochishin's Avatar

The thing with all-or nothing personalities is they tend to get discouraged to easily. Quick fix and all that. If it doesn't happen fast what's the point it's obviously not working. That's, I think what the posts regarding your fast where referencing. The being thirsty and therefore drinking mentality dosen't necessarily work. Our bodies are so dehydrated that they actually respond to being thirsty by "feeling hungry" The next time you or anyone else feels hungry have a large(8oz/240ml) glass of water. If after that you are still hungry, then by all means eat. Our bodies are so [email protected]$ked that they are giving us sometimes the wrong messages(do to modern times I'm sure). Yet at the same time it has an innate intelligence about what is good and bad for us. BLah, blah, yadda, yadda...who's next on the sopabox.....anyone.......
Old 10th January 2013
Here for the gear
Deadstock Mind's Avatar

Hello. Virgin slut here; first post.
Well, I'm 20 years old, live in NYC, and going to school for a B.P.S in Business Management with a concentration in audio (basically Music Business). I went to a club last New Years day (2013) with friends for a dance competition, which meant lights on and (what I thought) lower music and more concentration toward the center of the floor. Now, usually I'm OCD when it comes to taking care of my ears, I bring earplugs with me usually wherever I go, especially clubbing. I never thought in at least ten or twenty years that I would even ponder the idea of tinnitus, even that day when I had forgot to bring my earplugs. Three hours into the night while enjoying myself, here comes the loud mother****er MC on the mike, and from being stuffed into a crowded corner next to the building column with a PA on it my ears are subjected to twenty minutes of unnecessary amplified screaming which was probably well over 30 db over the threshold of pain.

I leave and there is still ringing in my ears the whole night. I'm not bothered thinking it will most likely subside after I sleep. The morning next, I still hear ringing (both ears, more audible in the left since that was the side the PA was). I panic, I cry, I say how my career and my life is over; more panic. So, I went into this state of depression. Still panicking, I wake up my boyfriend and force him to take me to CVS to buy more earplugs, Ginkgo Biloba, and ear drops for ringing.

Ten days later (now) I've noticed that the ringing has gone down significantly since then, I treated it like it was severe, permanent tinnitus (which may or may not be the case) and overreacted. Lol, except for the fact that my hearing quality is ****ed (probably around 16,000, Idk if that's with most people) I've learned to live and learned my lesson.
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