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Having an SM58 with a dead transformer (open primary), I decided to try the AMI T58 discussed in several threads here, sourced...

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kirkus 6th July 2016
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I use a pair of Fostex PMO 4n active speakers for playback in my practice room (I am a drummer). The speakers are almost 2 years...

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Magnus_N 6th July 2016
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I am trying to run a Moog Little Phatty and my guitar into an ABY, then on through my pedal board to my amp. I have tried both...

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Guitadrumsynther 5th July 2016
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Hola synth enthusiests, I am trying to source parts for a jx 3p. A bender potentiometer and a tact switch to be specific!...

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Mercurian 5th July 2016
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Hey folks I am recapping a mixer and I am looking for 10uF and 1uF values of Nichicon UHE series capacitors but everywhere I look...

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jlam 4th July 2016
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Hi I have the opportunity to pickup a Tilt8 rack at a very good price. Could anyone tell me what opamps are used. Thanks

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jlam 4th July 2016
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Partway through restoring an ARP Omni 2 I decided to make a video about it: I...

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synthchaser 3rd July 2016
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So in my quest for cheap tools i got a second hand desoldering station. In typical ebay fashion it was stated to be working, but...

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sameal 3rd July 2016
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I just picked up a C414 sold 'as-is'. The seller told me that the rear facing capsule works fine but the forward facing one is...

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BigGreen 2nd July 2016
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Need some advice about replacing power suppy caps in some vintage and not so vintage keyboards. I have a number 80's model synths...

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mikefellh 2nd July 2016
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I'm thinking to recapping my A807 and upgrade the opamp, any advice for this? thanks

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StuderRevox 1st July 2016
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Hello! A friend showed me his vintage dbx165. Although working it is a lot more noisy than his other units so we figure there...

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s.d.finley 1st July 2016
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just wondering about the lexicon pcm70 outputs. they are unbalanced at 600ohms. i dont like unbalanced too much and have lots of...

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salomonander 1st July 2016
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Hey guys, I've had a valve go down on my massive passive (which pretty much lives on my mixbus) so I'm going to buy a full set. ...

[email protected]
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Radardoug 30th June 2016
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My RODE K2 was recently "folding up shop" a few moments after powering up; the output would slowly fade to zero. I...

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slor 30th June 2016
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Hi, I'm looking for some help / advice on an acoustic guitar hum problem (I know you've probably been asked this a million times...

Duncan Winn
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mikefellh 30th June 2016
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This question isn't necessarily specific to one item, but could apply to a lot of the pre/EQ modules. I produce/engineer/mix, but...

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Nyquist 30th June 2016
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I am going to generate a sine test tone and feed it through my digital mixer at various dBFS levels and measure the output...

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TMetzinger 29th June 2016
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Just finished these up for a friend of...

NF Audio
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NF Audio 29th June 2016
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Hey everyone. I am in need of a soldering iron. I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Weller irons, but with so many...

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mikefellh 28th June 2016
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I've got a pair of Adam A7X's connected via a focusrite scarlett 2i2 for use with audirvana with my computer. Now that I've moved...

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blackiemate 28th June 2016
Avatar for The 6th Beatle

Hi, I've got a damaged Audio Fire 12, I powered it up one day and instead of powering up I got a flashing amber LED and...

The 6th Beatle
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rp3703 27th June 2016
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Hello. Curious as to if anyone has done any mods to their Venice F-series consoles? I'm thinking about practical things like...

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DpsoundStudio 27th June 2016
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I'm getting a very annoying grrr ground loop -esque 50 HZ Hum in my Project Studio when I turn up the input Trim on my pre-amp...

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Vincent J. 26th June 2016
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I recently started working in a venue with a large, Dante-based sound system. Their core switch for the Dante network is on the...

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drtechno 26th June 2016
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Hello! This is my very first post and I sincerely hope this is the correct place to post. I have a question that I was hoping any...

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colm 26th June 2016
Avatar for Octobernightmare

Hi all, I came across this bang and olufsen bm3 ribbon mic which i received disassembled. It has a 3 position switch in the...

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gyraf 26th June 2016
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Hi Slutz, I have an old (c.2000) Soundcraft Spirit 328 digital mixer. It won't boot, goes straight away into a loop, showing...

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JohnS37 26th June 2016
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Hi, I was wondering how difficult/rewarding it would be to rework the uls series into the older eb series?...... I was already...

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beatsnblunts 26th June 2016
Avatar for chalkaero

Hi all, I'm having an issue with a Big Muff V7 Russian I think it is. I bought the pedal when I was about 16 for about £20...

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traumerei1838 25th June 2016
Avatar for JB655

Hello guys! I bought a Poly-800 with the Moog Slayer mod for 100$ and it is more or less working. I need to mod it with a battery...

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GijsH 25th June 2016
Avatar for rp3703

I've seen PSU's done with and without ground planes, just wondering if it should or should not be done? I should state that my...

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Speedskater 25th June 2016
Avatar for da_phoenix

I decided to do this because i thought it was an easy mod but apparently i messed up somewhere because there is no sound at all...

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Avatar for kage
kage 25th June 2016

Hey all , Kind of a bummer story , But I left my otari MTR-10 in a guest room and someone spilled coffee on it ( and decided...

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CHRISCOMMON 25th June 2016
Avatar for johnblue

Okay, so i am going to "Rack" 8 channels of my soundtracs cm4400 into a box. since the desk was decommisioned, we kinda...

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johnblue 25th June 2016
Avatar for 3rd Degree

This is a super basic question. Recently built a little box that simply patches one TRS jack to another. I needed something to...

3rd Degree
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Vitalis 24th June 2016
Avatar for OHA

Got a problem with the powersupply in my HUI. Anyone have the schematics??

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Avatar for Henry Pol
Henry Pol 24th June 2016
Avatar for MatzeMillion

Hi! I just finished building a Drip Pultec EQP-1A v2 and did some experiments to find out about the noise floor, frequency...

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Avatar for JulianFernandez
JulianFernandez 24th June 2016
Avatar for wes

I scored a 5432 today for a $1000, but it is in need of a recap and I am wanting to get direct out's to it, I am located in Salt...

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UKMK00 24th June 2016
Avatar for dhex

Hello - one of my TR8s has gotten all weird and stuff (random distortion on low end, significant and sudden drop off in volume,...

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dhex 23rd June 2016
Avatar for digger803

Hey guys! This is my first post on GS (have been lurking around for years, and have been a member for a while). Let me...

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Avatar for SKYSGUY
SKYSGUY 23rd June 2016
Avatar for starfield

i just replaced all the buttons on my Jupiter 8 and they all work perfectly but now for whatever reason now im noticing a faint...

replies: 8 views: 1,403
Avatar for oldgearguy
oldgearguy 22nd June 2016
Avatar for johnblue

I still have my old soundtracs desk but its been in the garage rotting away for a while. i am going to try to hook up 8 channels...

replies: 3 views: 507
Avatar for Richard Crowley
Richard Crowley 22nd June 2016
Avatar for Radardoug

Hi guys, had a Royer R-122 ribbon on the bench to service. This mike has a small preamp pcb in it, and this had failed. I emailed...

replies: 5 views: 681
Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 22nd June 2016
Avatar for rp3703

Ok, so I’m just wanting to get a little more clarification on audio and chassis grounding in a mic pre. My preamp will have 8...

replies: 60 views: 2,538
Avatar for Speedskater
Speedskater 22nd June 2016
Avatar for newatthis

I own a couple of Gefell 563 mics w/ power supplies and was wondering about the 582 mic. Does it use the same power supply? I...

replies: 4 views: 2,316
Avatar for c0rtland
c0rtland 22nd June 2016
Avatar for leckel1996

Hello all! I recently just bought a Rode NT1 and being the tweaker I am decided to remove the inner mesh to open up the sound....

replies: 3 views: 746
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ruffrecords 21st June 2016
Avatar for omnialinx

Gents, I'm gonna try and rephrase this so maybe I hit the right neve guru/nerd. I am at the point of no return. I am building an...

replies: 4 views: 552
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omnialinx 21st June 2016
Avatar for rdraudio

Anybody got a CP-2 or CP-3 supply they are willing to sell? Also, C-37-a connectors. Thanks. Mark [email protected]

replies: 29 views: 5,639
Avatar for Takashira
Takashira 21st June 2016
Avatar for Jonk

Hey folks, So, all of a sudden the capstan stopped spinning on my MX5050. So I found a motor (with the capstan circuit board...

replies: 27 views: 3,681
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slor 20th June 2016


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