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The choice of recording and post-production professionals the world over, the Genelec 8040B is as famed for its versatility as its renowned performance. Compact enough to fit the most modest of rooms, but equipped with the high SPL of a true market leader, the appeal of the 8040B is rooted in its uncompromising design. Hear your mix as it really is with the colour-free, accurate reproduction of the rigid all-aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™). Push your work to its limits with flow-optimised broad bandwidth performance, and the on- and off-axis precision of the Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™). Finally, when your work is done, Genelec Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) circuitry detects when your system is no longer in use, placing it into an environmentally friendly, power-saving standby mode.

Boasting a superior performance for exacting professionals, the 8040B is a modern, monitoring classic.


Amphion... Beautiful

...the very first reaction was "wow, they sound nice and smooth. My favourite tracks sound awesome on these!" Unlike on Genelec 8040s I had and behringer genelec clones tracks I love didn't sound the way I know them. I always felt like I had to learn how things should sound on genelecs and like...

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ATC smc 20 asl vs genelec 8040

Im looking for some monitors to go with my ns10s Im stuck between the genelec 8040 or 8050 and the ATC scm20asl. Ive heard great things about these monitors and how there are in service in a lot of comercial studios. I was thinking about going 3 way, the focal twin 6 be or the...

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Genelec 8040 VS 1030

...just could not get things right with the HS7s and my room. I have 8010s that I love, and thought the 8040 would be a good step forward. Then I read this thread... So, I wound up getting a NOS set of 1030A, and a 7060B sub-woofer. I also got a set of 8040B to audition. I set...

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