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I saw this unit at the NAMM show, but didn't have time to get a detailed understanding of how it works. EveAnna, can you tell me...

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Shelton 30th January 2004
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I'm about to try to do this DIY project based on gyrafaudio scheme. it says that the only hard part to find are the dbx 2150...

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ulysses 29th January 2004
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Has anyone looked around in there? Is it possible to upgrade the analog circuits? Is there room to add inserts before the...

groove guru
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groove guru 28th January 2004
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I am just starting to muddle through figuring out basic e.q. design and am trying to figure out how to make a passive r.i.a.a....

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excellrec 28th January 2004
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I need some help. I have some passive monitors. My friend said that I could hook my pro-tools up to my stereo reciever, which...

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bassmac 27th January 2004
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Our RMX has got a noisy, dusty fan. How easy is it to replace? (I can use a soldering iron but don't know too much about...

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5down1up 27th January 2004
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I just got me a CAD m9(relatively cheap tube mic) and i wanted to switch the tube to a better one. the tube currently in it is...

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Teacher 26th January 2004
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hi , i am reconfiguring my little studio . i have some general questions . it would be great if you could help me out with...

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5down1up 26th January 2004
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does anyone know where i can find a pinout/schematic for helios compressors?

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toolstudio 26th January 2004
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Sorry for the low-tech nature of this question, but I figure I'll get the right answer here. I am about to start soldering...

Mike H
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Mike H 26th January 2004
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i'm looking for a prefabbed 1-2 unit empty metal enclosure, prefferably aluminum. Not a rack! which is what makes searching on...

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excellrec 25th January 2004
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hi there, i have some input modules from an old g-type series. g228 and g268f mic/line pre and eq. cadac themselves seem to be...

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volki 23rd January 2004
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I have recently come across an El-Op for sale that "survived" a fire. The seller claims that everything works fine, but...

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bjornson 23rd January 2004
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hi all, what tool is used to cut holes for connectors in a steel rack chassis for a diy project? i need to cut holes in the back...

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Jason Poulin 22nd January 2004
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Looking for someone to tell me my assumtions have made an ass out of u and me (but mostly me). i bought some melcor cl-20...

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ozoftheelements 20th January 2004
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OK heres the question, we all know that analog circuits contain parts such as condensers and coils which will change theyr...

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silkysmell 19th January 2004
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I have a Cerwin Vega BG250 Bass Amp that seems to crackle through the speakers. I think I've traced it to the power switch on...

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Thermionic 19th January 2004
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I know not, therefore I ask...ok experts here goes: What would need to be done to take something like one of the higher end...

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gyraf 19th January 2004
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Is the notorious Neve low/low mid cloud from the harmonics generated by the transformer, the low end phase ****, high end phase...

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patrox247 19th January 2004
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Has anyone had any problems with using an API 554, 553, Aengus, etc. module with an Old School Audio rack? Sometimes, depending...

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producer3000 18th January 2004
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What size indicates a small diaghragm? below 20mm?

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PaRaNoId 16th January 2004
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Okay more nerdy stuff. I've been checking out stuff about tape saturation and I haven't figured out a few things. 1. Is the...

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Tim Farrant 16th January 2004
Avatar for BobbyPeru

On an XLR male/female connection coming from a preamp: How do I test what pin is what? Can I use a multimeter? What...

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Tim Farrant 16th January 2004
Avatar for bdunard

I need to reattach a ribbon cable on my Allen and Heath console, it has some Silicon on it? Is this a Silicon Glue or sealant and...

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Avatar for Tim Farrant
Tim Farrant 16th January 2004
Avatar for fatty

Can someone please explain to me the difference between a split rail supply (+ & - 15v), and a 15-0-15 supply?

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Geoff_T 13th January 2004
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how difficult would it be to make an attenuator with outputs for a set of monitors and heaphones? it seems pretty simple, and a...

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Geoff_T 11th January 2004
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i own a Great river ME-1NV and an RNP that both I like very well. I also have an old ART Pro MPA 2 channel tube wannabe pre. I...

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shikawkee 11th January 2004
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OK guys and gals, call me dense, but i cannot for the life of me, figure out how this damn thing comes apart. what has happened...

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KarlHoffmann 9th January 2004
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Just bought a used Sountracs Megas Studio console. Its in great condition only the channel solos do not work. All Solo functions...

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Avatar for Tim Farrant
Tim Farrant 9th January 2004
Avatar for Marty Shields.

Hi There, peoples. Iv'e built this push pull amp for the lounge room,and thaught i'd introduce some negative feedback.Ive...

Marty Shields.
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Marty Shields. 9th January 2004
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I am looking for opions on what you guys think are the best 1/4" TRS bays ( jacks on both sides of the bay ) I am in an in...

kieran kelly
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kieran kelly 7th January 2004
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

Hey.... Im a total neve addict.. and ive found a frame with compelte faders, monitor section and PSU's. It has no line amps,...

Wiggy Neve Slut
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Wiggy Neve Slut 6th January 2004
Avatar for hollywood_steve

The History Channel just had a segment on non-lethal weapons that included a brief discussion of "Flash-Bang" grenades....

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charles maynes 6th January 2004
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Anyone have a extra ticket for the winter NAMM , that's sitting around collecting dust or ticking you off !! I sure would...

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Rep 4th January 2004
Avatar for Tungsten

Hey guys; I put some rare switches up on Ebay - the big ones being 2x 8 pole Pye TMC switches that Geoff T. helped me...

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Tungsten 4th January 2004


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PRINCE JAMAL 31st December 2003
Avatar for jbuntz

Why is the pre ring on linear phase filters considered bad? I haven't noticed that it was particularly detrimental to the sound. ...

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matucha 25th December 2003
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi all, I have narrowed down my reverb upgrade to one of the lex mpx1 or the TC m2000 .... main usage is for lead vocal and...

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triez 25th December 2003
Avatar for Bernd G

I am building new studio monitors and I am contemplating using my old HR 824s, which I never cared for much, for some...

Bernd G
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delay 24th December 2003
Avatar for Jason Poulin

Hi everyone, O dB = .7 some odd volts What does 0 dBVU equal in Volts? If I wanted to find OdBVU on a piece of...

Jason Poulin
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Geoff_T 23rd December 2003
Avatar for mikelevitt

Hi Guys, I just picked up an old AKG 451 E. It's a very early version set up for 12v phantom power. AKG suggests that to...

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mikelevitt 23rd December 2003
Avatar for eskay

This is my question? I want to plug the output from my cell phone so I can record some of my messages into my DAW mezed...

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Geoff_T 23rd December 2003
Avatar for Jack Pettit

I just bought the new Johnny Lang CD and I think it sounds like CRAP. Not the content but the mix or mastering. It's so...

Jack Pettit
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Robert Sands 22nd December 2003
Avatar for Travis

Didn't really know where to put this and finally decided to drop it in here... I run the FOH at a church and the Leslie on the...

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Avatar for Paul Wolff
Paul Wolff 19th December 2003
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi Y'all , Extremely Good service deserves a pat on the back ... we hear alot from the horror stories ... and for a change I...

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Avatar for ozraves
ozraves 19th December 2003
Avatar for AlphaDingo

Anyone know where I can get some? I'm going to build a mic based on the project. Help!

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toledo3 18th December 2003
Avatar for DanV

Hello Geeks, I am on the lookout for some good books for the novice electrical engineer, also interested in books with an...

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Avatar for DanV
DanV 17th December 2003
Avatar for sixstringer53

Newby on forum - wondering if anyone here can help me out... I just picked up an old (c. '80's?) Soundcraft SR200, 24 ch...

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Avatar for sixstringer53
sixstringer53 17th December 2003
Avatar for Bernd G

Is it possible to yank the flying faders (ultimation) from a preexisiting 5000 series and retrofit our SSL 4056 which currently...

Bernd G
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Bernd G 16th December 2003
Avatar for jsiyer

i'm technically uninitiated and would like to know... what are the most significant qualities affecting the sound of a preamp?...

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ulysses 16th December 2003


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