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MP3's are on post #211 on this thread! Mike's singing into a Pearlman TM-1 with CineMag/EF14 Mics: Male vocal = Pearlman TM-1...

James Lugo
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Absolute 29th September 2018
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I evaluated the AD-DA loops from Prism Orpheus and Mytek proposed in this post . I used only the symphonic clip that you can get...

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Drumnbass411 58 minutes ago
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Hi, I have put together a rough blind test of three vst Reverb plugins and am interested to hear your thoughts on these. The...

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dickiefunk 2 hours ago
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I recently was able to get a Zen Studio to demo for a month.. I'm debating on whether or not to upgrade from my Behringer ADA...

Chris Perra
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ChayaFFM 4 hours ago
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Big Update: 28/10/19 Added: 1) CraveEQ (analogue mode) 2) DMG Equilibrium (analogue FIR w/long impulse) 3) TDR Slick M...

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b0se 5 hours ago
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Hello, I don't post often here on Gearslutz, probably because there's already so much to read!:lol: But... a blind test it's...

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nichttuntun 9 hours ago
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Update 24/04/19: Added AA Titanium 3 and reset play counters. Shuffled numbers again bar 1 and 3 since they have been commented...

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blaugruen7 1 day ago
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EDIT: The secret has been revealed! The preamps are revealed on page 3. heh (NOTE - Before the big "reveal", the...

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Slayer Priest 2 days ago
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Hi, friends. I have made a test for mic preamps with hi-gain guitars. What do you think about it? Preamps in test:...

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dr_pavlic 3 days ago
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This is the followup to my original shootout which can be found here: Another SSL Comp shootout - sorry, no SSL involved...

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JSchlomo 4 days ago
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The idea of this shootout is giving everyone the opportunity to hear and compare the character of the originals. We recorded 11...

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Husky Squad 4 days ago
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Just got a Vanguard V13 in the house this past week, and decided to shoot it out against the three mics that have done most of...

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kludgeaudio 6 days ago
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After searching Gearslutz and the entire internet finding no audio samples, here may be the first and most extensive posted...

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jardron 1 week ago
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Considering the value for money, and the specs of each one which is best? To me personally the best things the Karp has going...

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Niibe 1 week ago
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Ok guys so we did a drum overhead shootout (first time) with video on the Chandler REDD 47 preamps with some other familiar...

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Ox Han 1 week ago
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I have just added two rode NT1 to my microphone collection... and added one to my mic shootout for a Jazz singer. Not my first...

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McNewlove 1 week ago
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Hello Slutz, I just received a Sanken CU44X and have recorded some drums with it. Position is 1,2m over the floortom, pointed...

da burf
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da burf 1 week ago
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Hey guys, I just had a vocal mic shootout today with some high-end (non-vintage/current issue) tube LDCs. Mainly clones or...

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userb420 1 week ago
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Neumann U67 Reissue and Flea 48 Superfet Good And Gracious King (feat. CityAlight) Raw Mix from Raw Tracks Olivia Vocal...

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b0se 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I have taken the time today to create comparison files for Waves QClone, that sampled an SSL 292 EQ. I have created two...

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Gertius 2 weeks ago
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This is a complement to a previous shootout with 6 cardio SDC pairs. Same Chopin nocturne, same piano, same room, same mics...

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didier.brest 2 weeks ago
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I put a new song in my music website called "Very Spacious Galaxy" (it is on top). Which synth/piano plug-ins do you...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 2 weeks ago
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Welcome Drum Mic Gearslutz!!!! guys want to settle in for a little fun? Might take a while, there's a LOT of...

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kaleida 2 weeks ago
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Hi! I’m a very long time lurker of this community but never really bothered to register, since I didn’t feel like I had much...

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Villberg 2 weeks ago
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With all the new reverbs out lately time for a little shoot out. Simple test. One aux send instance on the drum bus. About 30ms...

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mkdvb 2 weeks ago
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Here are some files. There are 3 loopback copies, 3 masters and the original mix. They were printed three ways. Pure2 only. ...

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[email protected] 2 weeks ago
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The Press Desk 3 weeks ago
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I did this video, where you can hear an 808 drum loop processed with LTL Silver Bullet "N" and comparing 30 vst plugins...

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lore 3 weeks ago
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Hi All: I am recording a female vocalist - shooting out mics on her. A couple months ago on another song, we chose the AT4047...

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RandomPerson 3 weeks ago
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Hi all! Is there anyone who could provide some audio of the c460 mod (Jim Williams/gabasa) with piano on it? That would be...

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kla234 3 weeks ago
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Hi there, I am a professional voice over in Australia. I've used just the one mic in my home studio for ages and its served me...

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RobbieH 4 weeks ago
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I wanted to share some processed files I made by running thru a bunch of compressors I've had on hand over the past year or...

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littlesicily 4 weeks ago
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Ronan Chris Murphy did a great review of the Analogue Tube AT-101 (Fairchild 670 recreation) on Ronan's Recording...

replies: 200 views: 73,011
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sergioelectro 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Flippy Floppy

Here it is. Not sure if anyone else posted this yet, but I did a quick Distressor shootout. My conclusion.. they all sound so...

Flippy Floppy
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Analogue Mastering 4 weeks ago
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Hi folks, thanks for reading. This is my first post:) I'm in the market for a new recording interface (previously was using an...

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ronaman 2nd March 2020
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Hey guys... first, English is not my native language.. So excuse me for the grammar ;) I’m using RME fireface UC for long...

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didier.brest 29th February 2020
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Good evening GS members, I have been trying out the demos for all the different console emulations that Brainworx has come out...

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drichard 29th February 2020
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I put two songs in my music website: "Sanctity", which is the song on top, and "Are You There?" is the next...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 25th February 2020
Avatar for space2012

Found this test, remembered today: Lavry Gold AD122-96MKIII vs. Apogee AD-16x here in gearsluts: WEISS ADC2 or LAVRY...

replies: 17 views: 12,702
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huarez 21st February 2020
Avatar for joshuanaconda

Hi Guys, These are two u87's microhpones we have been testing at Stam Audio. I would be very keen on hearing which of both you...

replies: 37 views: 11,476
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McNewlove 20th February 2020
Avatar for johnscalia

Sorry to put up a new thread but there seemed to be some wandering topics in that other one. Anyways THIS is a REAL test of what...

replies: 246 views: 131,186
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animix 20th February 2020
Avatar for The Press Desk

Win $2,500 worth of mics with the LEWITT mixing contest Create your mix of Saint Agnes’ Move Like A Ghost from the...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Synonym Music
Synonym Music 18th February 2020
Avatar for Animus

Results are in, voting is closed: A is hardware. B is the plugin. ****Check later in the thread for more comparisons,...

replies: 333 views: 66,118
Avatar for JimmyBoyZ
JimmyBoyZ 15th February 2020
Avatar for asagaai

I just ran a rough mix out and back in- I used BAC500 on snare/kick/bass/vocals/sax/piano. Used Beez Neez James and...

replies: 8 views: 2,200
Avatar for Ox Han
Ox Han 14th February 2020
Avatar for Jagalle47

Hello All, I recently picked up the new master stereo set offered by Telefunken on the new SDC FET series the M60's, I had a...

replies: 5 views: 796
Avatar for Jagalle47
Jagalle47 10th February 2020
Avatar for roughgear

I got a stereo set of sE8 small diaphragm condenser microphones and did a test against the Neumann KM184. I'm absolutely amazed...

replies: 15 views: 12,172
Avatar for gmathis
gmathis 8th February 2020
Avatar for SuchyRNRStudio

This compressor is absolutely awesome in great price :) 4 compressors in one and I can easily match settings and get sound with...

replies: 35 views: 10,641
Avatar for Ox Han
Ox Han 5th February 2020
Avatar for JSchlomo

I took the debate and talk about the release of brainworx's new "bx_console SSL 4000 E" as reason to shoot it out...

replies: 66 views: 24,215
Avatar for Guitarist9891
Guitarist9891 5th February 2020
Avatar for swartzfeger

Acustica Audio has teamed with renowned engineer Dave Pensado and created a custom Pensado EQ. Inspired by the Sontec 432 eq...

replies: 37 views: 3,849
Avatar for swartzfeger
swartzfeger 31st January 2020
Avatar for didier.brest

Here attached two takes, recorded one week apart, with a Brauner Valvet pair and a Neumann M149 pair. All other factors...

replies: 99 views: 33,479
Avatar for neve1064
neve1064 31st January 2020
Avatar for Adebar

Here is another shootout of 5 AD converters: - Acousence arfi-adc2 - Direct Out Andiamo - Lake People ADC RS04 - Lavry Gold...

replies: 63 views: 9,658
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DAH 31st January 2020


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