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Found this web site a year ago or more, but today i remebered where it was. VO Mic Tests

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127Riot 16th March 2009
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vs After getting my head around the new Uhbik plugs, I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the Classic...

Deleted 37a7726
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Sofine 6th March 2009
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Hi, I'm after a software program with an awesome midi library which will enable me to create cool drum music with my...

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thehawk 6th March 2009
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This is a selection of four samples all mixed down from the same source. Sample one is Dry with only some EQ and...

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Joram 5th March 2009
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Please see other thread of same name. Had a problem uploading files and made a duplicate.

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mood_shifter 25th February 2009
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AMS neve 1073 DPA VS Chandler ltd1 Yes one more shout out...if you want to find out what these 2 units sounds like in...

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FadersmakmeHappy 21st February 2009
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1 watt buddies i swear patents pending mike

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mag1 20th February 2009
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Hi all, How close am I to the Nevermore guitar tone? I've used the Treadplate from Line6...

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PoorGlory 12th February 2009
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Which one do you think is which? Both recorded mic - great river - AD (Ramsa/Panasonic) - Samplitude 10. Which one do you...

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Jorg 11th February 2009
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I'm curious to see what file is preferred. I'm once again weighing out the benefits of mixing @ 96k. One file was mixed @ 48k...

Deleted 37a7726
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haryy 9th February 2009
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is the carvin ctm100 the same mic as the alctron hst-11a Products...

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bass1012dash 7th February 2009
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Hey guys, finally got my Avedis MA5 and my friend's API 512c pres. I don't know what do you all do when you get new gear but I...

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Skorch Trakz 6th February 2009
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I've been quite a while getting this one build really finished but finally got close enough the other day with some new saddles...

Old Cane
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Old Cane 4th February 2009
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Hiya ! Does any body have the Blue Bottle ? I can't find any sound samples for that mic. thanks, memo

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davulzade 2nd February 2009
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Hey guys, here are some new metal guitar tone tests I've just recorded. This is a friend of me playing a riff, using a Gibson...

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mrbobo 2nd February 2009
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I'm posting these samples which were originally created in reply to this thread, where the Original Poster provided a short loop...

James Lehmann
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HA_DA_JA 2nd February 2009
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Hi All; Last Friday after much organising, I was able to hire out a great studio and get busy for the morning with some great...

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Jules 2nd February 2009
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What do you think of those tones ? Here is the first one. Here is the second one. Here is the third one. It's the...

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SLy_drums 30th January 2009
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I don't know if anyone really cares to hear this but I though I'd do something to contribute to this site. I recorded these...

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āvetechnation 28th January 2009
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Found: Drawmer DC2476 Masterflow vs. PSPAudioware Vintage...

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space2012 27th January 2009
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hello, heres a A/B samples. i recorded some vocals, into a NEVE 1073 DPA. 2 mics at the same time. the chain was: mic - 1073...

Gabriel Sousa
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Zuewi 21st January 2009
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This might interest you guys : I did a shootout yesterday by reamping the same riff with different mic pres. Amp is my 5150,...

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Gtr917punk 21st January 2009
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kinghand 17th January 2009
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Give a listen, Right,left channel two different compressors.

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Chaellus 16th January 2009
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Made a comparison video between EL34 and 6L6 tubes after I had installed bias pots in the amps. The amps are 90´s carvin x amps....

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matskull 13th January 2009
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Hello fellow GS'rs, Here are the properly converted 320kbps mp3 samples: E49-GAIN_03-09.mp3 M49_08-03.mp3 Did the test in an...

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desotoslo 9th January 2009
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Hi, If you go here:.Mac - iDisk There are samples of a recent experiment. 1. Full Mix: both U 89 condenser and R84 ribbon...

Ty Ford
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bcgood 2nd January 2009
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This is a loopback test of a DA > AD converter chain. The guitar is recorded with a pair of QTC1 at x distance and about...

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Audiop 30th December 2008
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Hi all. My previous test was with four SDCs; this one is with 3 LDCs and a ribbon. The same idea this time -- setup the mics as...

Hammer Mark
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DONNX 25th December 2008
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space2012 23rd December 2008
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Below you'll find a bunch of clips. The recordings are made in mono at 14" or so. Every take consists of four tracks...

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JariLindholm 16th December 2008
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you can listen here: Rich Webb on purevolume™ All of my instruments sound like they are coming from some small box inside my...

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Mrwebblog 16th December 2008
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Hi, this thread/post is the followup of myrtlebacker post: taked the file:...

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Reptil 15th December 2008
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Hi! This thread will be updated later on but in the meantime I'd like to share some of our first findings on mic distortion. ...

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Audiop 10th December 2008
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Hello Mymain question here is i am guitar player i want to record to computer,... i have 01x yamaha mixer and NI audio interface...

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TimmyP1955 10th December 2008
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For those that are interested in listening to a variety of popular acoustic guitars and pickups, this site seems to be very well...

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drblank 8th December 2008
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I don't have any hardware versions, and I was curious if it would make things "better" to pass them through a final OTB...

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JLit 8th December 2008
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found: The Great Dither Shootout 24-96 Mastering - Dither <original 24bit recording> <original 24 bit recording...

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Alexey Lukin 6th December 2008
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Brauner Phantom AE Below is my review of the Brauner Phantom AE with included audio examples. All audio examples can be found at...

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bradley 29th November 2008
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I just purchased a new acoustic and decided to a do a little mic shootout. I picked a dynamic, a small diaphragm condenser,...

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norman_nomad 26th November 2008
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Mr. Ray Porter, voiceover extroardinaire, brought his beautiful new TM-1 over today for a session, and we took the opportunity to...

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KEYBEEETSSS 26th November 2008
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well, i need to buy a new PC, what should i get, AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon ?confoosed according to: AnandTech: Intel...

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space2012 25th November 2008
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Hello guys, Just to share. just did a quick test of my new converters (Lavry AD-10) during a rehearsal of my band : DOWNLOAD...

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tdr 24th November 2008
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I've recently changed my listening environment, so I thought there would be a good idea to put some new test files for Gyraf. ...

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wagz 23rd November 2008
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this is a test we did years ago, in the y2k i think. when making a mic-pre A/B test, for the recording of a record. others...

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space2012 21st November 2008
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the ozone v3.x has a (Matching) Linear phase EQ & spectrum analizer also possible with Waves Q clone. i think...

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space2012 21st November 2008
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Hi! I tried three different preamp today on pipe organ, DPA's HMA5000, Apogee MiniMe and MiniMP thru HMA5000 on my DPA 4003...

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Janne_L 18th November 2008
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Hi Unity Audio were kind enough to send me down a M-A KM69 to play with. I was eager to hear it in comparison to my Nuemann...

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Mike Jasper 17th November 2008
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Anyone can send files for chandler tg 2 and neve 1073 dpa? thanks

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studiogear 12th November 2008
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As part of my final research project at SAE Institute Berlin, I made a comparison between the compressor and equalizer section of...

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Chaellus 7th November 2008


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