SSL EQ 292 Custom Racking
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SSL EQ 292 Custom Racking

Hey guys,

finally my 4 SSL 292 EQ Cards (Pink Knob) arrived! I am going to rack them up into one case.
I`d like to ask if anybody has done this before and would like to share some infos with me.

Does anybody has a list which tells me the correct pin connection? I have the schematic here but I am not sure with some connections …

And how did you manage the power supply? Did you build one yourself (-18V/0V/+18V) or is there an original schematic around? Because I don`t know at the moment if I should do a power supply for each EQ card or if I can make one power supply for all 4 EQ cards..

Many thank`s in advance! =)

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One PSU for all 4 EQs is fine. You can google a schematic or buy a kit from Five Fish or any of the other DIY sites.
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thank`s for the info!

Does anybody know what the sm pins on the schematics are? The LF F is connected to SM2.1, SM2.3, SM2.4 and the HF F is connected to SM1.
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Hi, I think the SM refers to the two connectors mounted on the 242 PCB, If you think the console architecture is based on the E series.

Extra features have been added this way rather than on the edge connector. In this case, it's two small ribbons.
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ah yeah, thank`s, I know this connector from my boards. The cable has been cut...
Is Sidechaining such a feature maybe?

Cool, keep it rolling
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