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Ok I decided to mod my Yamaha HS80m since I'm pretty happy with it but like anything it can always be better :) I've opened it...

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DAH 3 weeks ago
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I love my KSP8, and the remote is one of the best parts of using it. BUT recently the rubber bottom on the KSP8 remote has...

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timtoonz 3 weeks ago
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Does anyone know where I can get a schematic for an ART Tube Opto 8? I've seen this model mentioned subs and...

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WLIO TV Guy 3 weeks ago
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Hello! I probably have failing components, but just to be sure, is there anything in this circuit on the 4 mic inputs only...

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sameal 3 weeks ago
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The blue one under neath the Jensen transformer. Tried adjusting it any didn’t hear an audible difference.

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Cabirio 3 weeks ago
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Hi Folks, Recently I bought a bunch of NOS Tubes for my Uad 4-710 and of course I left one of the stock ones inside to do a...

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Holladihitti 3 weeks ago
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Sometimes compressors have side chains in them. It is maybe a TRS jack, and you put an equalizer on the path. I think I figured...

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Cabirio 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys, Is there a listing of forums here? I am getting really confused with respect to which forums are for what> I'm...

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Radardoug 3 weeks ago
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Just bought one of these and it has a vibration sensitive static/crackling problem. Seems to be something with the spring unit...

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enginefire 3 weeks ago
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I recently got my hands on an Allen and Heath System 8 mkII in decent shape for free and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas...

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jooooakes 3 weeks ago
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I have seen that all schematics show that I have to Bridge Pin1 and Pin3 and connect them to the Tip of the TRS connector and...

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12ax7 3 weeks ago
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Hi guys, I wanted to share a project of mine, that I have completed a few days ago. I have used 26 digipots of the type AD5290...

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Jim Williams 3 weeks ago
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We may never have to replace 'lytics again (but please crack the window as it stinks in...

Bill Way
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Bill Way 3 weeks ago
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Hi guys, So I have this opportunity and of course, I know that the GL4000 has more functions than Venue like 4 band parametric...

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PetrosG 3 weeks ago
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A few years back there was a really excellent gain staging post regarding the differences in headroom on digital and analogue...

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Skip Burrows 3 weeks ago
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Hi guys & gals! Just joined the forum after reading it for quite some time.. I recently was given an Otari MX5050 8SHD...

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Yoski 3 weeks ago
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Oscillator A on my Prophet 600 is unpredictable with regards to tuning. I've scaled it correctly but the problem still remains. ...

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dagogo 3 weeks ago
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Lets say you have two different microphones and you want to use them to record two different sources. Everything else being...

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RandomPerson 3 weeks ago
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Greetings slutz. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a home recording studio in Nashville, TN. I'm getting a weird...

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Thomas W. Bethe 3 weeks ago
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I have already successfully built a mute switch for a dynamic mic, then converted it to work with a condenser mic by soldering in...

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DrewE 3 weeks ago
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Hi :-) I’m looking for the best solution to digitally connect my KH750 Neumann subwoofer to my TC BMC2 converter. The KH750...

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msmucr 3 weeks ago
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Hi everyone! New to threads so I will do my best to explain my situation. A while back I purchased a B-stock Samson C01...

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KrisztianTutuc 3 weeks ago
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Hi, I'm using a Senn MKH50/30 MS rig with connbox > 5pin to dual 3pin XLR > MixPre6. My 5pin to dual 3pin*XLR cable...

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tapes 3 weeks ago
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I found this old unit which I recently had converted to EU 230V mains. The tech gave it back to me and what is very noticeable...

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UncleGroOve 3 weeks ago
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Hey! I'm having trouble with interference that I think is coming from the mains. The noise is a high pitched whine that sounds...

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Farmboy presents 3 weeks ago
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Anybody know how to find the specifics of the EIA RS-453 Standard? It deals with TS & TRS plugs & jacks. I'm having a...

Brent Hahn
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Brent Hahn 3 weeks ago
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I thought I'd post this as a public service to anyone who owns the original Chameleon 7720. I don't like the prices that certain...

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play.exe 3 weeks ago
Avatar for gearstudent

Hello, Most standard analog mixing desk equalizers use a process known as "minimum phase" to achieve the eq...

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JohnRoberts 3 weeks ago
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Hello there There has been some talk in here about Logic and the solo bottoms. None of them is, as far as I can read, about...

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HeadlessDinosaur 3 weeks ago
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Hi, I am trying to find a manual for both the Symetrix CL-100 as well as the CL-150 rack compressors... can anyone help with...

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GLouie 4 weeks ago
Avatar for pwpi

Good day Slutz! I've been setting up a new (to me) Mac Pro 5,1 for Pro Tools 12. Installing various software (plugins etc.)...

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pwpi 4 weeks ago
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This thread is for exchange and discussion of technical information regarding maintenance, tweaking, adjusting, and general care...

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coder 4 weeks ago
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Hello good people! Does anyone have schematics for the AMEK BCII? Would you care to share? I am dealing with a silent...

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jpgcarvalho 4 weeks ago
Avatar for mogazi!

Hello all, looking for some advice. I have a vintage MXR Stereo Chorus (ac powered yellow from the late 70s/early 80s I...

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JohnRoberts 4 weeks ago
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Hi, At the moment my Roland PG-1000 is producing a (very noticable) coil whine, or at least I suspect it as the source of the...

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KB86 4 weeks ago
Avatar for sameal

So i got the guts of a hammond tone cabinet, i think the pr-40? Can't determine it sadly, but i got ahold of some close schemos...

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sameal 4 weeks ago
Avatar for ZEUSS

Anyone have a copy of the MXR Flanger/Doubler 126 manual hanging around in PDF? Its the Blueface 2 space rackmount one.

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Avatar for UncleGroOve
UncleGroOve 4 weeks ago
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Hi! Im trying to use a wireless midi dongle (Yamaha md-BT01) but my midi out port does not seem to be powered the way It needs to...

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AudioErik 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Littledipper

Hi there, first time posting. I was doing a little DIY fix-ups on my Sterling ST69 pair. I've read online that removing the...

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Bushman 4 weeks ago
Avatar for boriscrispin

Hello, In struggling to find a definitive answer I want to post the question. What is the best way to restore aging Electrect...

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Radardoug 4 weeks ago
Avatar for jpambrogi

After turning my AMEK 2000 PSU on and checking for the proper dc voltages on outputs ( +18, -18 and +11 ), I swapped the...

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jpambrogi 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Arioch

Hello Everyone, Don't really have a presence on Gearslutz but I have reached an impasse and I desperately need some help and...

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Avatar for Radardoug
Radardoug 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Felipesku

I live in 230V area but in wall there is something between 230V to 240V. Can I run old Roland JX-3P 220V analog synth without...

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Avatar for mrfantastic
mrfantastic 4 weeks ago
Avatar for industrialarts

Hi I have an Altec 1592B on the bench for repair. Unfortunately, the output transformer broke off the the pc mounts and there...

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Avatar for cathode
cathode 4 weeks ago
Avatar for TontoMctavish

Got an old Fender cab : 2 x 12. There's a number stamped on one of the inside panels : F072568. Is that the date : July 25, 1968,...

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Avatar for chipss36
chipss36 4 weeks ago
Avatar for jpambrogi

Hi... I´m powering on an AMEK Angela console that has been in storage and after some power ons with everything working and...

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jpambrogi 4 weeks ago
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Hey all, I don't have any modding experience, so please excuse my ignorance. I've got an ART Pro MPA II Reference Series (the...

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travis.funk 4 weeks ago
Avatar for BEEHIVE

Hi My Lynx suddenly went dead- no power or anything. i changed the fuse but when switching on the mains the fuse blew (...

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Avatar for Gonzbull
Gonzbull 4 weeks ago
Avatar for part12studios

Hi everyone, I recently got my hands on a free alesis quadraverb. The unit has two problems.. 1. the display is very...

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Avatar for pia909
pia909 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Wayners

Yo humans, I have an old mackie micro 1202 mixer that hums through the mains and headphones. Read as much as i could stand and...

replies: 9 views: 1,129
Avatar for WorldPowerLabs
WorldPowerLabs 4 weeks ago


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