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Twenty-two years of progressive research into loudness perception resulted in a limiter/compressor unlike any other. The 8900 Dynamic Range Controller was intrinsically developed to react to loudness (rather than voltage) like our ears do. The 8900’s psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS detectors, remarkably accurate log converters, and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to real signal energy, not just electrical level. This innovative design employs unique controls like Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to precisely control the dynamic features of musical performances; one would ordinarily change out the entire unit to gain this flexibility. Familiar features such as Stereo Link, Soft/Hard Knee, Ratio, Output Level, as well as the comprehensive 40-segment tricolor Gain/Loss metering have been carefully optimized for flexible, creative control over a wide dynamic range with a noticeable lack of audible artifacts. A Side Chain Input permits external frequency shaping to be introduced into the detection circuitry. The entire audio path is all-discrete, including the custom-built VCA, for unsurpassed transparency and low-level resolution. The 8900 is a 2U, two-channel unit which requires one 9015 power supply.


What are considered the most transparent compressors?

GML 8900, no question. I love mine, would not want to mix or track without it. Incredibly smooth and transparent, can do some serious lifting without shrinking the signal.

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What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

...comp? 1 Daking Fet III 1 DBX 160xl 1 DBX 160xt 1 DBX 162 1 DBX 165A 1 Drawmer 1961 1 Drawmer Mk1? 1 Drawmer S3 Multiband Compressor 1 Eisen LilPEQ 1 Elysia Alpha 1 Focusrite Blue Comp V.1 1 Foote P3500S 1 Foote P4 DMS 1 GML 8900 1 GSSL 1 Handcrafted Labs Solution 2 1 JCF Lever 1 Looptrotter Monster 1 Mixbuzz500 1 Requisite L2M 1 Retro 176 1 Old World Audio U33 1 Safe Sound Dynamics Toolbox 1 Serpent SB4000 1 Serpent SB4001 1 SSL 4k Buss comp 1 SSL 9000J Buss Compressor 1 SSL X-rack G-Comp 1 Telefunken U373 BK 1 TFPro P8 "Edward the Compressor" 1 TFPro P38EX* 1 UTA Unfairchild 1 Vintech 609 EQ 23 A...

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Fairchild Compressor Comparison Thread (Hardware only)

Hi. Just repeating the request from last week - can you run this file (top left is the unprocessed version) though your AT101?!InggRS4K!ztYVoN9G7H46yqF7TBYlOw It's all talk until we hear samples :¬) Already done:

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