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DSP Innovations has recently launched a FREE data sheet search site. The site, - Search Electronic Components ,...

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msbettyhunt 2 days ago
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Anyone who offers technical services should get themselves listed into the new member directory here... Gearslutz Directory:...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 6 days ago
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OK, something to spice up Geekslutz = here is where we post images of the INSIDE of audio equipment. Disclaimer; any photo...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 1 week ago
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I have been collecting schematics for 30 years and 5 years ago I started make them available at my site but...

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msbettyhunt 3 weeks ago
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Hi I removed the exploded RIFA capacitor from my PS20 yamaha synth PSU, and now i have a very noticeable buzzing/hum sound...

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DGL 1 hour ago
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Hello, I've had the Voice Prism Plus for a good while and really love it but I now have a problem : a few days ago i pressed...

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Metso 4 hours ago
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Hi , I bought this buffer chip for my bass (see pic). I went to wire it up and I was going to use an external 18VDC power supply...

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cathode 8 hours ago
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Passing on a helpful tip for the archives: The Studiomaster P7 external power supplies (EP5 220/240V and EP5U 120V) have...

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Blue280z 10 hours ago
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I have some Chinese knockoff SM57 capsules that I want to use in reverse as small, low output drivers. I’m wondering if anyone...

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arbor 12 hours ago
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I have seen some of you guys are members of GroupDIY as well.... I have tried to register on this site with ZERO success. Is...

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quiflo 12 hours ago
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I have a Blue Bottle Rocket Stage 2 which comes with the Powerstream power supply. It employs a soft start feature to avoid...

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Hoffmanwantsgear 13 hours ago
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New poster here. I came here after doing searches for the DBX286a and chasing some detailed minutia down a rabbit hole. I...

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Altheat0ldme 13 hours ago
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Hey folks, I have a variety of questions revolving around +4dbu & -10dbv in the analog realm. I've read a lot about dbu...

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S_mask 17 hours ago
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Does anybody have a photo of the underside of a Polymoog 203a, to see the grilles, which I'm trying to replace? Thank you! ;)

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sameal 18 hours ago
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so I did the unthinkable and my miktek 300 swung into the floor. I checked and it still works... but phantom power isn't picked...

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Studio Parkside 19 hours ago
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Hi, everyone! Long time lurker, firs time poster here. I'm trying to build a fully analog studio with an Orati Mx-70(16tk) as the...

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Twangcat 19 hours ago
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So I recently started a thread asking some minor specifics about the audient 22 compared to the Babyface Pro and clarette 2pre....

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Nickpu 1 day ago
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Hi. Im doing a hammond scanner build, im not gonna say it spectacularly failed, i DID get motor noise. But no wonderful...

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sameal 1 day ago
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Started a mixing session the other day to find one of my Adam p11a's wasn't making any noise at all. After doing the obvious...

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Marcuswcw 1 day ago
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I have lost hope for finding a reasonably priced MV8-OP1 output expansion board for Roland's MV-8800. :( So I've been toying...

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hellogadgets 1 day ago
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Hey folks, I have here an old ProTools 7.4.2 LE on MacOS X. The Mac laptop I used to work with PT suddenly started giving me...

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Marik 2 days ago
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Hello all, I'm new to some of this so bear with me. I play drums and a bass synth (Rolland JdXi) live. I was wondering if there...

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bigericowen1 2 days ago
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Most of the people who visit this GeekSlutz Sub-Forum have minds that are needed right now: MIT's Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent)...

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12ax7 2 days ago
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So I have a MacBook Pro 2017 I7 2.9GHz quad core 16 RAM Gonna be using Logic X Iv been deeply reading on interfaces and when...

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Nickpu 2 days ago
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I recently purchased an ART (Applied Research Technology) Pro VLA 212 Two Channel (version 1) Tube Levelling...

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ollytoom 2 days ago
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Just wondering what you guys think the best affordable 8 channel interface would be. Currently using a Motu 896HD and one of the...

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mattypbpower 2 days ago
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I'm bummed, stuck at home like the rest and my stereo system is giving me trouble. The preamp started randomly shutting off...

Sounds Great
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Thomas W. Bethe 2 days ago
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Hey gang, I hope this is the right place to post this, I couldn't find an answer for this from my searches, but also realised I...

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TimGardner 2 days ago
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I have a 33114 a client of mine just bought I need some stuff confirmed on. The unit came to me wired out from the bBalanced...

Pinebox Studio Services
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Kronos147 2 days ago
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Just wanted to see if anyone has had experience working on these critters. This one has the semi common Hum Buzz, quite loud,...

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smokchsr 3 days ago
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I found a thread where Jim Williams mentioned replacing all of the BC184s transistors in a GAP pre73 to lower the noise floor. He...

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Carabinerx 3 days ago
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Hi all, I'm trying to repair my Yamaha SPX90 (Mark 1) power supply. Besides recapping I have noted which other parts need...

Aaron W
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MrMesh 3 days ago
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Welcome to exactly what the title of this thread suggests! And let me go straight to the disclaimer for all you millennial-,...

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2Low 4 days ago
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I've just acquired this HUGE (about 3 ft. long) TC display I'd like to hang in my post control room. It has a 9-pin connector on...

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Radardoug 5 days ago
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Hi All! New to the forum, but been browsing it for years! Recently got my hands on a Yamaha MQ1202 it’s about 50 years old,...

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Cabirio 5 days ago
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Hi, I'm starting my own studio and I was able to get a very affordable Mitec EX31 with 48 channels. (24 inline) The board is...

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analog greg 5 days ago
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My 161 illuminates the above threshold light when powered up. Stays lit. Nothing connected. Suggestions? Thanks in advance

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Jim Williams 5 days ago
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I came across these random mic parts in my shop. Does anyone know what any of them are? The black item at the top looks like it...

David Kulka
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mbrebes 5 days ago
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I recently blew out the woofer on my JBL LSR 4312sp (made a thread bout it a couple weeks ago). I have since ended up ordering a...

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bmgstudios 5 days ago
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I recently bought a Soundcraft GB2R 16 Channel mixer off reverb. All inputs work but when plugging an xlr into Auxes 1-3 I'm...

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EarthShaker 6 days ago
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Hello Gearslutz. I just thought I'd post my findings after scrubbing the internet for many many hours. I love you all and I hope...

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jerry123 6 days ago
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Hey guys, I have a Focusrite USB audio interface with one XLR input and one 1/4 inch TS input. What I'm trying to do, as the...

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tINY 6 days ago
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Forward Hello fellow GS'ers! This is a reissue of a thread that I started over in the Cakewalk forums. It was immensely...

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M.Retra 6 days ago
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Hello Folks, wondering if anyone has the manual for the ADR express limiter that they would be so kind as to share....

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JsLR 1 week ago
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I have recently built 4 SCA N72 preamps and I have a few questions before I plug them in for the first time. The only...

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lxm 1 week ago
Avatar for KingsX

Hey guys, I'm just getting into modding an Alesis 3630. There are a bunch of parts to get. When I am looking for these parts, it...

replies: 20 views: 446
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KingsX 1 week ago
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If you require schematics / user manual for the EMT 258 noise filters i am currently racking a pair and have this data document...

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tronko00 1 week ago
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I recently bought a Tascam Portastudio 414 Mk2, opened it and found a broken transistor („B143 ES“ is printed on it). I...

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Jim Williams 1 week ago
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Otari CB-113 / MTR-90mkII remote cable pinout Looking for the pinout of the connector that goes between an Otari MTR90mkII and...

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Geektoe 1 week ago
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Hi there, I couldn't find a fitting section for this so I just decided to post it here. So, I found this keyboard from the 80s...

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Vanx 1 week ago
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I've got a Ensoniq Eps16+ that's unable to boot. All it does on startup is entering its test mode where when you press a key it...

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belzrebuth 1 week ago
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Hi everyone, I know, I know ... :facepalm: the A&H GS 3000 may not exactly be High End, but for the Soundcraft Ghost I have...

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Matt Syson 1 week ago
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A few weeks ago, I was harvesting components from a Denon CD player and noticed that they used a soft PVC fuse cover that slipped...

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Matt Syson 1 week ago
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Original post is below. But I just wanted to update this in case anybody finds this in a search or whatever. The problem is...

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Master Do Som 1 week ago


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