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The GIK Acoustics FreeStand Acoustic Panel© is a gobo – a movable acoustic panel – and is ideal for any room where wall mounted panels cannot be used or for rooms with multiple purposes. For listening rooms, control rooms and home theaters, the FreeStand© is a stylish solution for use in front of doors and windows. For recording studios, the FreeStand© can be used around drums or amps. The FreeStand© covers 5 feet of vertical wall space making it an ideal solution for early reflection points or helping to control over all ambiance in a room. When placed against the wall, the supports leave a 4″ gap between the FreeStand© and the wall, which increases low end absorption. The FreeStand© comes with two stainless steel supports (or “feet”) which are easy to install. Simply place the FreeStand© wherever you need it in the room. Move it around, use it anywhere and then store it away out of sight when not in use.


Gik Acoustics-Europe Introduces Freestand Movable Acoustic Panel

...GIK Acoustics-Europe, a leading manufacturer and seller of top-quality absorption and diffusion products, today announced the introduction of the FreeStand Acoustic Panel – a new movable, lightweight absorption panel. FreeStand Supports front and back GIK AcousticsThe FreeStand Acoustic Panel is a gobo – a movable acoustic panel – and is ideal for any room where...

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