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I just been using my brand new matched pair of royer r-122s on the current album I'm producing. I can't believe these mics, totally awesome, they've beaten all other contendors in most of the applications I have put them up in (acc guitar, perc, some vox, kick, OH, room mics ++more) not many people or studios seem to have these mics here, so apologies for the rave reviews to those converts overseas, but omg they rock. Been having really good results with a number of pres so the +15db of internal gain really helps interfacing with non-impedance matching or lower-gain pres. These are definitely my best-buy in the last couple of years!!
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I'm just curious; for those of us who have never had any loading problems with our R121, is there any audible difference with the R122? 'Cause if they sound the same and only help avoid rare interface problems, then I'm happy to save $500 or more per mic.
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It has been awhile since I A-B'd the mics... I find that the active series of Royers has a bit more body in the sound. I especially find that with the stereo versions (SF-12 vs SF-24). Not sure exactly what causes it, but I prefer the sound of the actives and they are a hell of a lot easier to use (especially for us location-folk)

Plus, the folks at Royer are just a class group of guys. I have the highest respect for them.

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