Mackie Ultramix / Ultrapilot acting weird
Old 5th March 2012
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Mackie Ultramix / Ultrapilot acting weird

I ran into issues on my first ultramix mix this weekend.

First of all my setup never looks like the manual. The manual has all the work being done on "ultramix". My mixes always have two options - Port 1 or Sync In. I can do fades on either window. Sometimes the two windows step on each others tails. I don't know how to manage this.

It wasn't an issue until I added more channels. Now when playing sometimes all the VCA's die. They sometimes die muted and sometimes die bypassed. Sometimes its all of them sometimes none. Usually saving the file and re-opening fixes it. I can usually save the file, but after it goes wonky, I can only "save-as"...weird.

I am wondering if anyone has encountered this? It seems like when I go back to smaller files it works fine.....
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