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the mono faders on my speckmix 2 console are pretty dicey. I believe them to be 60mm 10k faders.. here is a close up pic of the...

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djui5 18th May 2004
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Does anyone know where I can get my hands on them? Thanks in advance Leroy

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djui5 17th May 2004
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I've sometimes wondered if the difference in frequency and voltage between the 2 sides of the pond might have something to do...

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NeoVXR 17th May 2004
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Hi, My friend bought a vintage Sennheiser MD-21 off ebay recently. The connector off the back of the mic is a little different...

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mwkeene 16th May 2004
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I'm looking for the round switch buttons for the old schadow switches in the 500 series API modules. I have some 525's and one...

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hi-res 15th May 2004
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been hunting high and low for low power tubes for audio diy, some say they do exist - otherrs say you must use high voltage....

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manning1 15th May 2004
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I'm not an expert, but I was thinking if you could make a device that sums DC with a signal, you could drive the transformer into...

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jbuntz 14th May 2004
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Armand 14th May 2004
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Hello everyone, In a recent Rode microphone ad, the Rode guy was hyping how he has a rare old tube valuable that...

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HiString 12th May 2004
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The goods news of the day is that I have inherited an MCI JH-110-C 1"8 track. Would like the ability to slave it to PTs. ...

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Cinemafixer 12th May 2004
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What's a good cable to select for making high-quality guitar cables? I want low capacitance, good shielding, durability, and...

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Grinhooks 12th May 2004
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Pure Heat Entertainment is currently seeking motivated interns for challenging positions in Recording Engineering, Studio...

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Eternal 11th May 2004
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I'm looking around for a new multimeter. Last time I was here, I got great advice on a soldering station (my Hakko) from this...

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Dan Kennedy 5th May 2004
Avatar for Nutmeg II.

Uhuh! Taiwan Knobs just gives me knob lust! I already want to refit all my gear!wworried

Nutmeg II.
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Nutmeg II. 2nd May 2004
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Hi, I'm needing to get guitar noise down in my studio. Excuse my lack of electronic expertise, but I thought that I may have...

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LTA 30th April 2004
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Hi all, Is there some kind of shielding and minimum distance that would make it not a sonic liability to put a power amp in...

Ted Nightshade
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Ted Nightshade 30th April 2004
Avatar for heinz

So I need to feed an unbalanced TS input from a balanced XLR-F output, and they're both +4... I have an XLR -> TRS cable,...

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heinz 28th April 2004
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Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction, I'm trying to replicate the Rob Zombie vocal sound but...

te me
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te me 27th April 2004
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Hey can some one refer me to some in depth info on word clock. I am tring to figure out how a word clock scheme works in a...

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gpcramseysoral 25th April 2004
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smoothmoniker 25th April 2004
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With the future seemingly headed to mp3s as the “HiFi” delivery format, all this concern over ringing out the last drops of...

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barefoot 22nd April 2004
Avatar for lowswing

Hi, At last i finished building my first gyraf audio ssl compressor clone. 3 things doesn't really behave like i thought so i...

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Kev 22nd April 2004
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I'm trying to find a source for a small quantity of thin mylar film in the 3-5 micron range for mic diaphragms. I really only...

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ebeam 22nd April 2004
Avatar for David R.

ADAT is dead. Long live my snakes. Here is my question - I am about to pick up a HD24xr, will most likely have Mr. Williams...

David R.
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David R. 21st April 2004
Avatar for bjornson

has anyone ever seen one fail open? is it just a standard value linear pot? thought i'd ask before i crack it open.

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Avatar for bjornson
bjornson 19th April 2004
Avatar for Unbound

Hi there all! I'm new to the whole DIY thing but I was hoping that maybe someone could explain all that is used to build the...

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22busy 19th April 2004
Avatar for Mellontron

Hi . I just got my Brent Averill 1272 and I was wondering if anyone could explain 'finding the sweet spot' to me. Does cranking...

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Mellontron 19th April 2004
Avatar for genericperson

i had a question on stereo eq' s versus two identical mono eq's. if you put an analog mono eq (outboard gear) on the left...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 18th April 2004
Avatar for OHA

I'we just got hands on a API 550b, and I wonder if I can rack it myself instead of buying one for $800? Is there anybody out...

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Etnier 16th April 2004
Avatar for frist44

I have an older 160x and it will pass the uncompressed signal when the bypass button is engaged, but with it off, I get nothing....

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Jim Williams 13th April 2004
Avatar for chikkenguy


what exactly is ein. how is it determined, what does it represent in respect to performance of a piece of gear? ive heard that it...

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chikkenguy 12th April 2004
Avatar for heinz

OK so in the other 'old console power supply' thread Vince @ Speck made this comment: "Read the info that comes with the...

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heinz 11th April 2004
Avatar for coffeeanan

How do you guys roll or hang your microphone cables when you're not using them., On the wall on a hanger, or on the microphone...

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PlugHead 9th April 2004
Avatar for echorec

Does anyone know where I can find mating connectors for 3116/3126 modules?

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echorec 9th April 2004
Avatar for fatty

well i finally got my valve mic pre built and running. just giving it a quick test on voice and acoustic guitar and everything...

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Kev 8th April 2004
Avatar for cdog

Disclaimer: I'm not a real "geek" and never will be, so please translate your reply accordingly. Whats up with this...

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Kev 6th April 2004
Avatar for Rader Ranch

last i recall hearing, the temperature had been raised up to somewhere between -200? to -100? farenheit, and it was because of...

Rader Ranch
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Avatar for usetheforce
usetheforce 4th April 2004
Avatar for Scinx

I got an Altec 1589B. One of the transistors/transformers on the back is missing. Does any know where I can find something to...

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Avatar for Scinx
Scinx 4th April 2004
Avatar for axtrak

Hi Guys, i have 3 Siemens V272 and i´d like to modify them a bit. So, does anyone of you have some tips for me? How can i...

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Avatar for oliver archut
oliver archut 31st March 2004
Avatar for golden fingaz

hey i recently purchased a soundtracs 16:8:16. i'd appreciate any help being pointed in the right direction on where to find...

golden fingaz
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golden fingaz 31st March 2004
Avatar for hollywood_steve

My SV3800 has been 100% problem free and I'd like to keep it that way. I purchased it after they announced the end of production...

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hollywood_steve 30th March 2004
Avatar for Rader Ranch

it wuz just getting inneresting....

Rader Ranch
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Avatar for toledo3
toledo3 28th March 2004
Avatar for hrn

I'm soldering again... Dayner manual: "The screen of any audio connection should be connected at one end only to avoid...

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Avatar for hrn
hrn 26th March 2004
Avatar for heinz

A while back I picked up an old 16x8 Speckmix MkII. Got it cheap, pretty clean, and kind of a nice fixer-upper project. Anyway...

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Avatar for heinz
heinz 26th March 2004
Avatar for bjornson

I'm looking for someone with a solid working knowledge of diskmix systems. I'm willing to pay for a phone consultation. Thanks

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Avatar for Deleted 79d7afe
Deleted 79d7afe 25th March 2004
Avatar for lucey

I need some better op amps. I have SIP ... but SOIC or DIP might work if i can find the little pin converters. What dual op...

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Avatar for dcollins
dcollins 25th March 2004
Avatar for luap

Moved: Home Studio

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Avatar for luap
luap 25th March 2004
Avatar for Kinsolrecording

Hi, I have been having a sortof funny problem for the past while. Occasionally when I use a DI box or turn on my amplifier I...

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Avatar for Geoff_T
Geoff_T 24th March 2004
Avatar for obyone

Hi guys, trying to find a schematic for a shure level lock, and a siemens w295 e.q as well... Both purchased...

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Avatar for obyone
obyone 23rd March 2004
Avatar for Crockett

Me and my girl are gonna be going to Korea in 6 months. Problem is we may stay long term (several years, or forever), and my gear...

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ulysses 22nd March 2004


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