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OK, something to spice up Geekslutz = here is where we post images of the INSIDE of audio equipment. Disclaimer; any photo...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 24th April 2020
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DSP Innovations has recently launched a FREE data sheet search site. The site, - Search Electronic Components ,...

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msbettyhunt 27th March 2020
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Anyone who offers technical services should get themselves listed into the new member directory here... Gearslutz Directory:...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 24th March 2020
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I have been collecting schematics for 30 years and 5 years ago I started make them available at my site but...

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msbettyhunt 3rd March 2020
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Hi guys, hope I'm in the right section. I've recently purchased Studer 904 console in working order, but a bit rough around...

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cuba1956 33 minutes ago
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Hi all I'm a long time reader of this forum, and a newly registered member, from Paris, France. I bought a Yamaha SPX90...

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Radardoug 52 minutes ago
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Haven’t seen this problem in the countless SPX90 repair forums so I figured I’d make a new thread in hopes of solving my...

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mikewolfe 1 hour ago
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A tech is currently refurbishing my Yamaha 03D console, whose ergonomics, MIDI implementation and built-in effects I love (I'm...

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Radardoug 3 hours ago
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Hi Guys! I have a little problem with my OTARI MX7800 multi-track tape machine that I finally decided to solve. When I press...

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Yoski 4 hours ago
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Hey slutz, I have a pair of Sputniks, and one of them is dead. Doesn't light up, and I've tried replacing the fuse. I sent it...

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RaygunRS 7 hours ago
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Hello, I just bought a soundcraft delta 8 with its CPS / 450B power supply. Everything works perfectly except the...

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streber 9 hours ago
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Dear fellow gearslutz, I'm new to the subject of transistors clipping when the transient of the audio signal is too loud, and...

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JohnRoberts 12 hours ago
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Quick question: I just blew the fuse in my Alta Moda Unicomp and the manual suggests using a 250v/250mA slow blow fuse. I can't...

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nosebleedaudio 14 hours ago
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Hi I just got some old M-Audio BX8a speakers and every time I plug them in I'm getting a very loud feedback sound even with the...

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Neko2020 14 hours ago
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MKS-50 has a humming mains transformer which I'd like to replace (P/N for 240V: 245-466D) but unobtainium as NOS. MKS-50...

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some_turnips 15 hours ago
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Hello all, I’ve got an RME fireface800 and have just purchased a Dangerous D-Box+ which I’ll be connecting via the spdif...

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harrywrigley 17 hours ago
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Hi all, so there is a lot of stuff around here on DIY audio gear, and many conversations occured like 6-7 years ago. So I think...

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KabbySoundStudio 19 hours ago
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Hey Slutz! I have a pair of medium-sized tower speakers which are custom made with Philips Full Range drivers, each driver is...

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Northamusi 22 hours ago
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Dang. I killed my CRO. My trusty Tektronix 2465A. It finally caught fire. :( What's economical and good these days? I...

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S21 1 day ago
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In advance, I have already read searched and read threads about this topic. Problem: While using a used set of KRK VXT8's with...

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kludgeaudio 1 day ago
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Hi! I am building a small midi controller for a one-room-studio, and I want a slide linear fader that will control click-level...

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DrewE 1 day ago
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Beating a dead horse comp here. I bought two of these because i like to torture myself. Don't look at me like that! My...

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sameal 1 day ago
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Hi! I'm planning to do a complete recap of my Sony MX-P61 mixing console. Unfortunately it uses many very tiny capacitors and...

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Cantante popular 1 day ago
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Hey I’m tweaking out a urei562. I’m looking at the output section and want to add a pot to control the output drive. Any...

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Cabirio 1 day ago
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Schematic/pinout diagram for Peluso MX-56 PSU Trying to get a MX-56 PSU repaired at the mo but there are no diagrams on the...

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PhilippeK 1 day ago
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Hi Folks, Recently I bought a bunch of NOS Tubes for my Uad 4-710 and of course I left one of the stock ones inside to do a...

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jerry123 2 days ago
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Hey everyone... I have a Soundcraft Delta 8. I use the tape returns on the board for channels 1-16 from my DAW to the...

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streber 2 days ago
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Hey there, long time lurker, first post :-) I scored a pretty beat up Mackie CR1604 which is showing strange behaviour on three...

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Tschibo00 2 days ago
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Hello everyone, greetings from lockdown Brooklyn! I'm in isolation making music and sound design, currently furloughed from...

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LanternPike 2 days ago
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Hey Guys - I'm assembling a microphone and I have 2 questions: I checked the capacitance of one of...

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tINY 2 days ago
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Hey there, can anyone let me know what is plus and minus on those red roederstein caps? I see no marking - also nothing on the...

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salomonander 3 days ago
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I would like to start a thread for all of you slutz out there that has any info or schematics on AMEKS BIG, Recall, and 501 by...

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Matt Syson 3 days ago
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I wasn’t quite sure where to post this but this forum seems like one of the most knowledgeable. I just recently received a...

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Jim Williams 3 days ago
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Hello fellow audiofreaks, (hopefully I'm posting this in the right section of the forum) I got a hold of five AKG C12A...

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deekay 3 days ago
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Hi. I can't seem to find a SAT 6.5 replacement woofer anyway. it's been torn on one of the two speakers (rip in the woofer...

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Thomas W. Bethe 3 days ago
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Hi Friends. I have recently started learning the basics of electronics and have built a few simple circuits from schematics on...

Ted Krotkiewski
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Ted Krotkiewski 3 days ago
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Is anyone familiar with the Yamaha MV1602? I've just refurbished one, and going through the manual I saw that Aux 3/4 were wired...

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Cabirio 3 days ago
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Hello can we talk MIDI voltage for a second? I need to understand this: I'm having an issue with my Novation Impulse 49...

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proche3 3 days ago
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Hello Folks, wondering if anyone has the manual for the ADR express limiter that they would be so kind as to share....

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rjb5191 4 days ago
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the hihats and toms don't work on my DX, on both individual outs and main outs i confirmed the eproms work fine and I'm...

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Naston 4 days ago
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Hello all, new poster here long time lurker, DIY'er, tinkerer of amps and beat up instruments. Occasionally I try to play...

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grouse789 4 days ago
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Hi, Ive been using this preamp lately quiet often and during long sessions. The unit gets hot, but I consider it normal , from...

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jensenmann 4 days ago
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Hello there. I'm attempting to modify my coleman M3 to send a stereo meter feed out to my dorrough unit. Glen Coleman was kind...

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IM WHO YOU THINK 4 days ago
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Given the age of the dbx 100 and dbx 110, it is hardly surprising that the used ones typically have issues. Bad caps, fried...

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atavacron 5 days ago
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Hi Everyone, I've just bought a Drawmer M500 that needs some work. The battery is flat and i'm going to replace it with a new...

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nucelar 5 days ago
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Hey guys, i'm currently running an ART Pro-Channel II tube preamp and it has served me very well for a few years. Unfortunately...

replies: 3 views: 185
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ripple_fx1 5 days ago
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Has anyone experimented with using a C3G Triode Strapped in a U47 circuit? Modifications to the socket assembly, bias circuit,...

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gyraf 5 days ago
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Revving up to build one of these. I noticed that CAPI have now stopped using Ed Anderson trafos (EA2622) for their own design...

replies: 3 views: 279
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nomoreflakes 5 days ago
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Hello technically skilled fellow slutz! On my Behringer X2222usb mixer, each channel has tiny buttons for Master and Sub-Master...

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gyraf 5 days ago
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hello I have a sony mxp 29 mixer and I would like to add a direct out on each channel! Could you help me to pick the signal...

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bagomusic 5 days ago
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1. What happens to a preamp, if the FET is not biased correctly? What kind of faults would a person be able to audibly hear? ...

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mrfantastic 5 days ago
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I am trying to use the tally output (TB All Tally) on an SSL AWS948 to turn on a red light. I was advised by SSL to use an...

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grmusik 5 days ago
Avatar for weary

Hi, so I got this thing on a whim, because I think it looks cool, built into a little suitcase. I've seen Ramsa schematics...

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ndstudio 6 days ago
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Hi, currently I use an Allen and heath GL2200 direct outs into my UAD apollo 16 into my 64bit pc via thunderbolt. My mixer has...

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Velvet1 6 days ago


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