Finally cracked it. My drums sound great!
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Finally cracked it. My drums sound great!

After recording a whole bunch of bad sounding drums over the last couple of years I finally got a great sound. I decided to to it properly from the ground up.
After reading up A LOT on gearslutz about recording drums I decided to cut no corners that could be avoided. Here's how I did it.

Room- wooden florors, hi ceiling, large and irregularly shaped.
Drummer- jazz trained, consistent hitter,geat time and a nice guy.
Drumkit- Pearl masters, tuned really well along with Z and K custum cymbals
OH (spaced pair)- Avenson st0-2's => dav bg1 pre =>apogee psx100 24bit 44.1k\
Kick -d112 just inside front skin sound hole => buzz audio ssa 1.1 pre => digi 002
Snare -audix i5(great mic!) => buzz audio ssa 1.1 pre=> digi002
snare bottom - sm57 =>digi 002 pre
room mic- tlm 103 into digi 02 pre.
002 clocked to apogee psx 100.

excuse rant but just needed to share. Drums came out 3d and huge, with no brittle cymbals and a snare so punchy that it refuses to be burried in the mix.

Old 16th October 2005
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Originally Posted by BenJah
Old 16th October 2005
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Old 20th October 2005
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Isn't it nice when things finally work out?

With drums I'm still finding you can have several parts of the puzzle together, but still, the drummer sucks, or the drums suck, or I didn't have it together that day....but when that moment arrives, ah such bliss.

(especially love to hear the snare refuses to be buried)

keep up the good work!
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