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DSP Innovations has recently launched a FREE data sheet search site. The site, - Search Electronic Components ,...

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msbettyhunt 1 week ago
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Anyone who offers technical services should get themselves listed into the new member directory here... Gearslutz Directory:...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 2 weeks ago
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OK, something to spice up Geekslutz = here is where we post images of the INSIDE of audio equipment. Disclaimer; any photo...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 2 weeks ago
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I have been collecting schematics for 30 years and 5 years ago I started make them available at my site but...

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msbettyhunt 3rd March 2020
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I need schematics or a pinout for a KW electronics C615 micpre/eq.The units were made in the UK and if anyone could help I would...

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PetshopPete 3 hours ago
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I would like to create four DB25 mults. I realize it's just a matter of jumping a cable from one pin to the other four for the...

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deedeeyeah 3 hours ago
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I have a small Beyerdynamic MM10/2 FS modular mixer with 6 mic ins 4 stereo ins a monitor aux and a master module. I'm seeking...

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SuperAudioBrains 4 hours ago
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Hi, I'm looking for 4 of these pieces to repair a broken Jupiter6. If anyone has a clue on where I could find those or if...

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belzrebuth 7 hours ago
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Long-shot request... On a Yamaha DX7 IIFD, I wanted to change the internal battery and took the back cover off. The screws...

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filmcomposer 7 hours ago
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Hi... Having an annoying problem with our AMEK Angela: the peak leds on all 36 modules are permanently on!!! Apparently it...

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jpambrogi 8 hours ago
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So I’ve ran into a head-scratching problem with an amp repair I’m doing on an early 70’s Fender Super Six Reverb. I believe...

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pedalhoundz 16 hours ago
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Hi. Im having a power issue with my BLUE Robbie. Let me preface this by saying that I am not very knowledgeable on the subject,...

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Andywidmann 16 hours ago
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After a couple months I've finally got my Sapphyre up and running. Had to rebuild both supplies, replace some hardware on the...

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djreckless 19 hours ago
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Hi, I couldn't find this topic anywhere on these forums and I'm not sure this is the most suitable section to post this but...

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Bushman 21 hours ago
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Hi all, having a lot of free time recently, so I finally finished my build of a Drip Opto4, that I started years ago. Can you...

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dhenriks 23 hours ago
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Hi I have what I consider to be a "noob" question (I hate talking cool slang) for experienced electronics techs. What...

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soundebler 23 hours ago
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Hi, I've got a Yamaha SPX 90II I put aside years ago with one output channel missing. I decided to mess with it again and...

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Jidis 23 hours ago
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I need to replace some transistors in a broken headphone/monitor circuit on my mixing desk (80s Soundtracs). The transistors...

White Falcon
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White Falcon 23 hours ago
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Hi, I hope everyone is doing well in these troubled times. Apologies if this is not the right subforum to ask this...

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ZorroQ8 1 day ago
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with what can i get a more transparent compresion so it doesent hurt my tone when i sing but stil compress alot with the rnc fmr...

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andrewmoz 1 day ago
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Forward Hello fellow GS'ers! This is a reissue of a thread that I started over in the Cakewalk forums. It was immensely...

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trakzero 1 day ago
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Hi Guys! I wanted to show you my road to making an EMT140 inspired plate reverb with a damper controllable with MIDI :) It...

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Ol' Betsey 2 days ago
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Looking to see if anyone has or knows where to get schematics for a CL 1B. I have one that's got input, got compression showing...

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Matt Syson 2 days ago
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New to the forum for assistance with a dilemma I've gotten myself in to. I had originnaly wired my 4x12 VHT Deliverance...

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lunecheung 3 days ago
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So im only produce and mix in the box and i dont record nothing , what is better the duet 2 or RME Babyface Pro its very...

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sightlessness 3 days ago

Hi everybody! I want to make a speech synthesizer based on patent EP 0396141, it uses the Votrax SC-02 chip (if you know the...

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Polaxis 3 days ago
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I'm thinking of building a rudimentary Breathcontroller for CV gear, like my MS20 or any other analog synthesizer. I'm going...

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Momkeproggs 4 days ago
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I'm bummed, stuck at home like the rest and my stereo system is giving me trouble. The preamp started randomly shutting off...

Sounds Great
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Thomas W. Bethe 4 days ago
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So because the power supply for my console is pretty noisy I made a big box to keep it in. It's basically a box within a box....

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Thomas W. Bethe 4 days ago
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I am building a new power supply for the Ensoniq DP2. I just need to double check the pin-out for the cable. Is the...

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killa505 4 days ago
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Hi Guys, A few years ago I took home a Teisco s100p preset synth from school. The only catch (and hence why they let me take...

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sgr1104 4 days ago
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Welcome to exactly what the title of this thread suggests! And let me go straight to the disclaimer for all you millennial-,...

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windmill1234 4 days ago
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I assembled a cable as described in Mike Senior's "Mixing Secrets" book to hook up an Avantone 5c to one of the...

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Radardoug 4 days ago
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There has been alot of talk about importance of conversion in recording chain, and lots of people want to know which AD/DA chip...

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FelipeCris 4 days ago
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I have a Soundcraft Spirix Folio SX mixing desk that is stuck in PFL mode. All PFL buttons still function correctly but when all...

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rozzilla 4 days ago
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Well, now i need a bench dummy load. I have been scavaging parts and think i have enough to do it. I want to start with one...

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sameal 4 days ago
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Hey guys, I was wondering if someone can help. I've searched the forum but couldn't find anything relating to the issue I'm...

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ASChana 5 days ago
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So I recently got a minilyzer from NTI. I also have one of there minirator tone generators. So anyway, I set the minirator at +4...

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Warren Huck 5 days ago
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Hi all, I need a key for a TEISCO 60F. I've already tried a Korg MS-10 key and while they look compatible they're...

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dialectic 5 days ago
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How difficult is a kit like a CAPI DIY? I have no intention of going into it right away, I'll get something simple to practice on...

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Shrdni 5 days ago
Avatar for Funky Animal

I have a set of Genelec 1031A, and a while ago one of my speakers started to behave really strange. It just randomly starts to...

Funky Animal
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Funky Animal 6 days ago
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Would really appreciate help with the following. A couple of years ago, i purchased a stereo pair of Telefunken M60's small...

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jaredlaz 6 days ago
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I picked up my first tube mic, a Nady TCM1050, a couple years ago and have since become a real fan of their sounds and designs....

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smakdaady 6 days ago
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Hi... I´m powering on an AMEK Angela console that has been in storage and after some power ons with everything working and...

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jpambrogi 6 days ago
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Hey, i got 2 ADT A1511b Line Amplifier modules and i wanna bring them back to live. did some one got some informations about...

Steffen T
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Steffen T 6 days ago
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Hey all, I just finished wiring my patch bays and went to rest them tonight. I'm noticing that a few points out of the four...

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DrewE 6 days ago
Avatar for chrischoir

Hi , I bought this buffer chip for my bass (see pic). I went to wire it up and I was going to use an external 18VDC power supply...

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Piedpiper 6 days ago
Avatar for TMI

I have located a small number of NOS a/d converters for the Lexicon PCM 80 PCM 90 series of digital reverbs that I am using for...

replies: 83 views: 24,157
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italo de angelis 1 week ago
Avatar for invalidusername

Hi Anybody know the part name / number for this lever ? It's giving me trouble, i don't get any audio sometimes if i don't...

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invalidusername 1 week ago
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I bought a project polysix a year ago and originally attempted to repair it by cutting out a leaky battery and repair bad traces,...

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timelesstruths 1 week ago
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I have seen some of you guys are members of GroupDIY as well.... I have tried to register on this site with ZERO success. Is...

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windmill1234 1 week ago
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Hi, I have a Rode NTG 2 that is making some noise. I would like to know if anyone could help me to understand the problem and...

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xiri 1 week ago
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Tonight the 17v +/- lights went out on my power supply. I have yet to remove it from the rack, but I was curious to see if anyone...

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ronerone 1 week ago
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I plan to use some channels out of my mg1212 I got rid of as a funky sidecar. I have everything pretty much figured out and...

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FatherTime 1 week ago


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